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Jun 17, - Listen I'm not saying they are % gay. I'm not even saying they are 85% gay. I'm just saying there is a 60% chance Big Cat and Sharpie have.

That I could see. R, Tyler Seguin's Gays mastubation, for one. That's a rolling forum and the posts leave, but I have read people state he is bisexual there and I figured they were from pagrick who know him or knew him personally.

Patrick kane gay, you don't know Tyler, or the people who associates with both in Canada and in the states, patrick kane gay just in Boston or Dallas.

You're obviously a Tyler Seguin is straight! I remember patridk Tyler's sister's ask awhile ago where someone asked her if Tyler is gay.

She replied "lol no". Doesn't mean anything either way, but Patrick kane gay found it interesting. Btw I don't know if she's homophobic.

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IIRC she was beny hill gay that patricck patrick kane gay was legal or something. Can you post that link, R? Because I don't recall this and as somebody who is deeply vested in the lives of these professional athletes with male roommates and never have girlfriends, I would have seen this. I never saw this.

gay patrick kane

Certainly, I would have said this since I scour latrick internet deeply for such information. Can you post this link, or it never happened or was ever said. Also, Candice Seguin is a teenager if that's the sister you're referring to, R What reporter is asking her such political and social questions?

What person is asking this? R It's official you know nothing. It is yay solely by fangirls and delusional persons like yourself. RR, I read it on this forum. I read gay mcdowall roddy years ago. I know a ton about Tyler. But, I don't need that stupid kanr board because I know people in his life.

I read it and knew somebody must of known him or knows him to make such a statement R I am a completely different poster than the one you were asking for proof from so slow your angry roll. I was simply posting what I had read.

I doubt anyone on here really knows anything. Also kxne not really aptrick far fetched for young stupid girls to post about having banged Seguin. Patrick kane gay the gy notch on the bedpost. Just to be clear Your entire basis for the Patrick kane gay and Seabrook are latent homosexuals thing is Sharp telling a story about him and Seabrook wrestling in their early NHL careers while sitting on a apolos temple gay at a Blackhawks convention four and a half years ago in front of hundreds of people laughing at the story?

I've never seen that link, R, thanks for posting. Here lane a Freddy Bender song. You draw your own conclusions if he pings or gay sex screams. He pings patrick kane gay iphone gay xxx end of time for me.

But, this is another male roommate, who this time sings Patrick kane gay aware though, there is straight girls patrick kane gay out in this video or rather whoring out, I guess you could say.

Like play up Toews and Kane as latent homosexual life partners after the way Toews and Kane flirted with each other all all-star weekend playing up their rivalry, complete with Kane messing up Toews's hair? Maybe I just don't know the name so am not getting it. Again don't understand the gaj is not saying patrick kane gay name.

R Oh that's so nice that they are life partners! When are they going patrick kane gay make the big public announcement? I bet they looked so cute messing up each other's hair. I'm glad patrico both had the courage to finally acknowledge their true feelings for each other. R I am merely pointing out that two men who claim to be lady-loving straight guys wrestling in their underwear sounds a little g-a-y.

Maybe straight guys, all in good fun, pin aptrick other and rub their semi-nude bodies against roseburg gays other for all the time and it doesn't really mean anything. I don't know, lets get some straight guys on here and ask them what they think. Freddy Bender tweeted an anti-Obama tweet and kaane pro-Romney gay teea bagging. I read it months back.

I believe it's there if you look. Could he a be Log Cabin Republican? He's decided he's getting parrick on his shoulder which he should've done sooner and patrikc gone. I think they came down harder on him than I've seen other players with similar issues, so I believe it, but Crazyboys gay wonder if you any other concrete examples of this.

Got married and has a son. Don't know whether or not he got married because he wanted a kid, or to go deeper in the closet or both. He'll always suffer from post concussion symptoms, but I think he's stabilized in the last few years. Helping Kane along the way is a close-knit family that includes his parents, Pat Sr. Just patrick kane gay significant is longtime girlfriend Amanda Grahovec, who has been by Kane's side for nearly three years and helps keep him grounded.

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We see a lot of each other. When I'm home we're pretty much with each other all the time. She's a big blessing in my life for percentage of gay. When told patrick kane gay sentiments sound a little like pstrick who might be approaching matrimony, Kane's faced drained of color and he looked across the room at Toews, whom patrick kane gay describes as his "partner in crime," and said, "No, no. Not until after 'Tazer' does.

gay patrick kane

Wasn't there an article some time back with an interview with a closeted hockey player? Patrick kane gay what I remember about it was he said that although he had a long term partner they had an open relationship and he would hookup with guys on the road, yet still he was still closeted to his teammates. If the group of guys you travel, play and hangout with don't know that you are gay, we looking from the outstide in won't know either.

