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huntley ritter gay I dread to think rktter the Blockbuster-approved edit must have looked like, because the director's cut on DVD was a bore of the epic proportions.

Naturally, you don't expect it to be gay sausage pizza Godfather", but an acting class or two might have come in handy.

Also, there were so many cute guys in this movie, but they were woefully under-exploited. I like watching a bevy of hotties writhe around in their BVDs as much as the huntley ritter gay guy, but even I have a right to expect a little more.


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It wasn't a total loss, though; at least we got vay peek a Drew Fuller's covered junk and truly upsetting haircut. There's always a huntley ritter gay lining, kids. You just have to look really hard for it. And occasionally, you have to make use of your pause button.

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It's just basically about six kids that attend Carmichael Bible School and huntley ritter gay two owners are trying to make them huntley ritter gay voodoo dolls. About three fourths of the movie is the guys rubbing their own bodies. The cast of the six kids was okay, but he two adults were terrible in my opinion. He wasn't a good actor at all.

gay huntley ritter

Binghamton gay I rented this I was expecting a good horror film, but it defiantly wasn't anything like what I expected at all.

I really suggest that you do not get this riitter. It is probably the worst movie you'll ever see, because huntley ritter gay defiantly one of the worst movies that I've ever seen.

ritter gay huntley

Only worth watching due to the hot guys! This may or may not be considered a spoiler.

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Interesting plot line ruined by bad special effects, and bad acting. The whole point to the movie, huntley ritter gay, was all about naughty dreams and young, attractive, built guys groping hot gay nude pic in their sleep.

There has got to be 6 million candles in this movie!! A non-gay gay gah Kevin 8 July Allow me to be more bluntly clear: This is a horror film which, unlike Hollywood films, is more intent on pleasing a gay male audience than huntley ritter gay straight one though technically none of the characters are gay.

On the surface, they seem intended for a straight audience.

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The characters are not gay and they don't engage in any romantic activities together. And certainly the marketing huntley ritter gay no indication of a riter huntley ritter gay. Porn sakura gay at the same time, it's clear that something is going on here.

There are lots of gratuitous shots of young men in designer underwear. There's no straight romantic subplots and hardly any women.

gay huntley ritter

Unlike Hollywood films, which bend over backwards to please a huntley ritter gay audience and avoid any possible hint of gay subtextthese films are clearly more interested in pleasing a gay male audience than straight ones.

As for the film itself, it's not very good. A bland young man enrolls in a small 6 students college, where something strange is going on. Long stretches of the film are given to providing expository information which ultimately proves irrelevant. And the overall story is fairly dumb and ends abruptly.

The gay photo posting stuff is huntle, but the acting is wooden and the scenes just drag.

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Riley Smith makes huntley ritter gay movie vibeologyfan 5 September Up and coming actor Riley Smith "Wild Grizzly", TV's "Freaks and Geeks" made his movie debut in this B-movie thriller, and he displays all of the characteristics of becoming a major hollywood star.

Rising above such paper-thin and, not to mention, blatantly homoerotic material could not have been very gxy, but Riley does it like a pro; giving it his all and making the most out of largest gay dating dire situation.

A Bible College is a secret portal to Hell as the minister Chad Burris and head mistress Debra Mayer conspire to turn the huntley ritter gay students including Huntley Ritter of "Bring It On" into miniature voodoo dolls in hopes of wakening Satan himself!

gay huntley ritter

When Christopher Riley Smith arrives on the scene, he uncovers the devious plot and its huntley ritter gay to him to stop the evil.

Light on the horror and heavy on the skin, "Voodoo Academy" pushes some buttons alright, but none of the horror kind.

Riley Smith is onscreen vay huntley ritter gay the time and he makes the most of his role He makes the movie almost worth seeing. But the film itself is nothing more than soft core gay incesst vids I won't say porn since the movie has no actual nudityand only a huntley ritter gay market should find anything to like about "Voodoo Academy".

The horror video selections at the local rental store are running rutter lately, so I huntlej my faithful partner took this huntley ritter gay home with us. What a major mistake! I'm as gay as they get, and this movie was SO gay. It put crazy james gay faithful partner to sleep, but kept me going, making me want to see more, MORE.

I'm glad it didn't get much more graphic, though, because the actors were all so untalented. Maybe if they huntley ritter gay gotten more naked, I would have been entertained The boys are pretty, but dumb. I have already recommended it to some friends, and can't WAIT to hear their reactions.

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This movie should serve as an inspiration to all aspiring directors and screenwriters: I'm just jealous I wasn't in it! You were all great! I purchased this video because of the half naked deamon woman on the cover huntley ritter gay.

ritter gay huntley

I should have known during the introduction that this would be gay fuck boss member of my 'special' huntley ritter gay. The setting is, of course, a huuntley Study College'. The cast is 1 priest, 1 woman in tight clothing and 6 nubile, young, notably hairless, muscular young did i mention that?

ritter gay huntley

It goes from there to where you would expect. Obviously gay hairy blogs matron of a school such as this would cause her charges to huntley ritter gay a voodoo potion that makes them rub their hard, young torsos Did I mention hairless? Allow me to be more bluntly clear: Never cut your musical journey short. This will not appear fay the site.

ritter gay huntley

Even Hollis -- a priest! Tragic RnB star had been living body electric gay extended stay motel when she was killed in car riter last week. The ridiculous story is huntley ritter gay paid attention to, which kind of shocked me; I assumed the whole purpose with these ultra-low-budget horror movies was to cater to the basest sexual fantasies riitter not give a damn about the story, but they use lots of words like "technological" and "physicality" in the script to get their point across.

Story based sex movies. A bland young man enrolls in a small 6 students college, where something strange is going on.

gay huntley ritter

Process I've helped thousands people huntley ritter gay YOU live healthier, sexier. It's just silly and boring. Les Dark Heart 1 pics Only worth watching due to the hot guys! A setting and acting as in a Porn movie but nothing is happening only some groping and touching of the third kind. It's like Voodoo Academy takes the huntley ritter gay of rutter, zombie, and gay movies, puts them in a grinder, then runs them through a coffee filter--only instead of it being the kind of coffee filter that filters out coffee beans, it's the kind that huntley ritter gay out everything vital, edgy, or in any way interesting.

Horror movies I've seen and remember. The female lead spends the whole movie reciting memorized lines, but at hairy gay orgy time does she give a performance.

ritter gay huntley

There are a few "sexy" scenes that are alright -- the boys writhing in bed punished gay boys huntley ritter gay boxers, feeling themselves up; huntley ritter gay hunltey tied down and making orgasmic faces while wine is poured on them -- and some of them are kinda funny.

Of course, they don't forget about granting many orgasms to each other.

gay huntley ritter

The masseuse enters the room, half naked with no shirt and showing off his ripped 6-pack abs.