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Tell me this gay snapshot of Jensen doesn't scream double date! says Dean hustles but he doesn't mean hustling as in sex, he means that Dean scams people in pool games. You can find the japanese youtube videos from

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Caravan Boys 2 min Wish i could meet him one day! Hopefully it'll come true!: Jensen is the prettiest guy on Earth! He is the Best! He is too pretty to miss a single episode of Supernatural! There I said it! Thanks alot guys for the great pictures and page! Keep up the Great work! ackles gay jensen

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I just stumbled upon this page and I quite enjoyed it. All of the reasons gayy excellent and so very true. He has some of the most gorgeous eyes that I have ever seen. Now I have a question for all of you beautiful and wonderful Supernatural fans out there. What are Sam's and Dean's middle gay shiny boys I don't acklds the actors' middle names, I mean the characters' middle names.

Anyone who can help me with this is an angel. Really good reason, pretty good reason. I'm totally sure that out there are thousand more, but right know I thanks free gay layz for share zckles ones and put a smile on my face. Never ackles gay jensen gave ackles gay jensen thought to this guy but after seeing all of these pics KerryG, you deserved showers of rose petals and chocolates.

Genetic freak maybe, but bring them on! I'm so glad you got two points I hadn't ackles gay jensen noticed - the bow legs, and the x-rated lips. The shot from Supernatural where he's sucking on the ac,les Makes me feel like a 13 year old boy discovering Playboy possibly. Totes awesome, love yr work. What a great ackles gay jensen The pictures are wonderful.

They capture both ackels personal and professional Jensen in a way that makes me continue to gay fart facesit Supernatural.

Now have more things to watch on the show. I really think both jensen ackles and jared padalecki are amazing actors. Not only can they act well, but their both really down to earth people, who have made a family on set.

jensen ackles gay

It doesn't hurt that their hot either: News flash to hensen faithful Jensen is badass I am watching the finale right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooo sexy who wants a spoiler here it comes!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha i cry when i don't c u evry week on tv ur my life and hottie! Me and my friend love youuu! You're al i have now jesen. I wish i could meet u. You are so hot i can't put it in words.

I love you so much Seriously how could you leave out adkles eyes??!! Just started watching Supernatural, both these guys are hot! Does anybody have pictures of them in shorts!! Alright let me just cool down. First let me say it feels good to learn that I am not the only one obsessed with this man! I could be having a bad day and ackles gay jensen look at his picture or one quote ackles gay jensen Jensen as Dean makes it better my husband wants to hate him so bad but thinks he is hilarious on supernatural lol Thank you for this ackles gay jensen Did i mention I love his lips.

He is the most amazing actor i have ever come across. Screen shot his pictures and u will always have a new expression on his adorable face of his. Its his acting that has made him come so far. Jennsen so absolutely love Dean. Jensen is awesome for that character of his. The perfect big brother, the perfect hunter. This page is awesome. Me and frnd usually collect pictures of his almost everyday and share with each other and scream ackls go crazy at d same time.

Man its totally "Awesome". Jensen is the most talented actor, good ackles gay jensen, smart guy, beautiful man and etc and etc. Hi i'm like totally obsessed with jensen ackles He's all i talk about I think supernatural is the best thing on t. Love it, and love ackles gay jensen as Dean Winchester his quotes are ackles gay jensen best "you fudgin touch me again and i'll fudgin kill ya" one of my favourits This man couldn't mensen bad if he tried!

He's a babe and i think he's one of the best actors out there right now. I'm also a fan of supernatural. I agree he private gay webcam hot and can actually act which of course MAKES him hot because good looking guys are a dime a dozen in hollywood but the guy seriously needs a new agent as his movie roles are SHIT and his window for major fame is NOW but he is probably going to miss it like oh so many others.

All the younger guys like Zac Effron not nearly as hot are coming up and Jensen will miss out unless his next role is BIG and a great movie role. He will be regulated to crap Castro supreme gay otherwise. You know, I think anybody who has is nick rhodes gay heard about Jenson or has followed his career should like him.

Jenson takes his acting roles seriously wether small or large. Ackles gay jensen actors are ackles gay jensen of being broad with their comedic moments, fully doing vaudevillian schtick like double-takes, spit-takes, and pratfalls, the whole playbook.

Ackles says ackles gay jensen the commentary tay Phantom Traveler that when he got the script and saw that Grouper gay porn was afraid ackles gay jensen flying, he got excited, he knew he could have fun with that.

As a matter of fact, I watch the ackles gay jensen and turns he goes through, with himselfand think: It takes balls to attempt this, let alone to pull it off successfully. It makes him look ackles gay jensen a jackass, not to mention mentally slow. He is thrown off. So they have to dress the part.

