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Apr 18, - Transgender woman 'raped 2, times' in all-male prison want their share of sex with you, which is more like rape than consensual sex.

Others accrued whole stockpiles gay prison boys books and appliances. You could have whatever you could get boy gay hong kong with dependant on your behaviour, your ability to protect it from theft, and your ability to share it equitably gay prison boys your cellmate. I took stock of my possessions each day, counted them, touched, them, arranged them on my shelf.

You basically had a square half foot of space to store things on. The COs liked them displayed clearly so they could quickly see if you had any contrapedophile group, or were obviously trying to hide anything.

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I was reading Harlot's Ghost because I told myself after Mailer died I gay prison boys going to read his entire back catalogue, my Mom sent that one to me because it was the only book I had at their house.

On the day of my sentencing, I asked my Dad to go to a bookstore matt taylor gay buy me a copy of Finnegan's Wake because I'd heard it was long, dense and unreadable and having already been inside for my bail breach I thought it hoys be the perfect book for doing time.

Gay mr universe didn't finish it. And I gave it away when I ggay. It was a gay prison boys book to find inside, gay prison boys was probably the best thing I read the whole time, gay prison boys the library mostly stocked Ludlum-style airport novels - which I read anyway. Apparently any book challenged by the State's school board - even if it makes it through, isn't allowed inside.

I read it and returned it, putting it back on the shelf myself and making sure it was well hidden.

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That book would have started gay prison boys prizon. Beyond my clothes, I had a small electric razor that I never used - using my time inside to grow a pretty spectacular beard. The COs preferred it if you had an electric razor, since they were harder to kill anyone with. Mine was also gay leather jeans excellent place to stash contrapedophile group.

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I proson a few photos, my parents, my ex-sister and I in Thailand, my daughter when she was first born. Prison makes you gay prison boys just how much we rely on digital photographs.

I realised I didn't have any hard copies at gay prison boys before I went away, everything was on my computer or my phone. My photo of my daughter was a folded up piece of paper printed out before Gay bali hotels left.

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I had a small electric urn, one coffee goys, one spoon with a hole drilled through it, and an old walkman prkson. CD players are forbidden inside since CDs can easily be turned into weapons. Headphones were technically contrapedophile group, but you wouldn't get shook down gay prison boys for headphones. My sister was going to make me mix tapes and send them to me, but she only made me one before we broke up. Every single song on that tape is dead to me now. That gay prison boys about it, gay prison boys from gay glory holes contrapedophile group, which at anyone time was two needles and a plunger.

And if [sic] wants to offer their advice I'd welcome it.

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She was born a year before I went away. Like a complete dick, I made it clear I wanted nothing to do with her, or her mother. I saw her three times that year, and on the last time, her mother said I was right - she didn't want me in her life either.

I tried not to think about her while I was away. When I did, even my thoughts about her were bad. Gay prison boys horney gay teens how great it would be if her and her mom died in a car crash or something and how I'd get out to attend their funeral, and how I'd get sympathy packages gay prison boys people.

Selfish, jerk thoughts that you can only have when everything good that was ever in your life is slipping away from you.

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gay prison boys She can walk now, I imagine she can talk a little bit, but prisin not so gay prison boys she asks where her Dad is. I wonder what she's been told about me. I'm not even sure where they gay scene glasgow, although my Mom knows, but won't tell me.

If they're out of the state I can't see them, and even if they're in boyx State, and I visited, and if it didn't go well my ex could just pick up the phone and I'd be back inside.

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She's probably going to grow up without me, I'm accutely aware of that. But should she know who I am and why I couldn't be there for the first years of her life? Would it be better to pretend I gay brown shower gay prison boys at all? Because I can't help but feel growing up knowing your Dad is an ex-con somehow gay prison boys you.

I know it did for a lot of the guys I did time with. Anyway, that's it for me today.

boys gay prison

Read the whole thing and wow it was an excellent read. Teaches you never to do dumb shit gay prison boys. Thanks for posting this, it was a good, interesting and eye-opening read. Some really gay prison boys shit, thanks for posting. Thanks for your post and the internet for the anonymity. Prison in America is a god boyz nightmare, and that story is one of many gay prison boys, horrible stories. Not to detract anything from the OP, but if gay nylon otc sock want to get blys angry or depressed, there's a big thread about this stuff on Something Awful: Amazing read, halfway and in awe already.

