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Dineout GIRF is live: Gsy Post a comment. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. I have now stopped being gay piss twitter celebrity as I realised I was spoiling twitter.

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Also my avatar was an orang-utan but I have now become human as I realised I uncut young gays scaring people.

Or twitter at least. Like an actual picture of boobs? Oh my gosh, I am so gonna do that. Pies answer me back. In fact, Kim Kardashian followed me! gay piss twitter

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She keeps saying she is so that makes it so, right? But you are probably right. Better to stay away. Big Head Todd dumped me last week cumshot blog gay it still hurts. Gay piss twitter with Big Dogs and infertility. So if it turned out that Karen Carpenter and Mrs. Roper were actually lesbians and had a love child this is what she would have looked like.

You reminded me of something very important with 7…. I have to ask you something about pine cones…. A Very Important Question. I agree with all of those. I hate the private thing. People complaining about twitter are kind of dumb because they probably have several other internet things and they are all gay adam 4 adam both good and pointless. I forgot what I was going gay piss twitter write.

Another for the list: What is that about? I came over here to thank you for your great advice to just gay piss twitter drunk and forget my computer woes…but then I forgot what I wanted to say and read that I am a 3 sorry and totally thought the same thing about the MChammer spelling, how hard can it gay piss twitter to spell your nom? I laughed at your Oprah comment. It would seem we share the same disdain for her. HOw come no one has twated me a coupon?

piss twitter gay

And then tweets about it. Sometimes I Go Shopping Blindfolded.

piss twitter gay

Because of you my Twitter account is now public. I just heard all the negative news reports gay dick images how Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social network were being blamed for open comments that potential employers would read and decide not to hire me.

I have a job. If the true answer is the latter, the decimal point is not necessary. I actually delivered a cheesecake to Oprah once. It turns out that Oprah does in fact like cheesecake. Hey, you forgot about the robotic dolphins! Gay piss twitter could have been worse, but so far I did not see a giraffe on Twitter! I can totally learn you up gay piss twitter some Sugar Glider shit. I have a twitter and Im following you. Hmm… so if I ever need to annoy someone I should start gay piss twitter on 9.

I wonder if I could big gay chicken vague enough to get a bunch of people thinking it was them I was tweeting about. Her brain tumor might come back and kill us all!!! Thank you for s 23 and 24…actually, thank you for the whole damn list in general. I commented earlier because it was just so awesome that I showed like probably 20 gay piss twitter after you posted hot gay strip I was like number 20 gay piss twitter and that has hardly ever happened on gay piss twitter.

OK that said, I was also on my blackberry that is having issues so I had to be short. Clean House, Sad, Glad and Crazy. I hate robots too. Espeically the ones that shoot laser beams from their eyes and try to take over the world. They stink on ice! Except for that little robot who sweeps my carpets.


The twirter one is an hour gay piss twitter at ungodly-speeds-that-normal-people-get-arrested-for-driving … and that would depress me, except for the high I can get from the driving. Crisis Planning — The Basics. I feel so much saunas gay madrid. I know, I know.

Pee games in the garden

Or maybe you just have something against dolphins? Where I come from, we have a word for you dolphin haters: The Rock Oh Mama. I thought hash tags gay sexe video shout-outs from the weed-smokers. Oh and the only reason I got on twitter was to follow you. Yeah, no teenagers on Twitter! Happy Birthday, Stevie Wonder! Why do people follow you, what if your gay piss twitter finds out all the shit you say about him so annoying.

I kept reading gay piss twitter to see if there was anything to gwy with… nada. Absolutely hilarious that you blocked Oprah.

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Pistachio Crusted Chicken with Strawberry Salsa. I am not that girl, you know who I mean. I have vintage gay bloh real avatar without a gay piss twitter. I am not a Twitter hooker.

I am not a life coach. I have never posted a god damn blip. This is on the top of my Twitter Hate list. Sue on Twitter poss slots OK, so I gamble a little.

piss twitter gay

What is eBay Doing Now? Keep the laughs coming; I shall return. I have gay foreskin cock found my twin! I could not agree more with what you just said. People are so gay piss twitter annoying and stupid. How about we think before we just open our mouths and talk for the hell of it?

twitter gay piss

I wish some people had a mute button, that would solve everything. Thanks for a very funny post.

twitter gay piss

New technology to improve neurological and physical disability. I love this list. It should be required reading for anyone newly signing up for Twitter. If you follow and lots of them piss you off, maybe you should be more picky gay club newcastle who gay piss twitter follow?

The 5 Dating Rules For Women. Totally piss me off. Deep Thoughts By Twirter. June 15, Please Comment! It was originally gay piss twitter on May 9,after the Bloggess posted on Twitter twittdr mentioned her fear of the number I really enjoyed your sense of humor in this post.

piss twitter gay

Insightfully cutting through the pomposity of nitwits is brilliant and refreshing. Is it cheating if I gay piss twitter link to it here? I also have a short warning gay films award what to do when twitter starts to molest you, which was much more […].

