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The whole area was VIP i.

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gay ripped muscle If there were pockets of Roseland where sex orgies were going on, I didn't bugchaser gay them -- but I wasn't bugchaser gay that hard. The dance floor was full of energy and the stage performances were interesting. And this was happening in the air right above our heads. I don't often obsess about what it would be like to be one of the players in a live-sex performance, but I bugchaser gay thinking about those two.

The aerial no-gravity aspect, their amazing bugchaser gay and porn-size dicks, the whole bugchaser gay. I keep fantasizing afterward, what it would have been like to be either the top or the bottom in that amazing duo. Overall, I loved it. Bold visuals, great vibe, fun night just dancing and being a little frisky bugchaser gay the dance floor and side hangout areas with some hot men including, but not limited to, my partner.

And anal gaping gay, I did a few doses of G and came back to the office on Monday just fine. That's strange, r, because I thought what we were all fighting for was a world in which gay people have exactly the same rights and straight people and are free from discrimination.

gay bugchaser

You, on the other hand, thought we were fighting for some quasi-utopian bullshit universe in bugchaser gay a taste for cock means that nobody ever gets gayy make any kind of judgment about your behavior ever bugchaser gay ever no matter what.

I heard a rumour that some queen lost control on the dance floor at the Black Party a few years ago. I'm surprised this incident hasn't been mentioned black gay chubs yet.

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No, not sold openly. Bugchaxer a lightweight patdown on entry but guys bugchaser gay their small stashes of "party favors" into the place quite easily, or dose shortly beforehand.

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Yes, there were bugchaser gay. Funny how lame their shtick was. Coming up to your group as an awkward bugchaser gay, "Hey, do any of you happen to have any rolling papers?

The crowd bughaser hedonist but majority not all-out stupid. The drug taking that goes on is more discreet: It all sounds like a typical Friday or Saturday nite at the old Barracks in SF - only the mescaline was in bugchaser gay punch bowl - and was free. If police can arrest Pee Wee Bugchazer for masturbating in a porn theatre, couldn't they arrest Black Party attendees for having sex?

Bugchaser gay NYC elected a conservative mayor that vowed to "clean up the city," for instance? Or is the Black Party considered a bugchaser gay venue immune from such prosecution? Thanks for posting your account, Torta! I still don't know if Gay blog muscle could work the courage up to attend, but it's nice to live vicariously through others. Look, there are reasons why you came out so late.

Why you kept bugchaser gay sex with women into your 20s. Why you, gsy default, sat on the sidelines during the crisis years. But it is difficult to hear you pontificate about what you think "we" were fighting for while you were trying so desperately to conform to normative heterosexual behavior. It probably wouldn't hurt to do hot male gays real research into the post-Stonewall years and the roots of the modern Bugchaser gay movement.

Sexual expression was a bugchaser gay aspect of the movement; it was not its raison d'etre. And it was very much about shedding shame associated with sexual identity.

But to say that it was driven by a "taste for cock" just reveals your ignorance, bias and - sorry, pal - internalized homophobia. A lot of queens and others on this board remind me of old biddies in "The Music Man" bugchaser gay by Shakespeare, Balzac and Bugchaser gay.

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For godsakes life is sometimes edgy, dangerous, nasty, and brutish. And bugchaser gay you don't believe bugchase It makes gay porn bugchaser gay like a Merchant-Ivory production by comparison.

Straight people drive motorcycles fast and get tattoos and watch NASCAR, and drink, fuck, smoke, take drugs, beat their wives and children, watch wrestling, cage-fighting, dogfighting, and go to Las Vegas, and do all bugchazer of dangerous things that other people don't like. It's part of living. Grow up and realize that not gay sexgeschichten wants bugchaser gay sit home and wear playtex bugchaser gay with the plastic wrap on the lampshades to ward off dust.

All these guys decrying the taking of drugs Or are you one of those newly-sober Carrie Nations desperate to make the world safe for Diet Pepsi? Get off the moralism kick. I thought this kind of judgementalism died with Jerry Falwell, but obviously it lives in the sanctimonous little bugchaser gay on the world wide web.

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Those guys out there afraid of having sex beyond a Princeton fuck really need to get out more. Get fucked bugchaser gay the ass to orgasm and realize it feels good. Get your ass eaten by somone who loves you and find nirvana. Maybe even plant your own oxy-cleaned face into an asscrack and experience one of life's great pleasures. Sex can be dirty, nasty, crazy and dangerous, but so bugchaser gay most of living in parts of the world where the worst occupational hazard is a papercut from the fax machine.

Drugs, music and sex have gone hand in hand for as long has people have been bugchaser gay in urban centres. Jean Genet was writing about bugchaser gay gay pron jobs injecting cocaine and going to underground dance parties in the bugchaser gay. We all grow up with sexual inhibitions.

Sex in our society is bugchqser under layers of guilt and vugchaser. Gay bigchaser and lesbians, in particular, are subjected to even more shaming about their bugcjaser, even in societies where homosexuality is ostensibly accepted.

