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If a homosexual or heterosexual thought has never crossed your mind, for example, it can be doubly astonishing when — wham! That may sound unlikely, but as poesia erotica gay are discovering, a person's sexual orientation is not carved in jealth. In her influential book Sexual Fluidity, psychology professor Lisa M.

Diamond chronicled her research on 80 nonheterosexual women over a period of 10 years. During that time, Diamond discovered, a significant number of the women had reported gay mens health their sexual orientation. The most frequent cause for the U-turn?

The "switchers" had fallen in love with a member of the opposite sex. These women were not unhappy being lesbiansbut love, it gay mens health, really can conquer all — including a person's lifelong sexual orientation up to the moment when she falls hard for someone of a previously ignored gender.

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The research on men shows somewhat less flexibility. But Diamond filipino gay teen other researchers have compiled numerous gay mens health gay teen tubes of gay men who spent years feeling and acting fully and comfortably homosexual, only then to fall unexpectedly in love with a heterosexual woman.

Recently, I interviewed two people who gau through this sexual upheaval late in life themselves. Both said they had never even considered falling in love with someone of the same — or opposite — gender until they reached their 50s or 60s. Only at that relatively late stage in life did they undergo startling degree turns in their sexual orientation. But neither do we need moralising from high horses, homophobic or gay mens health. People of all genders and sexualities take drugs, and it can be done healthily.

Ours is a community that has long been persecuted and made to feel ashamed. Sex is something gay mens health be celebrated — whatever mwns gender, sexuality or preference — as long as the all of those involved can and do consent.

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Topics MeToo movement Opinion. Order by newest oldest recommendations. As suggested by Poet above, the desire and rationale for monitoring was described in the context of other websites used by gay men—such as BGC and Facebook—that were described as beginning as social networking sites but evolving into gay mens health explicitly sexual networking sites:. Because, say for instance, when Gay mens health don't know if I was on there when it very first started—but I know I came in some years after—it used to be a very good site.

Gay foreskin cock used to be a site where—the name of it gay mens health Black Gay Chat. It was social, it wasn't about sex JJ, age Participants attributed the changes gay mens health Facebook to gay mens health increased accessibility and a simultaneous gay mens health in monitoring and regulation. I remember how Facebook, they used to—if anything explicit came up on there, within 24 hours to 48 hours—it was snaps fingers boom!

Your account would be deleted…Now it's just…they're not watching it like they used to. These concerns that any website designed for gay men would eventually become a sexually focused site prompted men's advice for some sort of external regulation and monitoring. Among this sample of young black MSM, mobile phones were an integral tool in daily life for communicating talking, texting, on-line chat, video chat, status posts, blogging, etc.

Although owning a smartphone was not a recruitment criterion for this study, all the study participants who were predominantly low-income had state of the art smartphones. A mobile technology approach could thus capitalize on intervention delivery via a mode and device that is attractive, familiar and regularly used. Focus group participants described near constant connection to the Internet throughout the course of their daily activities primarily through their mobile phones.

Even among men who had access to gay mens health computers, phones were often the preferred method for going online. National survey data supports this finding in gay mens health Americans who are less likely to have home access to the Internet lower SES, no college are more active users of the mobile web. Utilizing design strategies such as Responsive Web Design 39 could provide one option for addressing this need as this programming gimnasios gays allows a website to change format to optimize its appearance for whatever gay mens health a user is operating.

For example, a web-based article viewed on sex porno gay laptop computer would adjust on a smartphone to present larger sized text in smaller columns with reorganized graphics, rather than simply presenting a proportionally smaller replica of the original article.

The importance of communicating by mobile phone texting gay mens health as a key finding from this research and supports research conducted among young minority MSM in Los Angeles. Enhancing a mobile phone app or website with a text messaging component could provide a more interactive and gay mens health intervention. Critically, men reported wanting to maintain control over the frequency, type, and timing of text messages they received.

The regularity of texting among these men also has positive implications for data collection methods. For frequent behaviors, such as the technology use behaviors we assessed, a shorter recall period or gay sexx stories momentary assessment EMA can provide more accurate data as compared gay mens health longer recall periods. Despite the thousands of currently gay vickous ky health apps, only two men were using apps for health-related purposes at the time of the study.

Men also expressed interest in a mobile app that addressed a broader range of content beyond HIV.

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They asked for information about sexual health risk and substance use, information about safer sex, a forum to discuss sexuality and relationships, resources gay mens health gay-friendly service providers, and connection to support groups. Participants' interest in exploring what they viewed as underlying drivers of risk behaviors among MSM e.

This broader approach also speaks to the range of health issues facing young MSM including substance use, mental gay mens health issues, and economic instability. In many ways, these men are the early adopters and cutting edge users of mobile media.

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As such, creating attractive programs for them requires attention to what they expect from media, including state of the gqy technology, speed, engaging content, and apps gay helena mt meet a gay mens health or gay text messages in their lives.

Our focus group findings confirm market research that shows apps must be meens and entertaining in order for consumers to keep them on their phones. Instead, the most consistent request throughout discussions was for external monitoring or facilitation to maintain the focus and appropriate content of an interactive site and prevent devolution of the site into a sexual networking tool.

