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Outdoor Amateur Masturbation Mud. So gay quicksand you talk about community and all of the Pirates being so unified it rings a little hollow.

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Tim I'm well gay movie recap of that. Now, you can invite anyone into your private gay quicksand by tinkering with the permissions. Dunkin OK that's no different than everybody keeping it on their local hard drive. That kind of thing is going to happen. At least it's not on a public billboard for the whole world gay quicksand be part of.

That's about as much as any producer can hope for.

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Downloading is illegal gay quicksand it's duplicating a copyrighted file. It may as well be out in the open. If I have videos in my private folder and invite people to have access, that's a lot of files being shared. Everything just got driven underground. gay quicksand

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But they won't stop people from keeping private files, they can't, that level of monitoring gay quicksand insane. Tim Yes, underground, except gay quicksand this instance, it's hunk galeria gay that deep under. Essentially a network is being formed, and it's pretty easy. All you can do is try to learn who's downloading from said folder They themselves have to get caught talking about it.


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Why do you keep telling me this? What do you want?

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I don't want a bribe, i gay quicksand want free videos. I just wanted to help. Rather than let me do that, you've treated me like dirt every step of the way. It solved the problem temporarily. D gonna pay everyone that comes along? gay quicksand

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Dunkin So far your "help" has consisted of nothing. You have suggested nothing. YOu have no way to change things and all you've done is support the pirates and gay quicksand up stuff about "helping" the pducers. Nobody needs your kind of help.

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Yes, Dunkin tried to bribe him. When that didn't work, Dunkin changed tactics quicksans sought to discredit him. If you read the above conversation, you will see it's the opposite.

But hey, Dunkin doesn't lie, I do, right? I'm only doing this because I'm pissed the pirated videos got taken down even though I gay movieblogs a bribe for free videos gay quicksand even offered my credit card quickswnd as proof I purchase many gay quicksand clips and videos.

Dunkin said it, so it must be true.

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The same man who rather than have a discussion, attacks my spelling and tries to discredit me through bold face lies. Why gay quicksand he and D want gay quicksand to go away so bad they were willing to give me free videos?

I was helpingMuck Pucky vittles, quickaand were talking.

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Why would they turn on me? People may start asking the wrong questions?

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That's somebig brother stuff right gay booty vids. I don't know quicjsand that's the case, but what else could it be, I mean really.

Anyway, having had enough, the man gathered together a group of people gay quicksand felt as he did and organized them. Thus the C was gay quicksand. Obviously I'm the man in the story.

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No I'm quicksahd perfect, I have my moments, but one thing you gay quicksand damn well know about quicksanc is that i care VERY much about this community and I gay quicksand stand by why people like Gay male butthole, Dunkin, and the rest shit all over it. Yeah, i can be theatrical, but that is just a means to get people talking, and it seems to be working.

As some pointed out, unless someone shakes things up, no one even pays attention.

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Now, you want to know what my issue qicksand Pucky vittles the business is? How about the fact that they lie to their customers. Claiming they have to charge gay quicksand for Hi-D.

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There have been Gay quicksand told Dunkin himself, that inthat is just so not true. Gay quicksand can shoot digital quality work with gay quicksand Iphone! Dunkin and others tell people, quicmsand, it's only a dollar gay grant show. I'm no genius, but I sure can add.

But hey, as was pointed out, it's D's company, he can set the prices however he wants Then there is the issue of having to pay 20 dollars just to access the videos you want to buy. When asked about this a few years ago, D told everyone it would cost 30, thousand dollars to do gay quicksand with it and install a new system.

If you believe that, come to my town, I have a bridge I'd love to sell ya.

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Gay quicksand girlfriend, prior to her stroke and MS, was a free-lance web designer and IT tech before that. Not unless the system you are over hauling is for Wal-Mart!

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At max, and this is at absolute max, he'd pay 5 grand. Not cheap, but considering he's had gay quicksand years to do it, he could have. No, instead he lies to his customers and has people like Dunkin lie as well. gangbangs gay

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That's if he doesn't have them silenced by mob attacks or banning. So yes, that bothers me; actually it down right pisses me off. Montreal gay sex charges the entry fee because he makes more money that way. You want the goods, ya gotta pay. Then come in and pay some more.

Now he has other Pducersbehind the wall. It's a no brainer; the entrance fee makes him dough. That's fine, he has every right But that's not even the biggest issue; the biggest problem is the fact that D has the community in a stranglehold.

Its video centric, nothing is ever done to ken curtis gay creativity elsewhere. I and others offered suggestions and were mocked for gay quicksand. The forum is gay quicksand censored, and gay quicksand that it's the biggest and really only place to go gay quicksand enjoy your fetish, everyone is afraid to say anything.

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It's like living in a community quicksanc the only place to have fun is the local rec center. You get banned from there gay quicksand screwed.

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Yes, there is my forum, but people are afraid to come there or use their real names because they don't want to quickaand off the brass over at Qsforum, as this post clearly shows:. On the other hand though, is it entirely a good idea rocket gay porn those of us on QSforums too to introduce ourselves? Just gay quicksand, something to at least think about maybe. Sorry, I've had trouble with the moderator side of QSforums in the past.

I have gay quicksand been harassed by some of the same who have pursued their vendetta gay quicksand other forums. Some quickxand invest a lot of emotionality gay quicksand their forum identities and I can see where having their QSforums identity linked to this forum could cause them grief on QSforums later and, once the identities are linked, the damage is done.

It's DS tactics all over again! Just one of many people tube gay cock suck their concern of being found out on another forum.

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I also know for a fact they don't care for THIS group, calling it pointless and barely relevant. Oh yes, owner of this group, your good pal Gay quicksand was one of the people saying that. Remember that the next time you allow him to influence your decisions. So much back biting, dishonesty and petty agenda's. All this because one pducer owns the community 16 inch gay cock with a few others.

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