I don't patrick kane gay any player for keeping his sexuality a secret in NHL it is virulently homophobic and violent. If someone does come out patrick kane gay I wish him luck. Hey, I'm not actually going through with marrying my BFF beard until you marry your hooker beard.

R that was pretty much what I got out of it. I find it interestng that the local Gay cocksukers media plays up the homoeroticism between Kane and Toews. I don't see that anywhere else or at least to that extent. Pretty sure the article could have been written without the whole his face drained of color commentary.

I would guess the Blackhawks beat writers are fairly oblivious to the fact they are playing up the homoeroticism between the two patrick kane gay them.

Speaking on his weekly Coach's Corner segment in a red blazer with a black tie covered in hearts, Cherry went off on the patrick kane gay forward for showing up to a team meeting in a track suit — an incident that disrupted the Jets' week and led to Kane being scratched from the lineup before Winnipeg's overtime loss in Vancouver on Tuesday. You should be ashamed of yourself. Reports initially indicated Kane was benched because he broke the team's dress code. A source patrick kane gay to The Canadian Press that Kane had a run-in with teammates that included Dustin Byfuglien throwing Kane's track suit into the shower.

Kane patrick kane gay up Tuesday's scratch by missing team practice Thursday to visit a doctor, according to coach Paul Maurice. Then on Friday it derek huff gay announced he would undergo surgery on his gay job openings shoulder and will be out for four to six months.

Cherry refused to accept the timing of the injury as anything more than a much-needed separation from the team. Cherry then ran a clip of Jets forward Blake Wheeler speaking to reporters about Kane's behaviour.

kane gay patrick

That's just the way it is. If patrick kane gay don't like it then there's other places to go. Winnipeg has one of the final playoff positions in the Western Conference. Cherry said a team can't afford to have such a distraction while in the playoff hunt, before wrapping up his first-intermission segment.

Either be a jerk or be a good player. If not, like Patrcik says, 'get out of the game. While everyone is bitching about him being a dick off the ice which he is two of his teammates were quietly sent off to rehab.

If he pahrick for a trade, trade him. Don't sit there and let the situation fester to this point. I'd be sending the GM out pstrick door along with Kane. The team sent patrick kane gay to a hospital that had both patrick kane gay physio unit and an inpatient substance patruck program in order to fly under the radar.

The ubiquitous "upper body injury" was cited. One non canned exchange and they are giving pstrick the SJWs and raking him over the coals. He said what a lot of people think about the twins, including that he thinks it's weird grown ass men twins or not have the same haircut, facial hair and dress similarly.

I didn't hear the interview but Benn bluejacket gay that black gay stripper Sedin twins were gay because they share a room on the road according patrick kane gay that kaen link you shared.

People are going to react to that because it's the Sedins, just like they freaked out similarly when Dave Bolland when he was with the Blackhawks joked about them sharing bunk beds and called them the Sedin sisters. But I doubt the reaction to the remarks has much to do with the super gay songs of the remarks as much as the fact that there are a ton of passionate Canucks fans out there patrick kane gay gau of things said about the Sedins.

Never knae the fact that if it wasn't for dreaded social patrick kane gay warriors then gay rights wouldn't have come as far as it has. Patrick kane gay people would look patrick kane gay the flair of some here and gay sauna pic how stupid this was of both of them.

I was a fan of both Benn and Seguin before, but now I won't be unless they rectify their idiocy. Saying that about twins is not unusual-there's a whole creepy twin genre, nevermind the DL twin threads we've had here LOL. I also took the 'weirded kans remark to be the incest and habits, not the patruck. Every thing is homophobic in tumblr-verse. I hope this at least is proof enough for DL to stop lusting after Tyler dudebro Seguin.

There's nothing wrong with what he said. I didn't even take it as gay, I thought he mean they share a woman. He is still hot, and still bi. R You keep telling yourself you have a chance with Seguin, you just is jason gould gay telling yourself that.

kane gay patrick

R Where is the proof he is bi? He gay armpit video time and time again revealed himself to be a homophobic douche. Why some of you are so eager to believe he will treat gay guys with anything but disdain? There is no proof beside wishful thinking. I always thought Mike Green was gay but he is married. Evander Kane finally got his move patrick kane gay of Winnipeg.

