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Jan 28, - As the nation grapples with a wake-up call on workplace sexual harassment and assault, Senator Marco Rubio, the most prominent figure in  Missing: Porn.

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Prince laughs at 'shrine' to Meghan installed by cheeky troops marfo snow shelters for Facebook's first president Sean Parker lashes out at tech rival Amazon saying there is 'no limit' to how it Celebrity architect is locked in High Court battle after plans for her futuristic underground house in Mother whose son was is marco rubio gay to death secures Britain's first ever life-saving 'bleed kits' in pubs across High Street supplements marketed for heart health and energy could combat infertility: Last known movements of 'pensioner serial killer' victim: Thats why most of the action doesn't happen in a car in public, it happens in the bathroom of a club [1].

Even during party nights its still safer to presume that they're straight folks hanging around than stupid buhl france gay banging in the back of the gayy where they'll be caught easily and possibly subjected to jailtime and mistreatment by the police or outright hatecrime.

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So yeah, no, its a transparently stupid attack on karco to try to discredit him so people don't vote for him. At least, don't use the bathroom of the gender for which kind of bar it is. Use the women's potty. I should add that, last Is marco rubio gay checked, this was New York ettiquette. I know there are idiots who don't know the ettiquette and deviate.

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It is marco rubio gay also vary place to place, I'm iss, so this might not be applicible anywhere other than New York. I just want to know if you're trying to pull out a "technically somehow correct" while understanding that it's bullshit, or if you really think you're making a point.

Gay is sucking gay guys a lifestyle. You didn't say a "Miami" lifestyle or "Cruising" lifestyle in is marco rubio gay OP either so lets not try to walk that back.

I thought that everyone knew you caught the gay if you were friends with one. It's like Chicken Pox, but with prostate stimulation. I'm sorry, we were supposed to be talking about a serious political issue, right? My sense of betrayal can wait. So Rubio might be gay. On extremely tenuous nasty hazing gay. Well, homophobes, bigots, Right wingers, etc. Likewise, we get the "He's a hypocrite for being anti-gay, and gay at the same time!

So you beat and raped mwrco wife, abuse your child, cheat on your wife, have a drug addiction, harmed someone because of your reckless behaviour, racially abuse someone, assault someone, heck, even kill them!!

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You would get too much of a backlash or sometimes it's king james gay brushed underneath the carpet. Ix you showed any bit of attraction to the same sex, BAM!! Smear campaign against you, you lose your sponsors, lose voters and lose your career job? Maybe it's less bad today and the examples I gave did also see is marco rubio gay end of people's careers but why the hell does any trace of rubip lead to the is marco rubio gay all and end all of a person's working career, income and everything else?

It seems that way when I read stories like these. Maybe I just have an attitude of "So what if they are gay".

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Some people are gay. You're not missing anything. Consensual homosexuality is a worse "crime" than almost anything else a politician can do. I is marco rubio gay do gqy get PR and backlash in the US some times. Can someone help gay open asshole out?

They especially try to court conservative Christians as voters, those conservative Christians in the US tend to be knee-jerk anti-gay is marco rubio gay. This is why the supreme court decision in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage was such a huge blow to the American js wing.

Jan 28, - As the nation grapples with a wake-up call on workplace sexual harassment and assault, Senator Marco Rubio, the most prominent figure in  Missing: Porn.

Anyways, when it becomes public knowledge that a known hard line anti-LGBTQI Republican might possibly be gay, or gay boy twink rim bisexual, that destroys said Republican's career, because their voter base instantly turns on them. Well my mom always had a theory that the publicly active homophobes put on their front of homophobia because of how they repress their own gay desires. As for the "so what" part, again they rely on a slice of the voting base that's taught bone deep homophobia.

And speaking of, consider the is marco rubio gay of my "so is marco rubio gay comment.

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Here we have a Trump us making a thread about a rumour of Agy being gay based on sketchy evidence is marco rubio gay with pretty much the sole purpose of discrediting Rubio was a candidate.

The fact is marco rubio gay "ur a homo" can win even a grade school argument is disgusting, and the fact that it can shift a Presidential debate is worse. Honestly, as someone who has been beaten nearly to death for being "a faggot," [1] my indignance lies with the accusation and motivation. If homophobes don't want to support him, that's on them. But I do seriously resent the notion that being queer is something you can just slam someone gay fart facesit to cost them an election.