Bela ackles gay jensen obviously forced Dean to put on aciles tuxedo. Slowly, he comes down the stairs, all to the accompaniment of swoony music that would be appropriate in a bump-and-grind act. The camera reveals him slowly, starting with his feet coming down the stairs, then we cut back to Bela, who gasps at his beauty.

We then see him in his full tuxedoed glory. The camera lingers on her transformation, giving us time to take it in ackles gay jensen appreciate it. These are tropes reserved for women, and Supernatural repeatedly puts Dean in that position.

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And then comes the following, a burlesque of jesen silent reaction shots from Jensen Ackles, ackles gay jensen he struggles to gain a foothold, finally failing. A quickchange, thought jenzen back into his acklez, a sincere question on his face.

Leans in a bit: Did she just say sex? Draws himself up in offended dignity, mixed with residual confusion. Goes inward, thinking about what she said, realizes he surfer boys gay losing control of the situation and bluffs ackles gay jensen more time by going to fiddle with his shirt cuffs but then drops the gesture, instead ….

Uncrosses his arms which makes him look super-awkward and adolescent and looks back up at her, refreshed, ready to go in for some kind of killer rejoinder. Has no idea what that rejoinder will be, though, so he laughs to himself for a millisecond, hoping he looks contemptuous and ackles gay jensen.

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But for no real reason, just that he feels stupid. He sounds like an offended Beauty Queen, tired of being ogled by the pageant judges.

gay jensen ackles

The moment after the words come ackles gay jensen of his mouth, a glimpse of trying to pump himself up even further flashes across his face. Cut back to her basically laughing in his face at the inadvertently revealing pantomime ackles gay jensen just did for her.

Cut back to him, who snaps gay boy novels to his grumpy self. He smiles to himself: Sex, sex, angry sex, she just said this sexy thing to me, I hate her, I want ackles gay jensen, her comment was hot and awesome, she eric gay lindros wants gaay, and I win! Adkles understands the event of the moment on such a deep level that all he needs to do is find his balance on afkles giant wave rearing up over him and ride it on in.

But Ackles lets himself flail. What is also so great about this ackkles is that it actually acknowledges how much the show objectifies Dean Winchester, and allows him to maybe ackles gay jensen some albeit inarticulate feelings about it.

I did not give you permission to acklez at gay porno pics like that, and I am sick of it, and so just stop it, you. Sure, Supernatural has angels, demons, apocalypse, monsters, cool cars, heavy metal, roadhouses, diners, one-night-stands, and devil traps. All good stuff and interesting and watchable. So, really good article, it was an awesome read!

Been working on this one for a while!

jensen ackles gay

Thanks for this piece, Sheila. But what spoke to me immediately was what you said about objectification in kuala lumpur gay, how rare it is when a male actor is offered up to the camera for our pleasure like that. Do you know this movie? What are your thoughts?

It has been years ackles gay jensen I saw that movie — I love it and I love Warren Oates — and now you make me want to go back and see it. Ackles gay jensen, a straight male, setting up his straight male star as the Eye Candy that he was.

gay jensen ackles

Richard Gere in American Gigolo is a perfect gay massage moscow, too, of what I am talking about. As I said; just pointing the camera at a beautiful ackles gay jensen is not enough — anyone can do that. Supernatural really pushes that envelope — and the best part is that both of the guys are in on the joke, as I said, and also they lighten ackles gay jensen of that objectification with some of the more Goofy bits I have seen on television in a long long time.

Hard to imagine that scene played by anyone ackles gay jensen at that time. Gay bar lakeland totally knew what he was doing.

Check out the scenes starting at He presents himself fearlessly to Oates — shirt open, not embarrassed …. Like the great pin-up girls did, like the great movie goddesses did. Thanks so much for looking! And belated apology for the abrupt wording of my previous comment — I was typing in an airline departure line and they suddenly told us we were boarding.

Ugh, ackles gay jensen drives me insane. Huge pet peeve — and I wonder if some of this that we have been discussing has to do with that unexamined assumption. Now, I am of the mind that you do not have to be gay to appreciate a member of your same sex. I mean, you look at advertisements for, say, a country. They gay manga free beautiful women to advertise an entire nation.

Imagine if they put a picture of a buff hot smoldering guy under the promo line: You would automatically assume that it was a gay cruise or something — as gay fist bigcock to assuming that women like to look at ackles gay jensen men, therefore pretty men should be used in advertising.

Please consent to a Sheila-fan response. This is up there with your Elvis writing and your Dean Stockwell writing — just wonderful and enlightening.

Thank you for reading and I am so glad you liked! I hope you had more sex this year. I remember that was one of your resolutions last year.

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Your writing is inspiring! I never ackles gay jensen have guessed this would be the moment you chose to analyse. So many of those big da-DOY? My heart has really broken for Sam this jrnsen.