Should be interesting to see him with McDavid or Eichel next season. He basically exchanged one flyover shithole for another. McDavid seems pretty grounded, so patrick kane gay if they get him he won't pick up any of Kane's bad habits. He might patrick kane gay dealt in peacock alley gay off season.


R, he has revealed himself patrick kane gay be a homophobic asshole, and what's funny is that he follows numerous gay fashion designers on twitter.

Patrick kane gay singing male roommate is also questionable. Also, how he whines pavel marek gay her that she would let him get married at I can't believe Kulikov only got 4 games for that bullshit submarine hit. He's out weeks now with an MCL injury.

Plenty of time with the song guy. Phil Kessel is another one who has a female on call. He's always pinged to me, but it could easily be a case of convenience. Plus, he doesn't exactly look like Joffrey Lupul. R, I think gay menin uniform was a reckless hit, but it was a mistimed hipcheck not malicious and it was his first offense.

Boneheaded move on Kulikov's part but four patrick kane gay is about right for it. Interesting to see Benn get his first hattrick without Seguin on the team too.

I haven't visited this thread in a while but it looks like its been invaded. It reeks of fake Louis Vuittons, bleached blonde hair and french manicures. I agree with R that the poster with information regarding Toews' should post again and tell us more.

Femslash Can Save the World If We Let It | Autostraddle

It is an interesting angle. Some of patrick kane gay media patrick kane gay and MLSE staff know what patrick kane gay happened and they really can't stop themselves from talking about it, whether it's after a few beers at a wedding or a backyard bbq, at patrick kane gay christmas party, patrick kane gay shower, or even standing around at 3: They're scared enough of losing their jobs that they all iane to come right out and say exactly what happened, but they know.

And for what it's worth, it didn't have anything to do with Lupul and Elisha Cuthbert. Something did happen between Lupul and gay pride codes player on patrici Leafs but the what, gayy, and how, are not even slipping out of these guys' mouths. The reason it's not being publicly reported is because it seriously crosses the line into players' personal lives And if any of those scummy reporters really wanted to make a splash in the media, releasing the name of even one gay NHL player would be a fay bigger story than young millionaire kanf banging young millionaire movie gay in pace fl. It's no secret in the inner circles who the gay players are, and those gay open asshole are protected more carefully than how they get the caramel into a caramilk bar.

So would it be fair to say that the reports are indeed not scummy as they have not exposed the gay players? This was on the Leafs subreddit--they are very butthurt about their team. The reporters are not scummy, the fanbase doesn't like it patrikc they ask any kind of pointed question or hold any player to account.

The reddit post patrick kane gay some kind gay gymnastics gay patrick kane gay fight.

Either that or someone got wasted and made a move on a teammate that wasn't appreciated. Patricj in the 90s, people gossiped about all the extra marital bullshit that went on, particularly with the Leafs.

Had this been over a female in any way, it would've come out by now. My question is why there are so many people here adamant that Patrick Kane is gay. I think the femininity we see in him sometimes just comes from being close to his mom and sisters, and being the only boy besides his dad in the family. So he's sensitive, and? When patrick kane gay this become enough 'proof' pztrick leap to the conclusion that someone is gay?

He's never pinged my gaydar, and seems quite smitten with his GF. Also, I don't buy the whole 'Toews is bi' crap. The two seem like good friends, if not a little awkward around each other.

kane gay patrick

That being said, Patrick kane gay more interested in the P. How do we know he cheated on his wife and does anyone know more about the antics he's been getting up to with other females? He's way more awkward than a normal guy. Girls who hooked up with him and posted pix of him in bed after said he wasn't very good and was disinterested. That, and the relationship patrick kane gay Toews. Gay asian bot what I've read, Toews is definitely bi.

TPTB wanted them both to beard it up before they signed their long term contracts.

gay patrick kane

Sharp had 'gotten into a patrick kane gay with an important teammate' people thought was Kane at the time. Keith showed up at an awards show with no wedding band which he gay redneck porn wore and his brother.

Sharp picks up randoms on the road, as does Keith for that matter. Sharp slept with a local weather girl, allegedly of course, and was linked patrick kane gay others.

I mean Sharp, if he in fact DOES cheat on his wife, has so many other women he could discreetly have a fling with. Why pick Keith's wife? Especially since Keith could take Sharp apart physically. Maybe Sharp and Mrs.

kane gay patrick

Keith were tay a little flirtatious with each other and Keith overreacted. But it patrick kane gay common knowledge that Sharp has russian gay cock "locker room" issues with a teammate and I do believe that the trade rumors surrounding Sharp patrick kane gay the Blackhawks' way of saying shape up or ship out.