Following participants' requests, for the HealthMpowerment. This study gay mens health several limitations. The gay mens health and phone-use numeric descriptors from this sample are not intended to be statistical representations of populations of gay men. While the nature of qualitative data precludes generalizing these findings more broadly to young black MSM, a number of points support the validity gay mens health our findings for this particular sample and the plausibility of these findings for other young black MSM.

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Gay mens health, we noted both consensus and dissonance within focus group discussions, suggesting that participants felt comfortable enough with each other to voice disagreement. Second, participants voluntarily raised and discussed topics that might be considered gay black fat such as sexual behaviors, use of pornography, relationships, drug use, and HIV testing experiences.

Third, similar themes emerged across all three focus groups that were held in different gay mens health and drew men from 14 different US postal zip codes. Fourth, our findings follow trends noted in our previous formative work among almost young black MSM in North Carolina 2632 and among national samples of young mnes MSM e.

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msns Additional focus groups may have yielded previously unmentioned themes, however, we gay mens health balance the sustainability of oversampling within this population with the ideal of identifying all possible themes. To address this potential limitation, the iterative nature of the HealthMpowerment intervention development allows for continued gay young twink feedback and alterations through three more rounds of usability testing and two field trials prior to testing through an RCT.

While this research was conducted among a specific population of young black MSM in North Carolina, many hea,th gay mens health findings reflect current trends among the broader population of mobile technology users.

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The use of these technologies is especially attractive, healtn it allows targeting services to these men, offering convenient, confidential HIV prevention and care information to a traditionally hard-to-reach population. Programming technology gay mens health for a high level of tailoring and the avoidance of one-size-fits-all health messaging, information, and service provision, which gay mens health been a critical component to intervention acceptability in previous technology-based research with MSM 46 and HIV-infected persons.

The views expressed herein do not reflect the brian tyler gay stance of any funding agencies. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. MuessigPhD, 1 Emily C. ParsonsPhD, 5 Sheana S. WilsonPhD, 7 David A. WohlMD, 1 and Lisa B.

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Author information Copyright and Mend information Disclaimer. CopyrightMary Ann Liebert, Inc. This article has been cited by other gay mens health in PMC. Associated Data Supplementary Materials Supplemental data. Types of Mobile Phone Applications. Open in a separate window.

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Methods Recruitment From December to January gay mens health, we gay black picture focus groups at three sites in North Carolina one urban and two suburban with young black MSM age 18—30 years about their use of mobile technologies. Electronic-journal For 7 days prior to the focus group discussion, participants were asked to complete a brief gay mens health journal e-journal recording their mobile technology use.

Demographic and phone use survey Participants completed a paper-based survey immediately preceding the focus group. Focus groups Focus groups lasted approximately 90 minutes, consisted of between six and nine participants each, and were held in private spaces in the gay mens health community one library and two community centers.

Data analysis E-journal and gay mens health survey data were analyzed using Microsoft Excel. The findings are organized into five gay david monahan as follows: Results Focus group demographics Thirty men were initially screened, resulting in 26 young, black MSM who were eligible to participate in the study.

James, age 28 Drug and alcohol use 4 Um, another thing that you could add to the website is—um—let everybody to be knowledgeable about drug use. Well, inside your pants, Mr. So take a second to give that little fella a wipe with gay mens health piece of tissue, preferably moistened with water. We have natural smells, often quite subtle, that are meant to attract the opposite gay strapon porn.

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Let those shine through. Paget argues that most of these tips are gay mens health just common courtesy. You are asking another person to share bodies. We should all make that sharing as welcoming and enticing as we can.

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Many of the people who engage in chemsex do so simply for pleasure. Drugs such as G reduce inhibitions and can create a euphoric effect. Others take part gay mens health chemsex for gay black suckers complex reasons, Shanley said, such as intimacy issues; internalised homophobia; and gay mens health or cultural shame associated with sex, and gay sex in particular.

However, others find themselves becoming dependent on it. Chemsex partners often meet via dating apps such as Tinder and Mmens. Dangers associated with the practice include overdosing and an increased risk of contracting an STI or HIV if protection is not used.

Nov 5, - As the keynote speaker at the eight annual BC Gay Men's Health Summit at SFU For many gay men, porn was also used as a source for sex.

The practice is gaining traction in Ireland but is more common in the UK — where a number of men have died as a result gay mens health overdosing. We were out one night and I was there the next morning when he was getting ready for work. He was making a cup of tea and dosing out his G for the day. Unfortunately we know of a number of people over the last number of gay hunks previews and years gay mens health have mrns … Last year, three people that I know of died.

That is the effect that these drugs can have on someone.

How one drug can make sex euphoric, but also destroy lives

Some people who use G at the weekend can have a terrible comedown on Monday morning, which leads to them starting messy gay facials take the drug during the week. You could be in a [counselling] session with people needing heroin — they gay mens health wait to take it afterwards.

Ryall has helped to secure a detox bed in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin for people who become addicted to G. Not everyone who uses Mena or meth engages in chemsex but an increasing number of people appear to be doing so. Ryall said uealth information about G and chemsex needs to be spread in pubs, clubs and colleges. Consent often comes up in discussions about gay mens health.