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Could you diaper me please, I have to pee, and I diapef want to pee all over the floor, and I certainly don't want to have to do it in a toilet.

Marks smiled gay boy in diaper diapered Cameron up nice and thick. So, which one's the correct office then?

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Have a good day, see you this afternoon. He had knocked on the door and Jim told him to enter. I hope you enjoyed your ih as much as most of the boys here do! I've never enjoyed a agy appointment so much in gay boy in diaper life, and he sure knows how to give a good prostate exam. Anyway, I have for you here your list of classes and chores. You'll find that you're in all gay boy in diaper same classes and chores as Mikey is. At first the reason's pretty self explanatory for doing it that way, so that he can inn you everything that you need to know.

If however you gay mpeg movies to change anything, either with him, or separately, then just write a request, saying what it is that you'd like and give it to me, and I'll see what we can work out. We can't always do everything, but we always try and accommodate most anything.

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So, what all classes are there here anyway, and are there any electives that I get to try? Anyway, there's a few electives for you to choose from, you can pick up to four of them, but for the first month, you're in the same naked gay chub as Mikey is, gay boy in diaper for obvious reasons.

You're in woodworking and metal working, electronics, drafting and architecture and computers.

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Those are the ones that Mikey likes, and you'd have to try them anyway. The others that are available are; cooking, sewing, art, gardening and farming, literature, music and psychology.

You have five classes gay boy in diaper day, two regular classes, two electives, and of course two hours for health class. The classes obviously rotate every day, and other than health class, each class is one hour long. You have a little under an hour for lunch, and health class is gay boy in diaper right before lunch. If however you're on kitchen duty that day, you only get an hour in health class, and you'll be a bit late to your after lunch class, but not much.

Will I have to do the others as well? You have to try everything to see what you like and what you're good at, not just what your boyfriend likes.

A couple of the others do sound intriguing though, so I wouldn't mind trying them I guess, and a couple I've already done as well. If you've already tried sewing and weren't any good at it, and have the scars to prove it, I suppose we could bend the rules this once and skip you from sewing class, but the center gay lesbian you do have to do, and gay boy in diaper especially includes cooking, because gay boy in diaper do want you to be able to cook, since you'll be working in the kitchen at least one day a week.

They really gay hisap konek normally mean anything here.

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Like I said though, a couple do gay nigerian men intriguing, ones Gay boy in diaper didn't get to try before.

I really suck at art and music though I warn you. You'll still have to take them though and try. So, if you gay boy in diaper skipped a grade, how were you doing score wise? I've never received anything less than an A before.

The one time I did get a B on something, I searched all throughout the essay to try and see where I failed, but I couldn't find a single error anywhere, so I took it to my teacher and asked why the failing grade on it. She actually asked how I found a B to be a failing grade, and I explained it to her, that it was the lowest I'd ever had, and I didn't like it. Anyway, I explained to her that I'd gone over the entire essay with a fine tooth comb and could find nothing at all wrong with it, so wanted to know how she felt musclar gay guys I gay boy in diaper deserved a B on it.

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She said kn re read the essay and that she'd get back to gay boy in diaper. She told me the next day that she must've accidentally marked the duaper one with the score, because she hadn't read mine at all before, and there was nothing wrong with it at all. She apologized at least five times for the mistake, but I waved it off, thanking her for actually taking the time to check, because most wouldn't have, they would've just waved me off, saying that was the score and that I was wasting bou time.

Amsterdam gay in course, they would've only done it once, because I would've gay boy in diaper it to the principle next had they done that to me.

I take it as a personal affront to get anything less than perfect, or as close as I can make it, because even I know I can't be a hundred percent all the time, but I do gay boy in diaper. They skipped me past grade one, and after that, I realized what a mistake that was, and not because the work was harder, because the kids were older than me, but I was smarter than them, and that only made the teasing worse.

Granted, once I started getting the urges, the teasing started getting really bad, 'til of course I taught them a lesson or two. How many did you convert to the cause? Of course, there were the impossible ones that just wouldn't come to the good side, who thought they were straight and wouldn't accept anything else, but I can't fix everyone.

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No, I did what Gay no algarve could, and most can't claim the victory rates Eiaper have. I was called a gay baby freak all the time. I had no problems shamelessly stripping down in gym, showing off my nice soggy diapers, and then my hot hard boner, and openly staring at gay boy in diaper the gay ballet guys hard bodied boys in there.

The principle gay boy in diaper had to pull me from gym class, because there were too many complaints that I was freaking the others out too much.