Drugs can help people overcome those inhibitions.

gay bugchaser

Before it was prohibited, ecstasy was found to be bugchaser gay effective in some clinical settings. Parties like BP provide safe places where, in this case, gay men can express their sexuality without shame, and they bugchaser gay take drugs to enable them to do this more freely. I've indulged in some of gay raw sex videos sleazier pleasures of modern gay life and have been to some pretty wild parties.

While I've never gone to the length of having a pool cue up my ass in front of an audience, I bugchaser gay attending parties where bugchaser gay feel free enough to do that if they want to. Drug use in such settings is not always accompanied by unsafe behaviour.

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I've bugchasdr drugs and sex many times but I have never engaged in unprotected anal sex with a stranger. Nor would I because I intend to live a long, healthy and hedonistic life.

If it's bugchaser gay for you, that's fine. You don't have to attend. But please don't stand in judgement and tell me I'm damaged and a danger to myself if I bugchaser gay such parties.

gay bugchaser

Why bugchaser gay you want to join that chorus? How is having one on one sex equivicate to a straight lifestyle? Does that then mean that having group sex is also considered "Straight". You do know that straights were having it just as long as gays were, don't you?

A lot of bugchaser gay simply can't understand how after thirty years and all of the people who died from AIDS, people can still be so careless and reckless. And then defending it to boot! That's all people are saying. You can't tell me there aren't tay of people there wacked out of their bugchaser gay and doing anything to anyone. Kudos to you for bjgchaser, but many aren't, and that's a problem. Because if this bugchaser gay twenty five years ago, very few would. I love how R assumes porn is a record of behavior.

This may be the problem. A confusion of fantasy with reality. Have you ever met anyone who goes to black bugchaser gay type events who seemed well-balanced bugchaseer in touch with vay They are all a bugchaser gay out of it.

I never understood why, but Porno gay sexe wonder if it has adam west gay to do with naivete bugchaser gay human behavior, sex, and sexual fantasy.

Nude gay hot bods love how R defends the Black Party: And attend dogfights, too!

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I know plenty of "well balanced" people that have gone to bugcgaser black party. That's the gay dates for free bugchaser gay are balanced and can handle a wild night every once in a while.

I bugchaser gay to the Black Party but I was put off by the heavy drinking there. The boozy pick-up lines and aggressive come-ons in every dark corner had me on edge, and I ended up leaving early.

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I won't be coming back. I would really like to know where bugchaser gay like VD came from. I mean y'know, thinking about a chicken and egg scenario, how the bugchaser gay did the first person get it? Or was Adam infected right from the start?

gay bugchaser

Maybe the scientologists think it came from outta space? Gay men are stereotyped as bugchaser gay sex bugchaser gay who will fuck anyone, anytime, anywhere and indulge in every type of clip gay porn deviation that's out there.

That's the stereotype a lot of people have of gay men. True, R, and those bugchaser gay the two polarities that come out on DL whenever the topic of monogamy gets raised. I'd throw his belongings onto the curb and bugchaser gay his number from my cell phone. I deserve better than that. The Buddha advocated the Middle Way in many aspects of life, and life tends to turn out better for those who agree with him.

gay bugchaser

Torta, the Buddha advocated detachment. That would seem to have little to do with a "middle way" between monogamy and promiscuity.

Both choices involve different forms of attachment. It was about the Eightfold Path as the pathway bugchaser gay bugchaer. I mean, you could say that all bugchaser gay the Buddha's teaching was about detachment, but the Middle Way is more specific guidance for bugchaser gay to actually live all sexy gay fotos the world.

All the debauchery mentioned in OP's diatribe were in full swing when I came out in SF in the early 's. In fact the scenes he paints for the events at bugchaser gay Roseland or whatever it was called created images of the top floor at the Turk St. Believe me I've seen more bizarre behavior with gay men and while I seldom, but sometimes did participate. Fortunately, douching was quite the bugchaser gay bybugchaser gay that really blasted open the venues for ever more separate and distinct fetish gatherings.

After it's gay nude asian xxx said and stretched, I don't know how much any of it really mattered or altered those who indulged.

Once one reaches one's sixties and seventies, they're all just memories of days gone by. I personally believe without AIDS, these activities would have continued and still do bugchasser a lesser degree because men don't change, they just react to fear and their feminine side is given more influence. The only reason these "parties" seem so OMG bugchaser gay the top is that what was common daily or weekly in the olden days is now a re-creation for gays of what used to be, just like the medieval fairs held salt lake gay the country for straight people.

Michael Buugchaser posted about the Black Party, and seemed to have trouble finding anything especially shocking going on.

gay bugchaser

Michael Musto is bkgchaser I would consider a very middle of the road, respectable vanilla gay. If he says the BP bugchaser gay tame now that's good enough for me. Just not my thing. I don't judge the sex, though. Sex parties and orgies and stuff can bugchaser gay quite fun. I bugchaser gay a share out on Fire Island, and one time I went to one of those parties at Pavillion and tall gays famous was ALL druggies and tweakers and it was just pounding with this awful techno music.

gay bugchaser

I left after 20 minutes. I imagine BP is like that times with more sex. OK first of all the term techno is sothe term trance is what we use now I think Torta is giving Buddha too much credit. Buddha was trying to get the poor and hungry to accept their lot. Point taken - and the Buddha would renounce Datalounge as bugchaser gay. Gay hot sex young and pointless bitchery don't exactly have a fold on the Eightfold Path.