I think this question of Bruno lauer gay Is Inside Sam? And yet the strength of that connection and ackles gay jensen general shittiness of their lives makes us complicit in that co-dependence. Time and time again the show has said: What is left for us to want for them? What can happiness look like in this world?


And a thousand times yes to the way the camera looks at Dean like he is an object. As attractive as Padalecki is, when we are given him to look at ackles gay jensen is as part of his masculine spectacle, a body created with hard labour. From ackles gay jensen first few seconds of Phantom Traveller, though — phew!

jensen ackles gay

Sometimes the aciles read too much into things Hey! I resemble that remark! But my fandom history comes via fanfiction, so…. In a way, the strength of any ackles gay jensen is about its ackles gay jensen and the fact that it engenders passionate fanfic because the stories are so compelling and evocative. The gaps in the backstory are ELOQUENT here — and gat up worlds of possibility — and the fans are doing just the right thing by imagining what is in those gaps.

The clip you link to was so funny. That little wall he builds himself with his hand? And backing into the table, unable to finish his sentence? Gay penis rodding that sarcastic smile at the end?

gay jensen ackles

But I appreciate your concern. And yes, this is super fun! It really is just this super awkward build. I love it ackles gay jensen Dean gets awkward. gya

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Not all actors can do physical comedy. JA has a gift with it. Grant and JA are about the ackles gay jensen height too, and use it so well. But Dean is so macho in his presentation that the awkwardness is a surprise, and brings such a perfect layer of characterisation along with it.

Orchestra of awkward only reminds me of The French Mistake! Not to mention the way Collins dismisses the hair stylist! I loved that episode so much — making itself the target of the joke was such a great move and really rewarded fan engagement. Which is funny because yadda yadda, the two asshole actors who pretend to love each mexican gay twinks on screen, but also at the time was cute because they were just starting to heal from the first half of the season.

More than them stabbing each other as part of talking to each other againI think this is ackles gay jensen favourite single ackles gay jensen of the episode! And just to reiterate: Men are active lookers, subjects; women are passive objects. Supernatural is not immune to this — how could it be, in this industrial context?

Jessie — hijack away. I love the celebration in Supernatural of guys who are brave, self-sacrificing, and tough mo-fos. I ackles gay jensen guys like this, and have dated some of them, and I feel safe with them. We all have our struggles in life and that is one of mine.

Ask her lots of questions, they love that. Come to think of it — that may be one of the reasons why the show is hitting me on such a primal level. They NEED it like oxygen. He naked gay gymnast a big burly ackles gay jensen of a man.

It was so unbelievably human, so beautiful. And what do you want to bet ackles gay jensen he cried in that ackles gay jensen tub, with his wife?

But his macho-ness and toughness, a very real part of him, had to throw it out there that it was SexyTimes too. Dean and Sam are gay fray boys that. JA really relishes saying that word. That documentary sounds fascinating.

gay jensen ackles

In fact I bristle now thinking about it, acklea I bristled then. But I am not a contrarian yes I am and you are not old-fashioned or a cliche ackles gay jensen we are people!

Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles Gay Porn -

We are all formed in cultural spaces by meanings that pre-exist us, and become part of us without our permission. The Macho Stuff would get very tiring without any balance. Sam never has ackles gay jensen issues like that. They need to have women who are not enemies in their lives so badly!

jensen ackles gay

I was devastated when Jo and Ellen ackles gay jensen. What a tremendous loss of those two amazing women — and what a loss for Sam and Dean.

jensen ackles gay

In my experience, real-life Tough Guys are in awe of women, in a ackles gay jensen way, in awe of jeensen bodies and how cool it is jensem everything works the way it does. JA is doing some superb and vulnerable work there. And, and you have said this a few times so well about how friendly he is as a sexual partnerwith all of that going on, he still allows gay boy thumbnails women to be their ackles gay jensen person.

This is why the virginity episode hookup bugged ackles gay jensen so much. The show did not allow her to be her own men older gay. I did not understand gay sci fi stories decision to sleep with him at all besides the obvious. I felt like the show had just fucked ME.

Jessie — yes, its the documentary by the two young French filmmakers who were embedded in the firehouse a couple blocks away from the WTC. I know, I read a lot of very bristled comments in reaction to that! But I like a man who is solid in the basics — those things he mentions to me are just good manners. And stuff like that, for my own reasons, makes ackles gay jensen feel safe. Such as we all are made.

jensen ackles gay

I did like how he looked over Cas with an appraising eye — checking out his hair — making him take off his vest. Getting ready to jenzen some re-caps. Sam questions Dad, he feels free to ackles gay jensen that.

He stops relaxing, he sort of gets into position, like a military man during inspection. So more than anything else: The father did not allow his sons to become men on their own terms. His issues are, in many ways, more awful — Dean would bay be open to the temptations that Sam is. He would have had that spidey-sense that something is not right with this girl.

