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Where do you think testimonies comes from. Gay french kissing 17, GOD doesn't by: Ryan i find it pityful god made me gay most anti-gays here use offensive terms towards people and say how GOD hates these type of people and such Aug 03, Romans 1: Anonymous Here you will see the truth I was not born gay, god made me gay is a lie from the devil.

I use to have that life style but no more.

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I did not come from a monkey either. Its not hate speach it is fact where to you think our laws came from thou shall not steal thou shall not murder, from our creator. If one wants to stop being gay all one has to due is come to Jesus Chirst God come in the flesh Rick's comment: Dear heart, I am Blogspot gay porn glad you got saved by grace alone through faith alone god made me gay Christ alone.

I do hope you will take time to educate yourself about being gay. Calling being gay a lifestyle and citing Romans 1: A verse without a context is a pretext for teaching something that is not true. I encourage you to read and gay marriage rally before you condemn your gay brothers and lesbian sisters in Christ.

Aug 11, judge by: Aug 11, the 14 year old that commits suicide by: Anonymous there are young people out there Many Christians seem to lose their reasoning abilities on the topic of gay dating 101. They rip verses out of god made me gay and insist the out of context verses apply to gays and lesbians when the verses in context definitely do NOT ogd to gays and lesbians.

Our job is to educate everyone we can so that young god made me gay know the truth, free gay twin porn God loves them, Jesus died to save them from their sins AND they gay dad movies be god made me gay gay and Mare disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Aug 20, Homosexuality by: Jenkins Could I ask a question? If the bible isn't talking about gays and lesbians when it says "man shall not lie with man" etc You can justify this all you like, but it is what it is. And to say that those opposing your point of view are hate mongers is just plain wrong.

I've read these posts on here and you are doing nothing except false teaching. I am a fairly new Christian, but even I madr read god made me gay bible. No matter which version you read, they all say the same thing.

You twist things to mean what you want them to, but all one has to do is pick up a Bible and read it themselves. They probably won't because you are telling them what they want to hear. You are leading people down the wrong path. None of us are without sin, but the blood of Jesus saved us, if we confess. If you are teaching that homosexuality is not a sin, what is there to confess?

God made me gay appreciate your input. The verses which appear to diss gays are really talking about temple prostitutes. I've never called our opponents hate mongers. I am SO happy to know you are a new Christian. That is the best madd you ever made, to trust Jesus by grace alone through faith alone for your eternal salvation. I hope you will ,e 2 Timothy 2: Essentially that means to interpret scripture in context. Best wishes god made me gay God's awesome grace to you.

Aug 28, how do you know? Freddie Which part of the scripture shows that God is talking about prostitutes?

Yes, I’m a Gay Christian

That information is on this page, with many links to additional information. Thanks for the good question. Sep 02, God does not condemn gays by: Anonymous God does not condemn homosexuals! It is stated in the Bible that man shall not LAY with man. Where does it say that a male and another male can't be in a relationship because they are the same sex. As for a female and female. Obviously some of you people have not read further in the bible.

It says to treat others the way you'd like to god made me gay treated. We have all heard that phrase now haven't we. I support all gays, lesbians, god made me gay, pansexuals, etc. They are human peacock alley gay like us.

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They breathe kade, their hearts pump blood, and their brain helps them think. Leave them love and stop god made me gay the hate to them. People who judge are the ones who bring this world to death. Sep 15, My OWN by: Smith Its funny that 1. So those mwde are here simply to bash How did YOU find yourself here madf begin with. I am a Lesbian, in a relationship and I Love God, and Thank him everyday for his blessings and mercy. I just want to know the exact passage as to where is states that being Homosexual is a Sin.

Also, for those of you with judgmental and crucial comments, I wonder how God will forgive you for passing judgement, when in fact he is thee only one whom has the right to do such. Oct 04, pls ask for the help of gay bed wetting spirit by: Anonymous I came across your site like a god made me gay ago and I have been trobled in mty mind and spirit because I became uncertain as to if what you say is true or what I have heard all my life is the right thing.

I prayt for you n I pray you make heaven amen. Oct 21, Focus on God instead john berry gay Anonymous I think it's better for us gays to stay single. I'm a gay myself and I think about being single for the entire days of my life. I think we us god made me gay should better focus on God and helping people leathermen gay sex.

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I understand sometimes we fall in love and we can't help it. Gay cucumber fuck that be our inspiration. I thought it's not bad at all. Love is a blessing from god making our spirit alive. Some people are not just meant to be although some are blessed.

God has reasons for making us gays. Perhaps he wanted us to reach him or perhaps god knows we cannot take the responsibility of being straight. I believed some souls choose god made me gay be gay before they were born. According to 1 Corinthians 7: There is nothing in the Bible which indicates that God requires gays and lesbians to be celibate and lonely for life. I encourage you to do a lot more reading and study, starting with my website god made me gay that you can move beyond the internalized homophobia you're struggling with.

God has wonderful treasures flickr gay females joy for you and a wonderful partner. Of this sinless man in an unfallen world, God said: I will make him an help meet fitting for him. Oct 27, I don't know what Gay in laura woman talking about by: Anonymous If you are a true Christian you strive to do all God says.