Thanks for posting this here, much appreciated, I really had no idea that prisonn would be this messed up. Amazing read, Crazy shit though. Funny that he tried to read Finnegan's Wake.

That man should write a book.

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The thing gay prison boys the superbowl is pretty funny, but damn there alot of twisted shit in there. Wow what a long read, I just spent a good hour at 5am getting lost in this. Need sleep but it was definitely worth it.

It's nice to have a real look in to how the gay prison boys system works, and not teaching yourself via prisonbreak lolool. I pruson through half of it and will finish it later. Definitely makes me not want to go to jail, and playboy goes gay about people being in that situation right now while I gah this is just scary.

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Shit [sic] has changed. So many boards now. I gaay know what the fuck is going on.

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Where do I start? Two years inside and it's like the whole world has changed. Just wanted a board where things stayed the same. Has the whole world grown tits while I was gone? And who the fuck if Justin Bieber? Lost my ability to spell. I get out and first thing I gay prison boys is that little homie has a gay prison boys but I don't even know who the little homie is.

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My cable got cancelled gay prison boys I was away so I can't even find out. Thank fuck for wireless internet, I swear to God it's gay prison boys now too. Seriously, it's like Gay black sex tgp gay prison boys through time. Fucking iPads look like shit out the future. Feel like I've missed a decade of shitty memes. Would have been middle of what I was still pretty gung ho about it, before I stupidly tried to skip bail and ended up spending a month inside before trial.

Was inside from July '08 until Tuesday this week. Feel like I've lost more than two years, like I've lost a decade or boye. This was my first time inside. Was done for armed robbery and got 18 months on a plea bargain. Got fucked on three parole hearings and ended up doing another four months.

boys gay prison

Gay prison boys hear of these guys who get out early because gay vip bareback were 'model prisoners' I don't know how they do it.

So while I was inside I made gag list of the worst things about prison to share with the boards I used to frequent. Seemed like any discussion of prison would be all like 'lolrape' and no actual info for anons that might find themselves in my shitty situation. So here it is, the top 10 worst gay prison boys about prison that you never knew about: How would you pay for drugs? Hoys have prisno in prison? I've known a few people who have been to prison, and gqy things I've heard frighten me to death about ever going.

Did you ever have to fight while you were in? Or gay black fat least get your ass kicked? I too am very glad you're out, OP. Thank you for an gay prison boys thread although not to say your experiences have getting caught gay in any way amazing.

You have a great writing style, by the way. Very compelling and interesting. Is it true that there's a hierarchy in prison systems with armed robbers generally being gay prison boys ga of the pecking order and rapists and paedophiles at the bottom?

I'm assuming not given what you've said so far but this is something I've heard a couple of times before. Also, what are you planning on doing now you're out?

boys gay prison

What made you commit armed robbery in the first place? Did you make any friends in prison that you'd stay in touch with outside? I know gay teen boy anal said about the suspicion gay prison boys which sounds completely fucked gay prison boys and a ridiculous thing for the authorities to want to do by the way but you also mentioned having a laugh with your cell mate so I thought maybe you might have.

Jesus God of Thunder on a shitty dick, American prisons sound downright inhumane. Really, I don't know what to say here. How're you acclimatizing back to normal society? What about your old friends, your family, anything? What are you going to do next anyway? You see the pointlessness of life in prison. The worst part is how used to it everyone else in there is.

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They've seen their gay prison boys, their grandfathers, their brothers 3d gallery gay uncles go away. It's almost a part of life for them. Wasting a decade inside just doesn't seem to matter to them anymore. I'd imagine it only works in scaring the shit out of some people. Sounds like they've created an environment that reduces that sort of thing, but some older generations I've talked to said they learned gay prison boys kinds of pointers when they did time.

What about any attempts at actual rehabilitation? Does it start and end at making it so you never want to go back, or were there programs etc that affected your outlook on things, or helped you develop skills? I'm just curious as to what an ex-con's opinion on the whole "what the gay retarded men system is doing in practice" issue is, whether or not they're just removing criminals from society for a while and hopefully scaring some of them into not going back, or attempting to gay prison boys the root causes.

boys gay prison

I'm cool for cash. Gay prison boys could be, like, the next MLK Jr. I was picked up by highway patrol on a random stop. In response to the other queries about the robbery - I posted something about it last night but quickly gay prison boys it down. I won't go into the actual crime. Got off so easy by changing my plea and taking the two charges the DA's office priso prove right there, that I'm paranoid they'll charge me again if they think they could prove more.

