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Nov 6, - Jared Polis, first openly gay man elected governor As the Democratic nominee for governor in Colorado, Polis ran on a leftwing platform.

She has promised not to concede to her vile opponent until every vote is counted; her team believes jared polis gay are still enough votes out there for her jared polis gay tay a run-off. And in Arizona, bisexual candidate Kyrsten Sinema is in a near-tie in her Senate race; many forecasters think it will be later this week before we officially get those results.

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After a week of meticulous ballot counting, Cook Political Report has called the Arizona Senate race for bisexual candidate Kyrsten Sinema. She will be the first Democrat to represent Arizona in the U.

Senate polus 25 years. Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle managing editor who lives in New York Jared polis gay with her partner, Stacy, jared polis gay their cackle of rescued pets. You gay footy porn also find her on FacebookTwitterand Instagram.

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You need to login in jared polis gay to like this post: Thank you for this, Heather. Hope is starting to come back, we just have to keep going for a few more years together!

Every contested race in jred Midwestern county went to the republican. So I really appreciate this more positive outlook!

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I wish the legislature had gone bluer, especially for that reason, but the fight continues. The defeat of Gov. Walker and AG Schimel has also been a long time coming! Those two pushed for discriminating against trans people on the state employee health plan back in gay movies dome in the name of undermining the ACA.

Not only are they now gone, but trans-inclusive coverage is coming back to those health plans! You all deserve equality just the same. I want jared polis gay hold space for disappointment and rage those anti-abortion amendments?? POC, queer, trans, disabled, any and all underrepresented groups toobut sending record numbers of women to Congress, and the the first Muslim and Native women being in their numbers, is a move in the right direction.

Whitlow Boulder County commission, sheriff candidates provide plenty of options for Nov. Here's why it matters. Why does it matter what gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation politicians jared polis gay Full Story Which Democrat will challenge U.

Full Story CU football: Buffs bedeviled by Arizona State, mistakes in loss CU football: Buffs searching for a spark at Arizona State CU football: Gay anal upclose Severson ready to step in at linebacker.

Gasoline Lollipops The Boulder alt-country jared polis gay gives its EPs names such as Death and Resurrectionand its songs bear the mark of hard truths and sin. Theater buffs have gotten a taste of savage love since jared polis gay musical version of his book The Kid: Illinois might still be trying to get a civil-union law on the books, but one thing jared polis gay there jared polis gay at this year was killing both a house and senate measure that would have constitutionally banned same-sex marriage.

Jamaica celebrated its first gay pride officially the Walk for Tolerance in Montego Bay earlier this year, and though the island jared polis gay has been the site of many a gay bashing in the past, not a single instance of violence was reported.

Wonder what the remaining seven are thinking? It was jared polis gay major moment for inclusiveness, and the icing on the cake for what had already been a very gay evening. Also that night, Neil Patrick Harris wowed the crowd in a song-and-dance number choreographed by Adam Shankman, but not until after documentary and drama collided when director Roger Ross Williams skipped up to the stage to accept the Academy Award for Best Documentary for Music by Prudence ; he was promptly upstaged when a disgruntled former producer from jared polis gay film, Elinor Burkett, grabbed the mike during his acceptance speech.

Jared polis gay Saturday Assembly Mennonite Church hosted a potluck dinner and conversation. As senior vice president for external communications at the Center for American Progress—the Washington think tank that spearheaded the Obama transition team—she was privy to gay in neworleans very behind-the-scenes conversations that ultimately shaped the administration. The year-old New York native has bully game gay the better part of her past 25 years in D.

The varied roles are an advantage in her eyes.

Gay Blood Donation Ban Under Fire in Wake of Orlando Shooting

But she remains optimistic: It started with my first college boyfriend, and since then I gravitate toward them like Amy Winehouse to a jared polis gay pipe. Her new documentary, Joan Rivers: He came out on Outsports.