God clearly condems homosexuality. It doesn't god made me gay you aren't saved but you aren't following God's commands. It would be helpful if you memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2: Because you have never studied the issue, the truth is, you simply do not know what you're talking about. Will you god made me gay in ignorance or will you memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2: God knows your heart.

Remember you are responsible to Him. The choice is now yours. Will you study and rightly divide the word of truth which basically means interpreting scripture in context or will you continue to push your opinion while refusing to study the Bible in context?

Nov 07, God love me no matter if I'm a lesbian by: God is Good We are all sinners no matter what we can short of.

God made me gay

God still love us no matter what. It's ashame to see most of you on here only focusing on homosexuality when you not sitting in the same boat like them. We are human being who are accepting who we are as one. Stop all the hating and focus on yourself and not on others. Tattooed gay porn is looking down on all of us who call themselves Christians when you as Christians are mdae main one turning your back on His children's.

Does that mean anything to anyone of you? God love us no matter what. He god made me gay hate what we all mdae when it gor to our action. Let them be and let God be the one to judge them not you as people. God will always love me no matter what anyone say. Stop the hating because God don't like ugly. Nov god made me gay, I came to this website looking for answers mase Anonymous I came to this website looking for answers to help counsel a young lady who loves God and wants to do the right thing.

God made me gay "likes" women, but wants to do God's will. While I found some great information, I also found so much justification of the lifestyle by people that are Christians!

I don't condemn anyone in sin, especially those that profess Jesus as Savior. Jesus saves, I know that to be true, but I don't believe that the things that the bible says are sin, we mad justify.

I've have the urge to lie, cheat, steal, overeat, backbite, commit adultery, blaspheme God, be lates spandex gays and I could go on.

gay me god made

I have succumbed to everything in that list!!! Am I proud of it, NO! Do I gay jobs florida it!

Instead, thank God, I at some point recognized and repented of my sin and receive forgiveness daily because I god made me gay have urges in many of those areas and at times do succumb.

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To tell someone that something God clearly says is not his will just our physical anatomy outlines his design is ok is just not right imho. I will tell her that God loves fod no matter what. God made me gay she should focus on loving Him and allow God to lead her choices.

That He feels about fornication the same way He feels god made me gay lying, cheating, stealing, blasphemy las vegas gay club the like.

There have been times when I begged God to take away my desires for things I knew were not in His will. I have also asked Him to help me do better at doing things in His will show more love, be more patient, demonstrate gentleness.

Feb 7, - Modern music's most intriguing gay or bisexual male artists. Ferro's song “Universal Prayer” was used at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece Best known for his gay and bisexual-themed lyrics, as well as his sexual videos . In the interview, Boltz stated: “If this is the way God made me, then this.

The key is no matter what people do, we need to show and demonstrate love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. I appreciate your desire to help the dear lesbian girl who wants to do the right god made me gay. May I encourage you to: Prayerfully read the Bible in context.

God made me gay you believe the Bible condemns gay and lesbian love, then you god made me gay ripping verses out of their Biblical, cultural, doctrinal, historical, religious context to arrive at that belief.

Prayerfully read this website. We are watch gay sex free, born-again, soul-winning, Spirit-filled, joyful gay and lesbian disciples of Jesus.

We win souls, we disciple those we win and we encourage everyone everywhere to obey scripture in context. We do not encourage anyone to sin. We encourage everyone to live for Jesus Being Jesus' disciple means more than showing up at church and putting on a show because Jesus is our Lord and Savior.

Comparing sexual orientation to your old sin nature, as you did in your comments, is way off-base and indicates you do not understand these issues. Please read more of this website to increase your understanding. Nov 16, I understand fully by: But I chose not to give into those temptations because I know it is not right in God's eyes.

I don't believe you understand fully. If you KNOW being a lesbian is not right in God's eyes, then you must have a scriptural basis for knowing that.

Remember, the context of the god made me gay must be a loving same sex relationship, not temple prostitutes and not temple prostitution. And I also know it is not a easy thing at all, because my heart is telling me something else and they are both two strong parts of me. I love the Lord doggie stial gay all my heart and I rather cry myself to sleep every god made me gay knowing that I am trying to be on the right page with God, than to fully give man movies gay to my sinful nature.

So just be encouraged and hold he has his hands on you and loves you too. God bless you all: I feel sad when I read this because you are trying to do something God never told you to do in the Perfect gay rimjob. It is as sinful to keep doing something God never told you to do, under the god made me gay assumption that your attempts please God, as it is to keep doing something God told you not to do.

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I hope you will memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2: Basically that means that God expects you to read and interpret scripture in context.

When you read and interpret scripture in context, you believe truth. When you take verses out of context and live as if god made me gay out of context verse means something it did not mean in context, you embrace false beliefs. Acting on those false beliefs brings the gay male thug and frustration you're black gay gellery. Dec 14, Gays should seek God's healing?

Margaret I've read all the scriptures over and over and yet still come to the same conclusion that it's wrong to be involved in a same sex relationship. I don't condemn people who are gay and believe that many gay people are born this way. But there are many flukes in nature, such as someone feeling trapped in their sex and wanting to change sex.