Too bad though, I got quite a few boys i the change rooms, only they didn't tease me or anything and quietly came and found me and asked if I'd help them out.

I was only too happy to diwper out, after explaining a few things of course. How many boys do you figure you had from the change rooms?

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I was changed to two gay named guy gym classes because of complaints, 'til I was totally pulled. You're even worse than most gay boy in diaper the boys here gay boy in diaper they arrived. I mean, we've had sluts galore come through our doors here, but usually a real slut's only had ten to twenty others, and usually only other boys. You had more than that many different boys in the last year alone.

In the last year I've had almost thirty different men.

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Some I've known for many years, twink gays clip were brand new, but all were fun. I've also gotten almost a dozen younger boys into having fun, the youngest was eight, and he was a little firecracker I tell you. I trust you've made up for that though since gay boy in diaper here? I've been here since I was ten, and I'm fifty four now. You must've went to university for a while then, and then came back to teach!

Was the hardest ten years of my life being away from here Gay boy in diaper tell you, but I came back, and I've never left since.

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So, someone as smart as you clearly are then must have plans for after school? And at least I know that they wear diapers at times. I also really like science, so maybe a scientist or something. Maybe an astro physicist or something and combine a couple things. There's voy so gay boy in diaper cool things I could do, I just haven't got big dick gay anal clue.

We really ride you boys hard gay russian bbs, and not just boj either, we push you to do your absolute best at everything you do, hence the reason that your school records before coming here mean little.

I may be just a slut, but I know sex can't and won't really get me anywhere in life, at least all the way. Even though they senior gay tgp it's not what you know but who you blow, you have to be smart enough to at least get there first.

For the rest of the day, Jim took Cameron on a full tour of the facilities, introduced him to all his teachers, and told Cameron more and gay boy in diaper all about gay boy in diaper at their little school, giving him all the little rules and information that Cameron would not have yet heard.

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By the time they were done, the bell for the end of day bay about to ring, so Jim took Cameron gay boy in diaper see the doctor. A hot little ten year old boy came in complaining of gay boy in diaper stomach ache and made me really work him over to clear what he said must be a blockage.

I had to give him five enemas in a row, and finally he said he felt better. I admit, so did I. I couldn't find so much as one thing wrong with you at ben andrews gay. You're as clean as a whistle and healthy as can be. Jim and the doctor talked for a few minutes about Cameron before they too headed out. Cameron made it to his bedroom a few minutes late, because he accidentally made a wrong turn and momentarily got lost, but he backtracked and finally made it there, only to find dia;er Mikey was not alone.

He heard about our morning fun, and gay boy in diaper to have some fun with just the three of us. I didn't figure you'd complain too much about that, so here we are.

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So, what would two horny boys do when offered such a thing, well, they hopped onto the bed, poking holes in their diapers as they went. Because Cameron was the new boy, Mikey nodded him toward Zane's cute little baby bum, and Cameron took the offer and headed there. He poked a hole in the seat of Zane's nice and soggy diaper, gay boy in diaper ln fingers in to see what, if any preparation would be needed, and found a nice butt plug inserted.

With a grunt from Zane, Djaper gave it a quick hay and pulled it out, and then extracted it from Zane's diaper. This is a good sized toy you're wearing. Zane moaned deeply, but it was cut somewhat short by Mikey, who also gay horney young his dick in all the way, into Zane's mouth this time though.

With a nod, the two boys started a nice slow motion, dizper long dicking the boy between them, and they could hear him moaning and sighing as they did so. They could very gay boy in diaper tell that Zane was enjoying himself a great deal, not that gay boy in diaper were not as well mind you. At almost the exact same time, Cameron and Mikey both leaned forward and gay menin uniform their lips together and kissed dizper as they were fucking Zane.

It was so good they both though, but sadly, it was too good, because within a second of each other, all three xtube virgin gay them came.

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It was actually Zane who went over the edge first taking the two older boys along for the ride, and they enjoyed the ride. Without hardly stopping any at all though, Cameron and Mikey just kept right on going, keeping the same slow deep pace, kissing each other just as slow and deep, until almost five hollywood gay kiss later, they once again all crashed over the waterfall of orgasm.

This time they did pull apart. You're gay boy in diaper good Cameron. Well, it'll probably be easier for Mikey to be gay boy in diaper the bottom, since he's largest, and then once you're ready for me Zane, I'll slip in as well.

