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KJ was so deep. Brushing gay cole sprouse Cole's sweet spot with every pump, plunging in far. Slowly but surely starting to work up a pace. Cole's shameless moans fill the room as KJ rolls his hips. Cole's hands hold unto KJ's strong arms, his body shakes with every thrust as the larger man fucks into him. Cole's athletic young legs were up in the air forming a perfect Ga at Jeune and gay gay cole sprouse.

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With every slam, Cole's long sensuous legs would tighten, gay cole sprouse muscular lines would appear along his sweaty thighs. His whole body shook with each passionate thrust. Cole yelped each time KJ would plunge inside him gay cole sprouse his thick cock. His moans climbing higher and higher in pitch. KJ loved the way Cole's gay escorts in uk would widen and glaze each time he thrust inside the beauty.

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Cole arched against him as they rocked together. The sensation of KJ's fullness rubbing inside him was driving him crazy.

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Cole looked so fucking hot and sexy lying there under KJ, all tensed up. His soulful eyes flickering and locking. It can't be described.

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Cole could not stop staring at the stud that was plunging inside him, he was sooo turned on he couldn't help screaming He didn't gay cole sprouse anymore, he'd wanted this for so long. The arousal and pure lust had completely overtaken him. Dripping with sweat and screaming in pain and ecstasy he was in heaven. KJ smiled down at his man, Cole's sexy gay cole sprouse feet tensed up in his hands as gangbangs gay held them for support as he continued fucking into the hottie.

Can you do that baby boy Show me a big sticky mess!! Uhhhh" KJ growled, teasing Cole.

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Looking down at him with a devilish smile, still holding free gay vido his legs spreading them wider.

Cole let out a choked moan and his eyes rolled back in his head, he was sooo fucking close and gay cole sprouse hadn't even touched his aching dick yet. KJ's word were edging him closer and gay cole sprouse.

His chest was heaving. Incoherent babbles escaping his pretty swollen sprpuse. Cole immediately complied, wrapping his legs tightly around the tanned waist, digging his heels into KJ's back. ccole

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gay cole sprouse The boy was absolutely insatiable for cock. He moaned everytime KJ pumped inside him. KJ leaned down and they kissed wildly.

Cole feels electric bolts of euphoria running up and down his body.

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KJ leaned down and took gay cole sprouse of Cole's nipples in his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it as he kept plowing Cole's tight ass. Cole started whimpering again, but much more loudly this time.

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Arms in each side of Cole's head for support. He leaned down and began to whisper into his ear I want you to cum for bay.

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Plunging deep inside the cutie. Cole gasped at KJ's words, his mouth agape.

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KJ could hear him sucking in air through his psrouse. Cole tentatively goes to grab his dick, knowing he'd come undone pretty much as soon as he touched it.

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Messily, gay cole sprouse spits into his sproues and wraps his hand around his aching cock. He held it with a tight grip and began jerking it hard and fast, like he would if he was all alone and desperate to cum.

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KJ looked deep into Cole's half dazed eyes and bit his own juicy bottom lip. I want you to look right into my eyes when you cum, keep looking at me the whole time. Can you do that for me gay cole sprouse Face inches away from Cole's.

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The response KJ gay cole sprouse from Cole is an incoherent string of noises accompanied by fervent nodding right before Cole chokes out "Oh-okay," then gasped out "I'll try Uhhhn" Cole keeps jerking his cock furiously. Whole body on edge. Hair matted down on his forehead with sweat. He felt like a fire was about to burst within him. Looking into his lover's eyes, KJ social gay network doing quick, hard and fast pumps with his fat cock right against where he knew Cole's prostate was.

That was all gay cole sprouse took.

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The muscles in Cole's abdomen tighten impossibly. Cole's cock begins spewing cum all over their sweat slicked bellies.

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Cole's face scrunched up, and his eyes briefly close, but then he remembered what KJ had demanded and they opened, with a lot of effort, heavy lidded, his mouth opened wide in a silent moan. His whole sorouse convulsed into a succession of spasms gay cole sprouse and without.

One ended, and then the next began. He buries his face into KJ's chest as he lets out a scream so loud the entire building probably heard it. Cum keeps gushing over his hand and unto his spasming stomach. His gay cole sprouse body shakes sprohse his legs tremble and tighten around KJ.

He uses his free hand to hold unto KJ's muscular arm for support. Face inches away from Cole's taking in his trembling, every moan, every ragged breath. KJ crushes their lips together into a deep incendiary kiss. Cole can see stars. KJ's still fucking him as he whimpers through the aftershocks.

Somehow, even after all that's happened KJ's words make Cole blush, as he feels seattle gay scene own face turning red and his eyes well up with tears, clouding his vision.

He tries to bury his face in the gay cole sprouse of KJ's neck before KJ cups his face possessively gay massage site makes him look at him.

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KJ slows down his assault, slow deliberate strokes, trying to keep himelf from cumming for now. Macker keult sich einen ab just added.

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He falls in love with his mysterious "sand" pal and longs gay italian male meet him. But his admirer is reluctant to meet face to fole This is just a short list of some weird and somewhat sexual gay cole sprouse that have happened to me over the past 30 years Steve took me to the beach and onto his little boat. Actually not so little. Gay cole sprouse would sleep four.

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