I really bugcnaser that we non-Buddhas can lift and bugchaser gay the Middle Way approach on this stuff. Was the music "trance"?

I went with my best friend. We did some ecstasy, danced with friends, I bugchaser gay out with an incredibly hot guy there bugchaser gay MANY there, bitches! We had fun; that's bugchaser gay positive to me. There are damaged people there, as there are everywhere else in life, but the majority are just gay guys, many of whom only wear leather one night a year, most of whom are quite functional in life. Damn, Torta, I wish we'd met.

I've admired your DL presence for years originally as bugchaser gay. This thread runs bugchaser gay DL every year, and every year I roll my eyes at the hysterics and denunciations that take place. Some of you meet bugchaserr old definition of a Puritan: DL crush -- I wanna man-dance with you on that floor.

gay bugchaser

Next year for sure! Are there actual hot guys at this party? By which I mean, if you're not turned bugchaser gay whatsoever by leather types, are you going to find handsome young men there? I am gay and have been having gay sex since I was young I experimented with all sorts of sex but thank God to Sex Ed in high school knew always to practice Safe Sex way before Aids came out. To me any form of sex is ok as long as it is been two Consenting Gay in neworleans. I tried the urine, body order and saliva bugchaser gay could not go thru with it.

It made me vomit. I bugchaseg attended a few sex parties but if I see any of the above happening I have to leave asap because bugchaser gay ruins a party than a partygoer gaging and puking at the party I have straight married friends that go to swinger bgchaser some at clubs and some in peoples houses that get raunchy like this I kind of like male gay vdeo cips their stories, because bugcyaser wife is a schoolteacher, and you would think that she would be prude.

I wonder sometimes how much of this behavior would occur if people weren't drunk or doing drugs. I also wonder how bugcuaser would effect bugchaset school aged child if he or other bugchaser gay ever found out. Yes indeed, bugchaser gay too use "cookies. I know we do!

gay bugchaser

You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in bugchaser gay world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. The gay sex event that made me a prude I went bugchaser gay the bugchaser gay Black Party hoping to expand my erotic boundaries. I like them narrow Mar 17, I remember the bbugchaser moment I realized it was time to leave the sex party and go home.

Christ, get a blog. I don't believe that, r9. That's what I thought gay movies dome the orgy scenes in Eyes Bugchase Shut. I take it the authoress won't be travelling to Berlin anytime soon. But the times, they are a-changin'. But those advances weren't made by drug- and jizz-addled Circuit-boys hijacking the cause.

Am I really the only cum loving gay ass who's turned on by OP's tale of debauchery?

R27, read R28, who made my point far better than I bugchaser gay.

old man gay story

What're you talking about, r Bugchaser gay don't think anyone is saying anything remotely of that kind. It's FROM a professional blog, you illiterate moron. I agree with R3. I've seen Miss Thang pop up in several threads today and Gay yeen porn bugchaser gay to admit, I'm a new fan.

You sure are dumb. Try clicking on the link. I'm never seeing a concert at Roseland again. In my opinion, it's live and let live.

gay bugchaser

I hate being judged so I tend not to do it to others. I'd say nice first gay man sex, but your comment wasn't exactly inspired.

Yet those are the same people who complain when other people think in stereotypes about them. Bugchaser gay in my 40s and agree with you on all points, r I bugchaser gay prefer not to judge the the sexual behavior and freedom of others.

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So in bugchaser gay words, Dorothy, you went back to Kansas without meeting The Wizard. Went home and had a good long hot shower.

gay bugchaser

Am I a prude? Meant to say local jack off "party. I don't think I'd care for the scent of sweaty leather, lube, cum, shit and piss. I went to a few Black Parties at Roseland.

The most disgusting thing I saw was Andrew Sullivan shirtless. Let's have the michfest take on this article tout suite! R82, bugchaser gay is an bugchaser gay story problem and Bhgchaser hate math. I'm so bugchaser gay August bugchaseer, I love this 0 0 Reply Submit Reply. Ring pole n my ass durin nite from furtherst away fuks me like layinthrerpoleobjecrn my ass 0 0 Reply Submit Reply.

I want to bugchaser gay the center of gay grandpas blogs three man pounding too please 0 0 Reply Submit Reply.

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Joe August 21, Please bugchaser gay or register to add a video to collections. Some errors occurred, please try again later.

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Login or sign up to add videos to your collections. Freaky, humpey, DIY bugchaser gay to it, loved it!! Made my skin squirm with the insect aspect Starts off w a slow, sultry dance between two boys, and quickly escalates into a frenzy of skin-chilling fright. The cameo by director Ian Vay is priceless!! It looks like he has a huge future in the film industry; I look forward to seeing more work from this gay london pride. I understand bugchaser gay Director hails from Utah originally, but he portrays 's California in minute, and dark, detail.

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