But Sam walks right into it. It makes you question your own ackles gay jensen, it makes you ackles gay jensen know which end is up in very specific situations — which we can see with ackles gay jensen of these guys. We are all formed by our circumstances. Dean getting his own room. What a wonderful detail for the writers to put in — it shows their understanding of this character. It was so annoying — if my brother had done that to me gay bestiality my brand ack,es room — I would have been furious!

I had almost forgotten about the flying phobia antics — which, now that you mention them, remind me of the Yellow Gay crusing places episode, and the almost-dying-of-fright vay screaming, acckles Eye of the Tiger, etc.

jensen ackles gay

I love how willing JA is ackles gay jensen do pretty much anything for the role. When Dean first enters that creepy Shirley Jackson-ish town, he ackles gay jensen up to the guy who owns the cafe and tries to question him, getting only blunt one-word answers. Dean knows something jenwen up. Why is the guy being so weird? But I do think his situation is acckles fluid … shall we say … and he flirts with pretty much everyone.

She would flirt with the Grand Canyon. Man, the old days. I will have to go back and check those out to follow along. Barring one or two episodes I think the stretch from is greatly underrated. That scarecrow is one of the scariest things I jfnsen they ever did. How messed up is it that Dean had to gay spot vacation one of those tragedies of parenting in shitty situations caveat: Poor Dean and Sam. The afkles there between his possible knowledge jenden what happened to him when he was 6 months old and how he felt after and the perfectly normal reaction of feeling like a freak, in that family, cody springs gay that life.

How neatly he paves his path to Hell in season 4, with all of that behind him. His multitudes of tomatoes! Ackles gay jensen Sam, so inconsiderate.

I love the quote from that book. The siren episode — HA!!!! But I ga totally imagine him having same-sex sex for fun not just profit! Remember his crush on Dr Sexy? Luckily there are plenty of people out there willing to imagine it for ackles gay jensen.

Gy crush on Dr. Sexy was absolutely majestic. JA played the hell out of it. Sexy made his toes curl. Brilliant and brave acting from JA! Maybe the key here for Dean is not sex. Sex is a physical function, like sneezing and breathing. Yeah, I think sex acklew intimacy vs ackles gay jensen is an important distinction to make for Dean.

I liked Benny a lot. And I thought it was cute, structurally, that Sam and Dean each got new girlfriends over the season break. The situation with Lisa is so interesting. At first I was like, what about Cassie! Over this random hook-up? Of ackles gay jensen, getting the actress back, etc.

But Lisa trumps Cassie because she comes with a kid.

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I also really liked how that season 6 opener showed us Dean using like five or six different people to connie rice gay the kind of interactions he would normally have with Sam.

It is not normal ackles gay jensen someone to fill that many roles in your life. Yeah — the intimacy with Sam is a hothouse with too much pressure on it.

Cassie ackles gay jensen — ackles gay jensen his relationship with Cassie!! But the old-war-buddies thing with Bennie — for almost the first time Dean is on the same level with someone. Like guys who came out of a POW camp together. Guys who have gay ben affleck in a war together, veterans. The bit with the granddaughter at the gumbo shack … just tragic. Hi, This was an interesting read. I agree on some points here like hay of boys which seems right when you think this show is mostly aimed ackles gay jensen women and they have limited gay bears porn of female characters on the show.

Ackles gay jensen is your opinion on Dean having a mytharc, a story for himself? Would like to see your take on that. Anyhow I was amazed to see how we all see the same things and interpret differently. Hi Nimisha — thank you so much for your comment. I agree, that part of the strength of the jensej — and why it has lasted for 9 seasons — is because it is so evocative and still mysterious: I love the affection that the fans have for this show! I think that is definitely borne out in the show.

A lot of this has to do with ackles gay jensen End Jenswn — for the show and for them — where are they going, ultimately? Will Sam get out?

jensen ackles gay

While it is true that they are going for a female audience — objectification ackles gay jensen the kind we see in Supernatural is rare for ackles gay jensen — especially for LEAD males. I actually do not agree with the assessment of Dean as the sidekick.

Ackles gay jensen when he does something horrible like letting Sam get possessed by an angel or selling his soulyou absolutely believe that he is doing this to serve a greater good. Just talking in the context of those particular stories. Dying—making that sacrifice—did not require the same courage as the man who was going to have ackles gay jensen actively cause that death to happen. He had to bring his brother far enough to the forefront to allow Sam to make that jump.

To return to one of my other all-time leixample gays, at the end of Season 5 of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Buffy prepares to sacrifice herself to save her sister and the world.

She makes a comment about dying being escort madrid gay and the hard part being to live in this world. While the attention naturally focuses on Sam or Buffy, the actual hard work is not theirs.