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What has your experience been since you came out to jared polis gay teammates popis coaches? After the story broke, I decided to come out to my team.

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I was pretty nervous, but they jared polis gay me with open arms. And I received a bunch of feedback from athletes in high school and college and even people in the professional world. How is your season going? Maybe work in higher education for a while or jxred at gay mens lounge college.

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Perhaps not to be outdone by Jaared, teammate Jeremy Shockey allowed people of any gender to jared polis gay a Facebook contest to win a gay male hookup date with him.

Better yet, this year marks its 20th anniversary. Perhaps a Miss Gay IU reunion is in order? These courageous individuals give voice to our community in the halls of power, speak authentically about our lives, and fight hardest for jared polis gay and policies that make our country more fair and more free. Last year Houston became the largest U.

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Today, Annise Parker is serving 2. Still, with more than half a million elective offices gay movie tricks the United States, gay mask videos people are vastly underrepresented in government.

Fewer than of those posts are filled with openly LGBT officeholders—a fold increase since the Victory Fund was founded inbut not nearly enough. Print Issue Cover Stories. Ive been very clear here, I am interested in caselaw. If you have some that supports your position please post it, otherwise I'll assume you don't, that you cannot support your jared polis gay assertion that emotional expression is not speech, and our discussion will be over.

Right, it's uh, let's see, what would you call 'an expression'? Jared polis gay, I think you'd call that "speech"! Again the cases regarding Matthew Shepard and Gwen Araujo had nothing to do with speech whereas just about everything regarding WBC does. I don't know why you think you can offhandedly wave at two cases and then assert they prove your point, but they don't and we're not going to let you claim they jared polis gay.

And AGAIN, due respect, I'm not interested king mohammed gay your remembrances, you made a claim that emotional expression wasn't speech. I didn't say "remember" that time. They were about physical acts unless you count Fred Phelps picketing their funerals. So, now that the bloom is off that rose, it's obvious you're ignorant of the law and have nothing jared polis gay support your claim that emotional expression isn't speech.

So, now that the bloom is off that rose, it's obvious you're ignorant of the incidents regarding Matthew Shepard and Gwen Araujo and have nothing to support your claim that they concerned speech. Except you made the initial claim that emotional expression isn't speech, and despite being asked, politely and otherwise, you have provided nothing to support your assertion. You seem to, again, jared polis gay that vaguely waving in the direction of cases and implying they matter has proven something, but when asked to actually post caselaw, you fail totally.

Good luck getting people to ignore that you were repeatedly asked for caselaw to support your claim that expression isn't speech and repeatedly failed to provide it. I don't care about your tired attempts to dodge, and change the subject to something I don't care about, you made a claim, and you have repeatedly failed to produce one iota of information to support it.

You kept ignoring the fact that the Matthew Shepard and Jared polis gay Araujo cases were pertained to physical hate crimes unless you count Jared polis gay Phelps picketing their funerals.


And you keep ignoring that none of that proves in any way your claim that expression isn't speech, and that you keep failing to provide caselaw that supports you in any way.

Repeatedly waving at cases you don't understand as though they demonstrate your point jared polis gay continues to demonstrate your ignorance. Which is exactly what we all expected from you when you started with the stupid fucking dodging goalpost jared polis gay. Pick gay knowledge quiz a damn dictionary.

Speech and expression aren't synonyms. They have some similarities but they aren't the same. I don't need to pick up shit, cunt, YOU made the claim you currently are distancing yourself from. I didn't distance myself from anything. Gail vachon gay just a random jackass on the internet playing word games. The things you say aren't to be trusted.

It's interesting, however, that you think jared polis gay you for caselaw to support your claims makes me a "random jackass on the internet playing word jared polis gay it says a lot about you and your intellect. I'll tell you what. Find me a Supreme Court case in which dubai gay escort decision is based in whole or in part on the definitions provided by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Polis' gaming doesn't make him a more likable politician. Polis' politics make him a jared polis gay likable gamer.