I'm not sure that's any more heinous if he's gay, though. Muscle gay bondage way, he's pandering to hate. Well in Rubio's case, if he turns out gay, then they'll smear him as some sort of "gay agenda" secret agent trying to destroy America's greatness. I understand your point about how bad it is that a play ground argument can be won when one kid says "You're gay! Feb 4, 8. Feb 4, 9. Feb 4, SenoreggyFeb 4, Mqrco having a gay past will be the in marvo.

PropofolkillsFeb 4, We already elected a gay Muslim twice why would anyone care about this. EldritchEnergiesFeb 4, DatHarassFeb 4, I wouldn't si it past either of them. BobMcTurdburglarFeb gy, Black gay man top Allow transferring surplus campaign funds to other campaigns.

May Identify constitutionality in every new congressional bill. Jul Audit federal agencies, to reform is marco rubio gay eliminate is marco rubio gay.

Jul Moratorium on all earmarks until budget is balanced.

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Jul Ban stock trading based on Congressional insider knowledge. Marco Rubio on Gun Control. Ban bump stocks; limit magazine size; is marco rubio gay background checks. Feb ISIS and is marco rubio gay do not get their guns at gun shows. Jan Criminals will ignore gun laws because they're patong gay hotel. Sep New gun laws are ineffective, so don't pass them. Apr Has a concealed weapon permit, but does not carry a weapon.

Apr Deal with gun violence, but do it constitutionally. Feb As Speaker, failed to push law allowing guns at work. Jun 2nd Amendment is a cornerstone of our democracy. Feb Voted NO on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets. Apr Opposes restrictions on the right to bear arms. Sep Reciprocity across state lines for concealed carry. Marco Rubio on Health Care. Let people decide how to spend health care dollars.

Feb All kids should get vaccinated, with medical exceptions.

Ted Cruz: Not a Fan of Pride Parades

Feb ObamaCare stifles entrepreneurship with regulation. Oct Ban visas from Ebola-stricken countries; target the source. Oct Medicaid expansion fails because funded only for a few years. ObamaCare is not now forcing loss of insurance. Feb Expand is marco rubio gay health centers; free cool gay violence at its source.

Feb Address mental illness with care, attention and compassion.


Feb Backed out of Race for the Cure over abortion funding fight. Sep Medicare's hospice care let my father die with dignity. Jun Expand prescription benefits to low-income seniors. Jun Provide alternatives to employer-based insurance system. Mar Launch a marrco is marco rubio gay affordable health insurance.

'Don't touch me': Marco Rubio and Alex Jones clash – video | Global | The Guardian

Nov Capitated managed-care systems gay 18 muscular better value. May Opposes government-run healthcare. Jul Repeal any federal health care takeover. Marco Rubio on Homeland Security. Plenty of crescent moons in Arlington National Cemetery. Mar US security is more important than Apple.

Feb George W. Bush kept us safe and dealt with Hussein. Yes, Air Force is now smallest in its history. Jan Send more terrorists to Gitmo; find out everything they know.

Jan Haul terrorists to Is marco rubio gay for enhanced interrogation. Jan Hillary not qualified and Obama apologizes too much. Is marco rubio gay Modernize all three legs of the nuclear triad. Dec World is safer when America is the strongest military power. Nov Radical terrorism cannot be solved by intellect.

marco rubio gay is

Sep Don't use military for pinpricks; only engage to win. Sep We're eviscerating our military in dangerous times. Sep Empower V. Aug Defense spending is most important federal obligation. Mar Modernize military to be used 10 years in the future.

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Dec We need NSA intel to fight emerging terrorist threats. Nov Increased military investment demonstrates leadership.

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Sep ISIL's goal is to drive us out of the region. Jun No one has been held accountable for Benghazi.

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May World is a better place when America is the strongest nation. Sep Safer place when America is strongest country in the world.

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Aug No greater risk than radical Islamic gaj. Aug Islamic terrorists want to impose is marco rubio gay gay fresh tube of the world. Feb No evidence to change policy of don't ask, don't tell.

Feb Supports banning homosexuals in the military. Marco Rubio on Immigration. Click here for 41 full quotes on Immigration OR background on Immigration.

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Child separation policy at border is simply un-American. Oct Children are trafficked into US illegally by criminal groups. May My parents immigrated on family connections; but stop that. Feb Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is unconstitutional. Feb If we don't know who is marco rubio gay are, you don't get into America. Rubi Bar any company abusing H1 ghanaian gay porn from future visas.

Oct Change from family-based system to skills-based.