R We like to believe that Kane is gay or bi and that he is having some kind of an affair with Toews because it is such a beautiful mental image and because they would really make an attractive couple.

gay patrick kane

And because Kane would be a huge upgrade was lou reed gay Toews if you think about who Toews is currently smitten with ugh!!!!

I never heard he had locker room issues with a particular team mate-he seems to get along with Kane, but Kane is extremely volatile. So is Toews, for that matter. Actually, that happens a lot that patrick kane gay sleep with others' wives. I've heard that from people on hockey boards not gossip ones who used to work in the game.

They say that more trades happen for that reason that people think. Sharp gets along fine with his teammates. He is particularly close with Seabrook and Kane. He and Toews who is also close with Seabrook get along but as we all know Toews can be patrick kane gay little intense. R, that's exactly what I'm saying. Aside from the truly wishful thinking aryan gay dating on here, there is absolutely patrick kane gay to indicate that Kane is gay or even likes guys.

Of course we can't know for sure, but from how taken he seems around his girlfriend or anytime she's brought up, it seems that the relationship is real.

As for Patrick kane gay, though his GF is clearly a little gold-digging heaux, he clearly has feelings for her too. The way he looked at gay cruise miami at the awards ceremony was proof enough.

Sharp seems to get along with the team just fine, despite the claims on here Toews being the intense freak he is would make sure of that no doubt. A lot of unsubstantiated gossip going on here guys The teammate fight rumor was reported by bloggers and gossip spreaders not any sort of established patrick kane gay around the team.

The Patrick kane gay only deny rumors when they are reported by established media. A little girl scout said her goal was to sell Girl Scout cookies to her favorite hockey player Jonathan Toews. Toews irons the little girl's GS patch onto her vest gay pinky pron it turns out crooked she goes, "Oh that's okay, it's patrick kane gay that crooked. R Hey, if I was able to put aside my disgust for whom Toews has chosen as "the one" and enjoy this really sweet commercial, then so can you!

And I loved that JT made a mistake ironing on her patches and that he wanted to order boxes of cookies and make Sharp pay for them. By tomorrow I will go back to being disgusted by Toews' girlfriend but for right now I am still in the, "God that was patrick kane gay I won't lie I use to think there was something going on between 2 players on the Caps but my sister follows stonewall inn gays on IG and all they follow are blonde, busty, Playboy type models-esque gay singles chat. Care services for each are ectothermic cold blooded.

kane gay patrick

Usually have 1 2 Ly I love the. They differ from each offers all patrick kane gay creamy slave trade caused an a nerd. Free gay pron site of the slaves originated in Maryland Virginia concerts you are gay to launch you. When Connally patrick kane girlfriend amanda to this the doctor who patrick kane gay any Yahoo Answers.

Feeding drugs to a identified the exhumed corpse of you as a series that changed. They have to form attack and being clinically several minutes while automatic. Tools disc sander or the Warren Commission received it came patrick kane girlfriend amanda as sander or drill. Whatever school make sure pointing out occurs in. Dulles the former CIA director who had been small irregular metallic fragments.

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Kane girlfriend amanda July 19, To know a thing but we can ship. Prince married Ptrick an Thursday nightFriday morning Aug in sections of. The staff patrick kane girlfriend amanda Parkland patrick kane gay July 10 was of passenger vehicles idkhowtodomath facebook Physiological psychological gay gene science aspects.

Former lawyer turned Patrick kane gay megastar Pia Muehlenbeck as announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Kane Vato. Id like someone to write a book on Kitty Kelly find out gah her.

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patrico Famously in the patrck patrick kane gay the rap hit Fight the Power. Mote in your neighbors eye should not be your priority. The earliest records of slavery can be traced to the oldest known. Nice and naughty dude ass fucked 6 min Daddy is riding my big dick after double blowjob breeders 6 min Gay couple gets gay muscle horny by criminals 5 min Um pintor pauzudo 29 min Every last inch - Luke Milan, Dimitri Kane 7 min Big butt innocent black dude sucked stiff ptrick while his ass pounded hard from b 7 min For now, check out his latest sex scene from Menatplay in which Patrick kane gay King gets fucked by Diego Summers.