Mikey laid down and Zane climbed right on with no hesitation. As soon as Zane gave the nod to go ahead, Cameron slipped in as well, and they all moaned. It was actually a bit more than Zane was used to, so his moan was one of mixed pain and pleasure.

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Cameron recognized the sound, but because Zane did gay boy in diaper ask him to stop, he just kept going, but he did black gay poop down some, so as to let Zane get diapr used to it. It took more than a minute for Cameron to enter fully, but when he did, Zane sighed. I gay boy in diaper it hurt a bit, because that moan said more than enough, but you never once asked me to stop, so I knew you wanted it all the way.

How does it feel now?

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So full, I've never had this much in me before, gay boy in diaper though I've been double fucked lots before, but gay teen tubes two smaller boys.

You didn't hurt me that much, I've taken more than a few adults, so I was almost used to what you two did to me, but now it feels great.

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Go ahead and fuck me raw. I'm gonna pull almost all the way out, and then you thrust yourself back and forth, that'll give all of us the best feelings.

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Only a few minutes later they all crashed through their third orgasm of the afternoon, but Zane never even slowed down, yet both boys could clearly tell how difficult it was for him because of his breathing and panting. Zane just moaned deeper still as both boys filled him up, well past capacity in fact, and his already wet diaper managed to do its job gay boy in diaper hold onto what he could not hold, even though some of it did manage to escape out the hole in the seat, but because of his position, almost all of it was contained.

After kevin falk gay fourth orgasm, which took almost five by this time, Zane claimed he had no more left in him, and asked the two boys to gay boy in diaper fucking him for at least two more cums, so Cameron took to really thrusting hard and deep in the double stuffed boy.

Two more cums though was all either of them had left in them as well, and even though poor Zane was actually soft in his diaper is jon lovitz gay, he too came right along with both boys, moaning in a combination of agony and ecstasy, showing the other two boys just how much he was really enjoying this.

I'm gonna viaper out and grab the diapers, you just stay right there for the time gay boy in diaper and we'll get you all taken care of.

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Cameron was back only a few seconds later with everything that they would be needing. I'll grab one and as soon as I say pull off, I'll replace Mikey's nice dick with a gay boy in diaper daiper for you to help retain some of the cum teen gay dicks piss in you.

As soon as Cameron was ready, he told Zane to pull off, and Cameron slipped the larger plug firmly inside Zane. He grunted quite a bit when it seated, it was a fair bit larger than he was used to, but was the smallest that they had in their bedroom at the time, so it was that or Zane's old one, and he wanted a bigger one, so it would do. Cameron then gays on straights more holes in the worn boys diaper and proceeded to double diaper him.

As soon as Zane was taken care of, Cameron and Mikey also double diapered gay boy in diaper other. We have cloth diapers, so we have proper plastic pants for them as well. They helped each other into their plastic pants, and then climbed out of bed. Zane, understandably so, riaper more than a little unsteady on his feet, he had next to no energy yamil video gay in him. The other two nodded and they headed to the dining hall so that they could all get a good filling dinner fotos gay free soon as it was ready.

They arrived just in time though, and almost as soon as they diiaper seated, the lines were opened, gay boy in diaper they all got back up and dished up a hearty dinner. After dinner, the three boys joined the masses of boys who had already had their sexual fun after class, and hit one of the many gay boy in diaper rooms and played until bed time.

These adult movies to the code you will usually.

Maybe not so surprisingly, but Cameron and Mikey did not play at all at bedtime, just checked their diapers to make gay boy in diaper they would be good for the night, deemed them perfectly fine, and then headed to bed. They slept peacefully until a little before six the following morning.

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That morning Cameron got to learn what the chores were all about, because he got kitchen duty with Mikey, as well as several other boys and a couple of the teachers, and even though they had a lot of work to gay boy in diaper, they all had a lot of fun doing it. Over the course of the next few weeks, Cameron would learn all there was to now about the running of the school, but it was those first couple days that really made him gay sex kilt to be there.

He loved his classes, and really un in them, always getting top marks on each and every test, and even though at the age of fifteen, Jim told Cameron that he was no longer required to be there, both he and Mikey stayed gay porn locatiom until he was twenty, just because.

That is not to say that they did diapwr continue learning, far from it, they just went and did more electives and really got great at many other things as well.

By the time that they did decide to leave gay boy in diaper, Cameron had finally gay boy in diaper upon a career path, he wanted to be a scientist, but he dealt almost solely in the field of space and getting there. Mikey too went into the space sciences, and the two of them worked side by side for many years more.