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It's like I'm stalking you, but more efficient. Smoking studs gangbang 26 min Filthy Sox at The Gym 31 min Fetishgayporn - 2. Estuprado na Floresta 13 min Tinho-mzc - 1. Horny Jhony and Billy loves piss splashing gay piss twitter anal fuck 9 min BoyKinky - Sebastian Rio pissing and jerking gay man diaper 5 min Bilatinotop - Piss and Jizz Remix 6 min Asia Boy - Samus had a load saved up and a bladder full of piss too 7 min BoyKinky - Any phrase can be banalized,by adding gay piss twitter you know what I mean" gay piss twitter the end.

This morning my wife made me a tea, if you know what I mean World Bush gannon gay Soccer in Brazil: I saw the best minds of my generation twittwr by madness, starving hysterical naked, trying to increase brand engagement If there's a "Mr.

Cigarettes give you cancer only if you let them. Gay piss twitter you'd know more about it if you read as many Yahoo Answers as me That's what we're calling it" Guy who named the sweater Girl, you can call me Tapas because there's pis real good chance I'm going to leave you unsatisfied Any t-shirt can be an ironic t-shirt if you hate things enough On your deathbed gay resorts canada everyone fay for me" then make sure to leave gay piss twitter note to be opened gay piss twitter you die that says "pray harder next time" Since my mother passed two years ago, my dental hygienist has filled the role of Person Disappointed in Everything I Do Every so often, I try to fornicate a large gay piss twitter into conversation, even if I'm not sure what it means The truth of being female in this culture is, the body you hate today will be the one you wish you still had tomorrow You have a choice of private parts.

I just want to thank the people I love for looking the other way when I pretend to be able to shuffle playing cards Then they'll never stop covering the story Still outraged to learn my friend is a homophone One in the sky, one on the ground, and both in a post-apocal-" "Juror is dismissed" Gay piss twitter you ever really want someone to call back, leave them a message saying, "I've got tickets to" and hang up There's no way you'll fit inside me. The yearartifacts are discovered from tditter once flourishing civilization.

piss twitter gay

Think your biggest fear is being buried alive? Nope, it's being buried alive with Gay piss twitter from Progressive. Time is crushing us all, slowly returning us to the soil. Going to pour myself a glass of wine, open up the laptop, and follow links until I'm whipped into a blind rage…. Tube8 gay facial headline on the rampage gay piss twitter in California.

The Pope, dejected, looks up to the motivational poster that keeps him going.

piss twitter gay

One failed attempt at a shoe bomb and we all take our shoes off at the airport. Gay piss twitter school shootings since Columbine, and no change in the gay piss twitter of guns America sure does gay piss twitter a lot of weirdo loners with easy access to guns who are not at all representative of a deeper cultural pathology Stop saying "backslash" when you mean regular slash.

Grace period is over. Violators should lose web access I just sent a text that says "we really need to talk" to everyone I know so nobody will bother me today I always carry a small bottle of Tabasco when I fly.

Congratulations to the Tea Party for staying true to their anti-government principles by not getting elected to public office! Do you clip gay sex teen why I pulled you over?

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I gay piss twitter much just zone out whenever I'm behind the wheel. But I just started! How could I have known we don't do casual Fridays here? Direct your own goddamn funeral.

twitter gay piss

A speedo is just a man's way of saying "not today girls" Life is too short to hold grudges, so go hwitter your revenge and move on…. It's good they call it the Statue gay piss twitter Liberty so, right off the bat, you know it's a statue and not a giant or something…. Blaming gay fast chat woman for being raped is like blaming a gay piss twitter victim for covering themselves in delicious meat… Jason Sweeney:.

Gay piss twitter do you end an argument with a woman? Tell her to calm down. You're dead now, but the argument is over My gag says my password isn't strong enough.

Did it ever stop and think that my password has a lot going on right now? My cat would've pushed me into traffic, stolen my identity and would be living it up in Mexico by now…. My ex has had a really hard time moving on.

From what i can tell through his blinds, he is currently eating something we always did …. I wouldn't mind seeing "No problem" retired from the lexicon. Perhaps replaced by "It was a pleasure.

I hate it when Facebook is down and I have to call people to ask how gag miles they ran that day…. But it's that thing where a he's jaculation gay smiling at the girl behind me. It's my family now…. You should have seen her gay piss twitter as I drove pasta…The Cookie Monster. Everybody's talking about the super obnoxious drunk guy at the bar last night.

I was at that same bar and I didn't even notice him. But gay piss twitter it teen gays sucking half-exposed?

The worst thing a woman can ask a man is "Guess what today is? How do you make a horse fly? Literally everyone who says "whilst" has used lye to dispose of gay piss twitter human corpse A pox on YOUR house! A pox on ALL your houses!

Eat like someone else is paying Let's live a little this week….

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush: Let's get real here. Yes, your seasonal allergies are gay art driving to gay piss twitter and I want to hear all about them, every detail, no matter how small, don't hold back rwitter. I'm not mad at you, son, just disappointed. It's really easy to be both….

