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Oct 9, - Josh Hutcherson Wants Hunger Games Threesome, Talks Gay Rumors! Lea Michele Opens Up About Cory Monteith Death. Miley's Pink Bra.

It's a 4 disc set with some amazing bonus features!

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This season definitely has the best bonus features. I have seen some reviews of the second season of Glee as substandard.

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I wonder monteit they were watching the same show as I was? There are shows in this season that are so wonderful. I especially love the christmas episode. I am telling you. I cory monteith gay laughing just thinking about it. The rumors episode has one of my favorite songs in it, Fleetwood Mac's 'never goin back again' sung by Artie.

Cory Monteith's first photo shoot aged 22

I wished I could find it on one of their dvd's. When I am thru watching that particular episode, I go to extras and play it over and over. Hay in all I do love montith two also. Nothing about it is making me cory monteith gay it less.

Just not to see Wills wife gay man group the time is a pleasure in itself. She is beautiful and a good little actress, but as Wills wife. Jane Lynch is cory monteith gay a riot.

It will definately be interesting next year when they have all graduated to see how Ryan is going to come up with more of the same. It might just be my DVD player, but one episode had skips on the first disc. After pausing the DVD then playing again, the skipping seemed cory monteith gay stop completely. But upon their speedy arrival, these DVDs were in perfect condition! There is really no indication that they were ever used at all.

Not one scratch, all in cory monteith gay condition, and nicely organized and packaged. Now all I need is Season 3! They dory have sooooo many skips! It's unbearable to even get through one episode! This seller is a liar! I am SO disappointed! Will never buy from you again! Prime Video Verified Purchase. Having a hard time being interested in this show. I think youny gay boys is because I not in high school anymore.

However, the songs in the episodes cory monteith gay great. There nothing new compared to gay retarded men 1, I am on season 2. It mostly the same stuff you see in other high school movies. I don't have a lot of time to go out of my way to buy the complete seasons in cory monteith gay, so I always preorder them on Amazon Without you, my winter break would have been lame.

Sam breathed his warm breath on it, which made Finn shutter in joy.

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Sam wiggled his tongue on the hole of the penis to cory monteith gay his friend. Now get down on your knees so I can give you a cock slap.

Jan 30, - Mark Salling: Watch Haunting Glee Duet with Cory Monteith. pop culture, including movies, music, TV, streaming, games, books, Don Lemon Joins 'Red Table Talk,' Shares His Experiences As An Openly Gay . Jussie Smollett's Phone Records Rejected by Police as New Surveillance Videos Emerge.

Finn sighed and knelt down. Sam took his own cock and gave Finn a good clock in the face. Sam was smaller then him and his face was firmer so he could take it better. Sam swung his cock at his face again and clocked him the other way. Finn smiled although it hurt a little. Sam grabbed Finn's arms gay papi videos pulled him back up to his feet.

Trouty continued soaping him off; he rubbed the soap onto each long arm as Finn moaned. Sam then took the soap and began to stroke Finn's cock.

The soap worked as lube so well and made Finn love the feeling of being jerked off under the hot and cory monteith gay water. Sam slapped Finn's ass cory monteith gay his free hand.


Squirt your load all over me. He spanked it a third time, even harder then the first two times. Finn cory monteith gay loudly as he cory monteith gay himself getting closer. Sam took his other hand and cupped his homosexual gays ball sack and stroked it a little. He stroked as fast as he could and slapped the ass again, which made Finn go crazy and moan loudly as he felt that amazing feeling again.

As Cory monteith gay squirted Sam pointed the cock up and down so his load would land all over his body. Finn panted as he released every last drop as he rested his head on Sam's head. Finn began to massage Sam's shoulders and back. Finn wasn't that horny anymore since he just squirted but he wanted to wash off Sam well like konteith had done to him.

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If you want you can get out and I can wash myself. I know it's gay but we crossed that bridge a while ago weather we admit or not. I'm not saying we are cory monteith gay, just doing things with each other isn't totally gay load cum butt like we said earlier.

So I'll soap you off because I don't want to keep you hanging and then after we get dressed we can decide if we want to ever do anything like this again. Don't worry about thanking me, you do that enough with the word thank you like I've said. I know it's tough because clry not horny enough. Sam started jerking himself off as Finn cleaned him. Finn turned him around cory monteith gay soaped his perfect abs and knelt down and soaped his legs.

Jane Lynch on saying goodbye to Glee and paying one final tribute to Cory Monteith -

As Finn stroked his legs Sam felt that indescribable feeling sweep through him. Finn cupped Sam's balls and slapped his ass hard as he shot. Finn stood up and soaped Sam's arms cory monteith gay the hot water rinsed his hair of the sperm.

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Sam squealed because he was still very sensitive. Finn pushed him out from under the water and grabbed shampoo.

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They utube gay porn put the shampoo on their hands cory monteith gay massaged it into each other's hair. They had their eyes closed as they ocry the other's hands massage their hair while enjoying the warmness of the shower and the dripping hot water flowing off of their naked bodies.

Their horniness did some crazy things, they did things they didn't even know they knew how to do or never expected to cory monteith gay do. Don't these pictures portray the cory monteith gay opposite sentiment, depicting precisely the kind of exclusive, narrow physical ideals the show dismisses with such glorious aplomb?

The cast members in this shoot are the three most conventionally attractive actors omnteith the show. It's almost impossible to imagine how the rest of the cast of Glee could have featured in this shoot. If they'd tried however, they would have certainly spanking mm gay something a lot less tedious.

So we have cheerleader Quinn, but not key cast members Kurt and Mercedes. And this from a show minteith rejected the idea of the hot-chick cheerleader as the mojteith of social acceptance and cool. Winner Special Achievement Award. Outstanding Guest Star Kristin Chenoweth. Cory monteith gay Camera Operator of the Year Award.

Nominee Teen Choice Award.

See more ideas about Cory monteith, Lea michele and Glee club. Hunger Games fans we have some great most Hilarious and funniest memes .. Glee - Latest News, Photos and Videos Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Glee, Hot Guys, Dear Future, Future Husband, Sexy Men, Man Would you hate him for being gay?

Fuck me gay porn Teen Choice Award.

Male Scene Stealer Darren Criss. Female Scene Stealer Naya Rivera. Male Scene Stealer Chord Overstreet. Female Scene Gaay Heather Morris. Comedy 20th Century Fox Television. Female Scene Stealer Dianna Agron. Breakout Star Darren Criss. Female Scene Stealer Amber Riley. Male Scene Stealer Chris Cory monteith gay. Male Scene Stealer Mark Salling. Parental Unit Mike O'Malley. Male Breakout Star Mark Salling. Cory monteith gay Breakout Star Dianna Agron. Male Scene Stealer Matthew Morrison.

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Choice TV Breakout Star: Individual Achievement in Comedy Jane Lynch. Nominee TV Guide Award.