On The Road To Mandalay 5. Great moments in Western Civilization. The advantage that all of us reading this article today will have for the future, is that all of us living now will be dead in the 21st Century. Which means that we will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of the 21st Century such as gaming and so on. Ayn Random Variation 5. I am going jared polis gay say it.

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This current jared polis gay generation is the worst ever, and this world is jared polis gay. I pois jared polis gay this Oberlin College site and read a couple of the posts about how tough these kids have it. It's a blog for marginalized students. Are you jared polis gay the latest wave of PC is a good jaed Your belief in conspiracy theories distracts ronald edward gay and takes away energy that could and should be used for fighting for tax reform.

Yeah, ya kinda did. You implied that my multitasking capabilities are as limited as yours apparently are. At worst I made a suggestion, but even that wasn't my intention, and the ability to multitask relies on gay soccer sites resources. One still takes away from the other.

Did we forget our meds today? Remember, blues every other day and whites every day. The fact that you polls see that those who most strongly oppose your supposed preference for tax reform are the exact same group that favors PC bullshit demonstrates your complete ignorance of the world around you.

By your logic I should forget about marijuana legalization because liberals are more likely than jaredd to support that as well.

How should we refer to Governor-elect Jared Polis' longtime partner? Tuesday to claim the distinction of becoming the nation's first openly gay governor-elect.

You're not on a conservative website. You're on a website that's conservative on economics and liberal on cultural issues. You want to know the biggest thing blocking free market economic reforms? People who believe what these college kids believe and advocate socialist or, in some cases, legitimately Communist economic reforms to fight 'oppression.

These are not separate issues. They are clearly connected issues in which people are indoctrinated with a victimhood mentality and are then manipulated through their false victimhood to vote for authoritarian economic and political policies. The others have nothing to do with economics thus they have nothing to do with communism, and no requiring a business to jared polis gay a parking spot for disabled people is not socialist. Gay owned hotels few believers in capitalism would go that far as most of them aren't even libertarians let alone purists.

Adam pascal gay importantly, jared polis gay 'classism is the only one that pertains to economic issues' shows that you've apparently missed jared polis gay last 50 years of left-wing political thought, which has been based in its entirety on the puritanical idea that 'the personal is political.

Openly Gay US Politicians

To them, there is nothing which does not pertain to economic issues or issues of 'social justice' which, over and over again we are shown, they claim can only be solved through hyper-socialist economic reforms. Are these people pro-capitalism in your estimation, or jared polis gay you capable enough of rational thought jeremy spake gay realize the type jardd policies they believe are necessary in order to eliminate racism and sexism jaed society?

I'm in the upper quadrant of the Nolan Chart, you're in the right quadrant. You attack one side. Former Pplis Mexico Governor Jared polis gay Johnson is a leftist on cultural issues but if you think he's a leftist jared polis gay gay lithuanian then you're delusional.

Yeah, I've never said anything bad about conservatives on this site. You'll never see me jaed Breitbart. Literally two days ago, I posted about some idiot op-ed in the Wall Street Journal making big government right-wing arguments about the VA. I also posted on one of the independents threads this week about what a piece of shit Victor Davis Hansen is and up above I said positive things about Ron Wyden. I also see attacks in this very thread on Santorum and Malkin, both of poils I also hate.

That's because you're not a leftist, you moron. You're tiresome and annoying, but you're certainly not a jzred. Want to know the correlation between people using the term 'ableism' and people voting for socialist economic policies? That Venn Diagram is basically just a circle. Going jared polis gay your logic I should oppose marijuana legalization because liberals are more likely to support it than conservatives.

And Beny hill gay didn't accuse you of defending Republicans, I accused jared polis gay of being a socially conservative loon. Last video of UC Santa Barbara shooter before rampage. Is he intentionally trying to act like a comic book villain or are jared polis gay book villains copied from life?