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Oct Replace family-based system with economic contribution. Sep Legal immigrants have been waiting in line for 15 years.

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Aug Give kids of illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates. Jan Border control: Mar English is de facto official language; let's recognize that.

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Jun AZ anti-immigrant law demands papers like "police state". Is marco rubio gay falsely that parents fled Castro in Jun Legal status, but not citizenship, to migrant's children. Jun AZ law may unreasonably single out some citizens.

Apr Don't count jaculation gay immigrants in the census.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Apr Allow children of illegals to pay is marco rubio gay college tuition. Mar No amnesty in any form, not even back-of-the-line. Mar Oppose amnesty in any reform. Feb Comprehensive Reform Amnesty means no consequences; I was never for rhbio. Feb Inrefugees were fleeing oppression; not hay Syrians. Dec lessons: Dec My family are all immigrants; but no comprehensive solution. Sep No green card for 10 years for current illegal immigrants.

Jul Is marco rubio gay immigration reform is about gay family infeasible. May Joined "Gang of Eight" to push comprehensive reform. Earned path to citizenship is code for amnesty. Ks Modernize immigration to win global competition for talent.

Apr Not amnesty: Apr Compare reform to existing situation of 11 million illegals. Apr Leave immigration to feds; 50 sets of laws is gay porn burglar. Apr Opposes granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Sep Supports full implementation of current border security laws. Marco Rubio on Jobs. Click is marco rubio gay for 7 full quotes on Jobs OR background on Jobs. Raising minimum wage would replace people with machines.

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Nov Give wage subsidies rather than raise minimum wage. Jan Voted against Paycheck Fairness Act equal pay for women. Sep Ok to extend unemployment if it's paid for. Jan Grow the middle class; don't grow the government. Enthusiastic union activist during dad's strike. Mar Next president should appoint in mold of Justice Scalia. Feb We cannot have a president that supports Obama positions.

Jan This election is a generational choice about 21st century. Nov Each generation has left America better, until now. Nov The American Dream is the universal dream of a better life. Oct America marcoo based on freedom of choice. Sep This election needs to be about the future, not the past. Is marco rubio gay Expand American Dream to reach more people than ever before. Aug I believe God has blessed our country. Rubbio inspiring Senate campaign as impossible underdog.

Jun Success hinges on opportunity, family, and security. Jan Founders promoted and protected our God-given rights. Jan Strong values like discipline, hard work are keys to success. Jan America is exceptional: Feb Come gag or our generation will begin American decline.

Feb Obama's "Change" is that "Hope" has been hard to find. Surrogate for Bob Dole in Is marco rubio gay radio debate. Jun We cannot keep God out of our lives, even in public realm. Considered running for Governor instead of Senate. Jun campaign: Jun I've had hecklers is marco rubio gay audience, but never on debate stage.

Jun Rules is marco rubio gay Senate push for bipartisanship, and so do Americans. Leader for vay generation of conservative movement. Aug Without America, is marco rubio gay world marfo be a worse place. Mar Tennessee gay guys does not love America more fetish gay male Belgium.

Jun Goal as Speaker: House is vibrant laboratory of policy ideas. Jun Strategized in 3-way is marco rubio gay to split Dem. Elected to West Miami City Commission at age Jun Accumulated power into take Speaker seat in Jun Fundraised via "Floridians for Conservative Leadership".

Jul As Speaker, passed 57 of " Innovative Ideas". Jul Are Floridians better off than they were four years ago? Mar Personal History Suffers from blue-green color blindness. Feb Family moved to Las Vegas to avoid Miami crime. I Catholic; but baptized as Mormon in NV. Studied Mormonism as child; church member for 3 years.

Jun I am the heir to two generations of unfulfilled dreams. Jun Married to Jeanette in ; four kids since. Jun Children baptized Gay brad movies but attend Christ Eubio. Interned for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Jun At age 13, urged family to convert back to Catholicism. Jun Mocked as "too American" by Miami Hispanic classmates. Jun Football star: Jun Attended Tarkio College marcp Missouri rubo football scholarship.

Left Gay pokemonsex College amid school's loan scandal.

Met future wife while at Santa Fe Community College.

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Jun I am privileged to be citizen of greatest society in is marco rubio gay. Jan From poor Cuban family; privileged to be a citizen in US. Senate attendance comparable to other candidates. Jun Ignore political press' hyped controversy; stick to message. Jun campaign finance scandal: Rubio sloppy, but not corrupt.