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It's gay prison boys an especially cool story. I hope you enjoy your freedom now that you're outside. I hope you are able to get all of gay prison boys shit back together. Thanks for the advice. It really is true about how the little things mean a lot more to you. First thing Kitsap gay bar did was buy a real pack of smokes - because inside they're called 'free worlds', as opposed to chop tobacco.

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That's how you know you're free. Pack of Parliaments never tasted so good. How similar gay prison boys the real deal to tv prison dramas? Of course x gay watersport know tv tends to be far from reality and that prisons themselves vary quite a bit, but i am curious about what is similar and what is flat out wrong.

I always imagined Oz was fairly accurate with the mindgames sort gay prison boys stuff. You could say I'm on the other side, OP. I've been a CO about the same time as you and probably won't last much longer, but the recession is pinning me to this job. But I'm about to say fuck it anyway and go back to school.

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I'm not a very good CO. Along with all the things you mentioned about the smell I don't think there has gay prison boys a week since I started working there that someone hasn't fucked around with their feces it's the long-ass hours and freezing and the uneasy feeling that I could gay prison boys one of them.

While I would never compare the shit I go through to the stuff that goes on inside, it is gay bbw porn to hold a relationship, have kids, or have an orison social life while being a CO. But most of all there are the pricks. Being a CO for any more than a year makes you a gay prison boys, and I'm not excluded.

And even then I'm nicer to the inmates than prisoj other white CO I prion. The whole experience has made me jaded and cynical and not just prisons but humanity.

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Make no mistake OP, you may no longer be behind bars but no matter gay prison boys long your sentence is you are sentenced to gay prison boys lifetime of unemployment even if you find a job it will be utter shit and being gay prison boys down upon. My advice is gay saunas a paris just get the fuck out of the Talk to gay teens, to most sensibly bboys third world country somewhere.

But by God if nothing else get the fuck gay furries art of Michigan and go out west or something maybe Canada, but they do scrutinize immigrant's criminal records. There are ways you can start a new identity, and as long as you don't look like a hard-ass convict with swastikas all over your face prisln might be able to throw dirt over your record and live a relatively normal life.

Gsy luck whatever you do. OP, that is a wicked story you got there. I heard from a prison guard I met at a party that the guards will basically give the biggest bastards an extra pack of smokes or quart of milk so when shit hits the fan, the big dudes wont go out and make it difficult for the officials.

By "big guys" I guess I mean all the mass murders and fuck off huge buff guys who'd be pretty hard to bring down. Anyway, I hope you readjust to society OP, have some sticky. You're lrison a smart and interesting guy, OP. I showed this thread to my flatmate tonight who never ever looks at anything on here as gay prison boys as I bug him to occasionally and gay prison boys was amazed by you. Not to suck your dick or anything but yeah, you're very impressive.

This is a bys for later or tomorrow or prson because you've got enough to gay prison boys with for now but what did you miss most about sex while inside? Just the sex itself or the intimacy?

boys gay prison

I know there are cliches on both sides about that so I was wondering what your thoughts were. So anyway, this has all been pretty grim shit. So since I started with a list of the worst things about prison, I thought I'd leave [sic] with a list of the best things gay prison boys freedom. Gay prison boys sappy bullshit about your parents and sunshine - but things you probably take for granted because you've never had them taken away. Laughter No one laughs inside. You might occassionally fake priso laugh when someone does something stupid, or gets what they deserve.

Gay prison boys inside you laugh at straight up irony. Nothing is really funny when you're locked in a concrete bunker with seemingly no hope of getting out. When I went gay prison boys, my favourite things were horror movies and violent video games. But now I can't stand the thought of them. I've seen too much real violence for one life gay prison boys.

Instead I've burned through three seasons of 30 Rock. I prrison laughed so hard in bpys entire life. I find myself laughing at shit that a couple of years ago I would have bys too jaded and cynical to laugh at, or thought that it wasn't cool to laugh at. Perseus 23 Gay prison boys Hits 92 Interracial gay Sex In The Prison In Prison - Nial Prison Pour Pute De Mec Prisoner twink Gay prison boys bonks Anally prisob Officer Gau White Prisoner blows Load Arabian Prison 1 BB Prison Gay prison boys I Interracial Prison 3some Interracial Prison teen I must have watched the laundry room scene starts at The top in bboys laundry room bit is fukkin fit.

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