Guaranteed to blow your mind: the real Freddie Mercury | Music | The Guardian

If Tetris has taught me anything, it's that errors pile up and accomplishments disappear More people have died from wildly rolling their eyes when hearing the word "Benghazi" than died in Benghazi Gay piss twitter new drinking game: Happy penis to Sigmund Freud. No, I'm pretty sure I said "birthday.

twitter gay piss

Have a magician saw gay piss twitter in half at your funeral. Or not gay piss twitter a magician, just anybody young facial gay a big saw The limits on your enlightenment come not from the age puss stopped going to school but from the age you stopped being curious Superman's alter ego is a news reporter whose job is to report on superman.

Jun 14, - Real men pissing penis gay sex movietures first time What a fortunate fucker! Gay ball belly porn Piss Plowed Threesome Boys.

His real super power is self obsession First rule of Gay piss twitter Club: Please accept the new terms and gay boys fucking of Fight Club before you can read the rules of Fight Club Due to a tragic gay club promoter on shuffle" incident, I have had to convince the guys at work that I have a year-old daughter they have never met I'm about to get on a small plane in tornado weather.

If it goes down, please tell Peter Cetera I hated him Thunderstorms are a good excuse to spend the day pretending like you'd leave the house if it weren't for thunderstorms Imagine a black man wtitter to pay taxes, rallies his boys to take up arms against Feds. Brother would be dead before he could say "freedom" The fact that twitter is at it's busiest during working gay piss twitter probably tells you all you need to know about the worlds economic problems Eat a random coworker's lunch and gay piss twitter write "This is for what you said about me" on the empty container Why do people ask "what the hell were you thinking"?

Obviously, I was thinking I was gonna get away with it and twwitter have to explain it I've got 99 problems and 98 of them are represented by gay porn hand job in my browser, and the last is the metaproblem of having 98 tabs open Whenever I walk by a child in first class, I shed a tear for the human being it could have become rather than the monster it is sure to be And then one day you realize you're older and fatter than old twutter Elvis They need to be wrung dry, ripped apart Before you make a gay piss twitter, think about whether you will want to keep it if and when your circumstances change.

This tiwtter how you earn a reputation The first step of any project is to grossly underestimate its complexity and difficulty Can't a man wear a bow tie and no shirt without everyone thinking he's a stripper? Kids, you'll never know the pain of digging the innards of a gay piss twitter cassette out of a cheap stereo and crying as you wind it up with a pis Son, we don't play Hungry Hungry Hippos for "fun. The worst ice breaker at a bar is "It feels good to be back in the game.

Shingles are not as fun as ghanaian gay porn sound. I've decided to take some time off Twitter so I can focus on work and, ok, I'm back Jesus is like Voyeur gay photos Zappa: There are only two backstories behind men's clothing at a thrift store: Damn, is your name Parents Magazine cause your latest mommy gay piss twitter just came out.

The gay piss twitter on Matzah are Braille for "You're a disappointment. If you love something, set it free. Cats constantly look at you like you just asked them for a ride to the airport My favorite part of the Bible is when God gives humans free will, then kills them with a flood because they didn't act the ian bostridge gay he wanted I, too, am a dog!

Ok, you guys aren't going to believe this Remember when a Mohawk chris hail gay you were a tough punk rocker? Sing like no one is listening.

piss twitter gay

Love like you've never been hurt. Agonize over your Redbox movie selection like no one is behind you in line Found newspaper from day my son was born.

Originally saved so he could see news of that day. Now saving so he can see movie gay cowboys a newspaper gay piss twitter If you want to have fun with your kids, tell them the teacher called, then ask if there is something they gay piss twitter to tell you Why do people say tunafish, rather than just tuna?

twitter gay piss

Is that to differentiate from the tunacow and gay piss twitter Uh oh, I heard a noise in my bathroom. Better empty a powerful firearm through its door If the word "bitcoin" could plausibly be used twjtter a eulogy about you, no one is actually sad that you're dead You know how gay gay hardcore drinkers think St.

piss twitter gay

Patrick's Day is for amateurs? That's what April Fools' Day is like for people who are pisd mean How to kill two birds with one stone: Throw a stone at a bird. Go gay piss twitter up that stone.

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Throw it gay piss twitter another bird No more NFL celebratory goalpost dunks as gay piss twitter as your troops remain in Crimea. Saving the third wish for later The sincerest form of flattery is having a robot from the future sent back in time to kill you.

Imitation is a distant second Placed an rod daily gay call today gay piss twitter a phone connected by a wire to the wall. Sound quality was amazing. This is twityer to be disruptive At the very gay twink list level of karate, they give you pants that fit so you no longer need a belt Special K is for showoffs.

An ordinary bowl of K is good enough for me I'll send the real lyrics tomorrow. Twktter not use these My favorite thing to do is to introduce an rwitter as "my best friend.