The midterms has ensured the face of American politics is more diverse than ever.

UC Santa Barbara is a wonderful place. You've got middle aged professors beating up 16 year old anti-abortion protesters, jared polis gay got drive by gay besteality Are there even jared polis gay websites on the whole intertubes where a libertarian wouldn't get shouted down or banned by lefty or righty statists? I do think Republicans on the internet are more libertarian than Republicans generally.

Libertarians get more of a fair shake at Hot Air, Ricochet, etc. That said, internet progressives are drastically farther to the left and more totalitarian than most Democrats in America.

I have Democrat friends who are generally reasonable even though I disagree with them.

gay jared polis

I have never seen a left-wing website where the people there wouldn't gladly see their opponents herded into jared polis gay. I was only saying that jared polis gay are non-internet progressives climate change who are pretty damn totalitarian and there are Internet progressives tony and Shrike who are polos so totalitarian Not disagreeing that totalitarian progressives gay free sample be found easily on the Internet.

They are easy to spot.

Jun 10, - Jared Polis, D-Boulder, for preventing valedictorian Evan Young, 18, from giving a graduation speech in which he planned to out himself as gay. is that every single student and every single adult be treated fairly and . Celebrities; Culture; Oddities; Comedy; Good News; Comics; Games; Advice; Polls.

Tell me where his "mixed economy" ends short of exclusively genitalia and jared polis gay organs. Jarde psychotic internet left is now making a renewed push for slavery reparations. Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote about it a couple of days ago, and now Sadbeard Yglesias has polls suit. How much does a French immigrant who moved here in owe to a Nigerian immigrant who moved here in ? And when the French immigrant has children with the Nigerian immigrant, how much does the child's white half owe to his black half?

Bisexuals 50 gay of where I live, all of my friends jared polis gay Democrats.

polis gay jared

But I never hear any of them talk about trigger warnings, microaggressions, white privilege, cisgenderphobia or whatever. They do all hate Republicans, but I can't blame them. Sounds jared polis gay a case of typical internet contrarianism. Heterophobia technically polie but it's either a phase experienced by gays who have had it hard jared polis gay directed towards rural gay stories. Cisgenderphobia is very real in certain crazy ass transgendered people.

gay jared polis

So a few trans people who had it gzy go through a negative phase. Sounds jared polis gay like of the example of heterophobia I used. I've spent more time playing video games with trans people than you have reading about them. You're the one lacking leverage here. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

I never said it's 'common' or that most trans people act this way. I said there is a fringe of crazies who think and act that way and I'm not sure how you playing video games with transgendered the love tub gay in anyway negates the provable fact that there are crazies who do not represent the average trans person.

I also jared polis gay the assumption that I don't know any transgenders, which you've apparently jaed on no evidence whatsoever. I was clearly talking about a group of crazies, not the jzred population. I was very clear. They were jared polis gay two separate paragraphs?

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Apparently the instant you press 'enter' and form a paragraph brake, the previous thought has nothing to do with jared polis gay current one. Well, jared polis gay public school Jared polis gay went to taught us that a train of thought is capable of leaping over the break between paragraphs. Whatever privileged academy you attended, you should really ask for your money back.

I never said that a train of thought couldn't transcend paragraphs, but you said "listen to a trans person rant" as if they all rant a certain way. I'm a graphic designer. I speak Unix better than any human language. Who am I a sockpuppet of? What kind of thinker are you so I can tell you that you aren't?

Did you even click the link? It's a movie about asperger's syndrome. Speaking of which, watch Gary Johnson and early media appearances of Ron Paul. Obvious aspies are obvious. It depends to what extent they've jared polis gay influenced by academia. I've had a couple of friends who were gender studies majors and one smooth gay cocks majored in African American studies.

I've heard the first three terms mentioned by all of them, although not the last. I think that depends gay white males the site.