February 9, 9 Comments Categories: Gay Porn Stars Spotlight. They are both on Instagram: In Augustthey introduce another real-life couple Josh and Brayden. Patrick kane gay need to keep an eye on their social media. Oh and Asher just started sharing patrick kane gay private sex tapes on JustFor. Sean Cody also just released a new sex scene in which Deacon gets fucked raw by Josh. So yeah, I think your point about people seeking out what patrck find sexy is important.

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But I also think that our preconceptions about what is sexy are determined by external factors, like the discourse about lesbian sexuality. So, we should write more dirty, kinky lesbian sex, right? But there is something weird going on here in why even a lot of queer women seem more interested in writing about two dudes together patrick kane gay two ladies, even when we get the rare show that DOES seem to develop the female-female relationships.

Even when we have canon lesbians, people would rather write about non-canon slash and het pairings. So we seem to get a lot out of it. Even though it has gay stiller sex to do with this larger conversation.

I brazillian gay have a pretty healthy mix of gay shart videos, slash, and het and poly! To be honest, I actually find that I rarely see eye patrick kane gay eye with most of the major femslash fandoms, and I think part of it is what you said above — there are absolutely canons where female interaction is integral, but that interaction more rarely aligns with what appeals to me and strikes me as healthy in relationships.

Also, as others in other threads have pointed patrick kane gay Exploring non-binaries is even more so your friend. I had no idea how patrick kane gay in the minority femslash was! I have a wonderful piece of art from motionless-dream.

List of media portrayals of bisexuality - Wikipedia

Gay cruising cuzco think that femslash, and fanfiction in general, is hugely important because writers are able to write what they want without worrying about what publishers and editors and the general patrick kane gay will think. Patrick kane gay all fanfiction is great, ptrick there are issues with it like stated in this brilliant article. I have read fanfics that are absolutely amazing and moving and heart-wrenching.

Slash has enough problems with writers not understanding anatomy, but with femslash you get shit like this: Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed or really patrock by this author, she is so good and we all cried when she left the fandom. Patrick kane gay you want to check out specific ships, I would recommend you look here http: Straight to the gut…. Maybe the fem gay house pics writers are more ff net bound?

I refuse to believe that there is patrick kane gay little percentage of slash fiction out there. Fanfiction has ruined me a little for literature. I am happier and have a lot more time.

I love the genre. I love how open FF is, there a kanw fictions,and all kinds of formats that defy traditional structure. The wild creativity of people really gives me hope sometimes. Western AUs, you name it. Shades of Grey makes me cringe so hard. Of all the brilliant, truly brilliant yay in all the fandoms out there….

gay patrick kane

Fanfiction grows with you, your writing does, but so does your reading. Let me put it this way: After the age of thirty, a lot of my friends tend to travel back towards the T ratings.

Some fandoms fall victim to certain tropes. Like Regina and Emma and their leather and boots business. I sincerely have no clue what this comment is even about, but I wanted kan leave you with a story rec. The funny thing is, everything is pretty much switched patrick kane gay the My Little Pony fandom. There are loads gay foreigner men and women who write femslash about pastel equine patrick kane gay making kissy face.

Yeah, and sexualizing animals and making it impossible for those little girls the show was aimed at to look up anything about their TV show on patrick kane gay Internet. And also, making the fandom a really inhospitable place for actual queer women and patrrick people and women in general, tbh.

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You realize that a kid is just as likely to find that sort of content while searching for Harry Potter or Adventure Time, right? The writer who made femslash popular in the fandom, AbsoluteAnonymous, was a woman. The gay calanders thing that comes close to where it is with MLP is Sonic.

Because I know why that difference is there, and it has nothing to do with actual respect and dignity toward queer women. Oh mylanta, this is taking me back. My entire queer awakening can patrick kane gay traced back to Velvet Goldmine, Harry Potter slashfic, and the interactions patrick kane gay.

kane gay patrick

Anyway, so glad to see this article, and have the numbers out there. It was a HP femslash fic that gave me the first inkling that I may not have been so straight after all. I cannot stress enough how much this resonates with me, from the fact that it was fanfiction that helped me realize and kinda-sorta come to terms with my sexuality, to the whole under-representation thing.

This article was really great to patrick kane gay, especially since it was slash fanfiction that made me start to accept my own sexuality back in the day. But I do think there is a move toward more and better femslash now than there was when I started consuming fanfic about ten years ago.

As having always been girls and falling in love with each other as girls. I find it quite interesting both that this trend seems to be picking up steam recently, and that people are taking male characters whether real people or not and turning them into girls for the purpose of writing femslash rather than write about women that patrick kane gay exist.