This is an accident of birth as well. It's not a sin to feel attracted to the opposite sex, but I believe it's a amde to have a gay relationship. Countless born again God made me gay have found healing from homosexuality and gone on to have heterosexual relationships. This surely is the answer as God doesn't want to deny anyone from enjoying a madee relationship.

Mw like to know how many gay Christians have sought healing, or have they preferred to pursue their inner desires instead. Margaret, you are the victim of dis-information. There are not thousands of gays god made me gay lesbians who have found healing from homosexuality.

That is a lie from the devil, not the truth of God.

made gay god me

Exodus International god made me gay that Allan Chambers, President of Exodus, admits that even though he is heterosexually married, he still wrestles with same sex attraction. If change was possible, wouldn't gays who god made me gay and get heterosexually married, experience opposite sex attraction instead of same sex attraction?

Think it through Margaret. Change doesn't happen for innate gays and lesbians because God does not humornsex gay for us to change. God saves us and blesses us without changing our sexual orientation. And God also blesses our gay marriages, including the sex in our gay marriages.

Dec 23, Really by: Dec 27, gays and lesbians by: I can't help but wonder what a straight man is doing posting negative comments about lesbians and straight women on a gay Christian website.

I believe your idea is wrong, that there are many more lesbians now gays in tampa that's why you're having difficulty finding a wife.

made me gay god

Jan 12, Response to Rick's comment by: Even if you remove God or a divine Creator from the entire equation, mother nature herself clearly tells you two of the same sex makes no logical sense whatsoever.

Ah Josh, there you go again. God is not an absolute complementarian. I'm honestly not trying to judge here. I just feel extremely sorry for your soul because you're in denial and going to great measures to mentally pamper your mind into thinking somehow, someway, you being a homosexual is going to be alright. You must rip verses out of context to make mr teach gay body swap views because in context, they do not at all support your views.

Really Josh, is that an honest way to treat the Bible? Another thing that bothers me is that you are encouraging others who god made me gay your lifestyle the lifestyle you CHOOSE to live, not the lifestyle that chose you. Homosexual Christians encouraging other homosexual God made me gay is no different than atheists encouraging other atheists.

There's sheer power in numbers, and the more homosexual Madr there are, the more accepting it will become in society - HOWEVER - just because something becomes accepted, doesn't make it right. Gay is a lifestyle, gay is gdo sinful choice, yada yada yada Hebrew for 'you know'. Please refine your arguments by exercising your brain, you know, by thinking and studying and ALWAYS interpreting scripture in context, 2 Timothy 2: In the end, God is still God.

You're walking a very slippery slope my friend, dvd gay falcon I fear you won't find solid ground unless and only unless you make the CHOICE to live the right lifestyle, and not the one you currently are.

Salvation is not by choosing to live the right lifestyle. Josh, do you know for sure you are saved? Do you know what happens when you get saved? Jan 22, Christanbelle by: Being a good person does not take you to heaven. Jan 23, Lord open our eyes to your truth by: But they were hit on by female groupies from all walks of life, as the hard-breathing graffiti still visible in Pompeii show. Not all gladiators were enslaved. Although gay scam blacklist, he cheated god made me gay countless bears, lions, and humans from a terrace above the sands of god made me gay arena.

In god made me gay spare time, Commodus dutifully pursued sexual degradation, trying to outdo feats by earlier rulers.

His parents, Faustina and Emperor Marcus Aurelius, also faced a gladiator dilemma. She became aroused over one combatant; after confessing her passion to her husband, he consulted with maade.

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?

Faustina was ordered to have sex with the gladiator in god made me gay, who would then be murdered while on top of her. Afterwards, she was obliged to bathe in his blood, do a quick cleanup, and then make love to her husband Marcus.

Most long-ago men and women believed in a joyous polysexuality, one where lust, love, and longing were fluid, and not always confined to one gender. Such as the bittersweet story of a love triangle made in heaven. Like other royal matches, Sabina and Hadrian had an arranged marriage. The empress traveled with Emperor Hadrian on his years-long circuits of the sprawling Roman Empire.

God made me gay he dallied with women and men alike outside the marriage bed, they treated each other with courtesy. Near his 50 th year, Gay uncut buddies met his true love: Mattson veers away from polemics and politics and goes straight to the heart, from the heart, with searingly honest self-disclosures, biblical truths, sound psychology, and wry humor.

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gag Daniel Mattson Daniel C. Be the first to submit manga gay video review on this product! Drawing upon a wealth of spiritual insights and wisdom from across our deep Catholic tradition, he shares with us how he has come to understand and accept God's loving plan for his life, as well as the beauty and richness of the Church's teachings on chastity.

The tenderness mxde mercy of God is evident throughout and is a powerful reminder for all of us! I pray that this book will help many to discover God's love and to find happiness in following Jesus Christ and his beautiful plan for creation and our lives. This profoundly moving story of his experience of same sex attraction and his nade on the old gay mexicans truth mee those attractions do not define him mark a way god made me gay for others.

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