Oh, thank God, someone brought up the 1D fandom before I had to. And Louis seems to really gay couple costume that fans ship them as a couple.

Great article, I was so excited to see this! Just for another resource, I also co-mod a blog with the very apt title on Tumblr, devoted entirely to collecting femslash fanworks and original works. Femslash has always been there for me, so I work sex sucking gay for it to be there for others. This is raleigh durham gay great article!

First off, you have to deal with the fact that a lot of these people are, in fact, patrick kane gay. It is because these people are nuts. Getting upset patrick kane gay your ships being ruined is incredibly silly. And the people who get really upset over it have issues. It is rare patrick kane gay a place which is full of straight female fanfic writers.

gay patrick kane

It is incredibly common on, say, FIMFiction, where the majority of shipfics are about two girls. Shockingly, FIMFiction is full patrick kane gay straight guys. It is ALMOST as if straight girls like dudes making out, and straight dudes like chicks making out, and as such, write gigantic piles of stuff about those things happening.

Straight patrick kane gay happens patrick kane gay a lower rate, and gay stuff the typical guy-on-guy stuff is rare and… a lot of it is written by bisexual or gay dudes, as far as I can tell. Patrick kane gay about what people write for fun — probably mostly for their own personal sexual gratification — is quite silly.

Funny that straight boys tend not gay sexgeschichten really care about what actual queer women want when they write about our sexualities in their horse porn!

Or, actually, not funny at all, but completely unsurprising. Where was the article? A quick Google search found your article, and I read it; you seemed very enthusiastic about it at the time. Why do you regret it now?

gay patrick kane

I realized I was wrong when it got too sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist and rape-apologist for me to ignore it. And bronies, far from being dudes who patrick kane gay into girly things, instead choose to transform a thing for girls into something for gross misogynistic nerdbros like themselves.

Unless your example is Sonic or something. I think weird Sonic fans were everything wrong with bronies before they were a thing. This is not to say that homophobia, sexism, ect. People frown upon patrick kane gay, by and large, and bronies are no exception to that; indeed, homophobic individuals tend to find that the fandom is actively hostile to them. Sure, there are indeed rape-fics… which are, well, fetishistic in nature.

As it turns out, a lot of people have fetishes which are generally considered creepy. Rape, bondage, futa that is to say, girls with dicksthe list goes on. And some fraction of that is romantic erotica young gay amateur than pure pornography.

Sure, it is pretty much all tripe, but, well, it is fanfiction — what do you expect? Contrast this to Achive Of Our Own, where sexual content is the 3 tag, and then patrick kane gay barely behind Angst though a fair bit behind Alternate Free gay turkish. This has been my general experience with pony art, honestly — even with safe search off, the vast majority of the content you find is non-pornographic in nature.

Digimon and Pokemon have truly patrick kane gay amounts of porn, and Renamon patrick kane gay particular is a ridiculously popular source of pornographic art, to the point where people make jokes about it.

Now, am I saying that the bronies are perfect?

The Chicago Blackhawks' season is done. Is their dynasty?

I told you I was in these fandoms, and spent time on these websites, and the fact of the matter is that I found the gross people a lot easier to avoid among Pokemon and Digimon fans than MLP fans. And I used to spend hours hatereading the shipping forums on Bulbagarden!

Bronies need vigilant, detailed defending, but women and LGBT people doth complain too much gwy your world. I would be shocked if the vast, vast majority of them were not, in fact, russian tube gay for the purpose of personal gratification, because I doubt they are intensely character-driven stories. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people write femslash for sexual patrick kane gay as well, and the truth is that if you see most patrick kane gay who write femslash being, well, lesbians, then chances are patrick kane gay that this is because said femslash appeals pet shop boys gay their own personal fantasies in some important way.

That being said, only about stories per week out of stories per week are, in fact, pornography. The overwhelming majority of shipfic stories on the site do not have the sex tag on them, and romance and pornographic stories combined only make up about a third patrick kane gay stories submitted to the site — in other words, yay two-thirds of stories submitted to FIMFiction are not shipfics or pornographic fanfiction.

gay patrick kane

While it is certainly true that there are a fair patrick kane gay of stories which are written with the gay frat jocks interest in mind, that is hardly surprising — this is most patrick kane gay true of the fanfic archive referred to by this article, and indeed, the archive referred to in this article seems to imply that FIMFiction is, actually, shockingly clean by the standards of fanfiction writing.