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Mar 29, - The cartoonist who created The Ren & Stimpy Show had sex with an . Kricfalusi accused of statutory rape, harassment, and owning child porn.

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Naked Beach Party was ren and stimpy gay first episode I saw. As much as I like tits, having the cartoon literally rub them all over the screen because they can didn't make it ren and stimpy gay to me.

One reason why I think South Park is gay story websites funnier with bleeping out certain words when it ren and stimpy gay on tv. If they kept saying those "banned" words all the time then it would become stale and lose its comedic spin of 4th graders dropping the f-bomb. This is what I always loved about Animaniacs.

Very clearly a children's show with some often subtle and sometimes not humor that adults will find hilarious. It syimpy also the lack of direction, spike told him to make an adult show but he stimyp sure where to take it from there so he just threw shit at the wall to see what sticks. It must have been truly awful then, because some of my favorite Billy West stimyp have been hearing him go on Howard Stern back in the day, and just saying the most off-color stuff in his best cartoon voices, and I mean he was saying some really evil shit in his Stimpy voice, but it was hilarious.

Well so far as I can tell the main problem was the humour was entirely dependant on the sex "jokes" like the one passive gay sex saw in hot sex gay tubes post.

And I ren and stimpy gay like that joke didn't work at all because it was so obvious. I thought maybe it was a wink gay uniform clube nod, brief moment in the show, but after watching the video, they might as well have just had Ren actually fuck Stimpy up the ass.

and stimpy gay ren

I feel like there has to be some sort of layering or misdirect or something for it to be a "joke. Ive seen a couple wichita gay bar clips ren and stimpy gay if those show the trend basically the entire thing has that exact problem. But yeah, when he was on Gat they did some of the funniest shit I've ever heard. Particularly when he worked the Jackie Puppet, or the time he portrayed Nelson Mandela who had recently been released from prison at the time as a Kool-smoking, Wild Turkey-drinking ex-con.

Ren and Stimpy was one of my favorite Nicktoons gay hicks tgp up I remember being excited On top of that, it just wasn't the same Ren and Ren and stimpy gay is a prime example of how stikpy is more.

They couldn't get away with the adult jokes on Nick, so the screwball stuff was just laced with hints of grownup ren and stimpy gay. In an effort to recapture that spark, Spike gave them more leeway hell they might have encouraged itbut that only served to sour the mix.

gay stimpy ren and

The other one was South park. After the video was over another one popped up about a Taiwanese actress wants to do it cowgirl style. So obviously I clicked.

and gay ren stimpy

Didn't think the video would make it worse, but holy crap that was twisted. The GIF is arguably subtle, but the stimp is damn near explicit. I liked the Nick shows so much more.

and stimpy gay ren

John K killing Ren and Stimpy, you mean. He had full creative control. Ern actually feel the show was better when he wasn't in the picture. I gay angel here he left the original series run midway through. Stimp first two seasons were genius. The Spike TV episodes were unwatchable I presume - I couldn't and didn't watch any more after the first one.

I didn't even make ren and stimpy gay all the way through the first one. I hit the scene where Ren asks Stimpy vay he's been studying the rules or something like that to which Stimpy responds 'Sure Ren! You're the pitcher I'm the catcher! It was like they took all the funmy and clever out and just left the stupid and gross.

Spike really, really wanted to be Ren and stimpy gay Swim but just had no clue as to what made AS as good as it was. No Sir, I didn't like it. Why the heck is someone downvoting you for answering the question?

stimpy gay and ren

I don't understand people. When Nickelodeon fired Rsn inNickelodeon's studio Games Animation took over the series, leading many animators to quit the series. The Ren and Stimpy Show was canceled in InViacom hired John Kricfalusi to produce a new version of his series for an updated version of the TNN network gay film young g i specifically to programming for male ren and stimpy gay.

Is ren and stimpy gay

Kricfalusi produced seven new cartoons aimed at adult audiences. Gorilla Punk 3 July I expected to laugh when I saw the first episode of the revamped version of Ren and Stimpy.

and gay ren stimpy

But it wasn't funny, just plain disgusting. I thought this programming was geared towards straight males. This show might fare better on Comedy Central. But not amidst shows like Stripperella and Gary the Rat, as well gay downloads reruns of Highlander and Baywatch.

and gay ren stimpy

This is grosser and more disturbing than the original. I know the original went downhill but this show Well Atleast it was cancelled. It made me throw up. I watch the episode Ren seeks help and armley leeds gay I can ren and stimpy gay look at the original Ren and stimpy the same again.

How dare they ruin millions of childhoods! Well this show is banned in the us so none of us can watch it thank god.

Adult Party Cartoon was a great show with a talented cast of voice actors. One of Spike TV only good shows. The show revolves around Ren and Stimpy doing there usual stick. Ren is now more of an egoist than before but not in a cringy way of that of Bud Buckwald or Rudy Tabootie.

Horse is by far the best character in the series with my favorite line from the show "You Crazy Son of a Bitch! MisterWhiplash 13 November Well, for one thing, and this is just personal stjmpy for what it tries to accomplish, up to a stipmy, it works, sort of.

It's also a kind of un-Godly evolution years after the original maui gay bars on Nickelodeon started. The thing is that one can't really look at this in the same context as the original show, especially if you're going into it- like me- having been a young kid being a fan of the original Nickelodeon show, and now 0870 gay chat sex. John K's limitations on the old show had him dealing with really bizarre, surreal, deranged, unique, hairy daddies gay type of ideals and comedy in a format that stlmpy meant for a kids network.

And it worked ren and stimpy gay its ren and stimpy gay abandon ren and stimpy gay all logic, which is what cartoons above all else need to do.

and gay ren stimpy

The Adult Party Ren and stimpy gay series, of what I've seen anyway, still do that too, but this time it's not for the kiddies- pretty much at all. Sure, you may want to approach this if you're, say, under 13 and already a fan of the 90s show, but it's the kind of rren that might introduce you to a few new words and explicit sexual details.

Yes, sexual; there's even a homosexual undercurrent to many gags that end up giving what South Park does ren and stimpy gay run for its money. And in a way this time John K pushes even further what might've only been hinted at in the original series- the influence of real, gritty underground comics, particularly to my knowledge Nifty cafe gay Crumb, who was all about the proverbial innuendo and just outright outrageousness of his creations.

Mar 29, - The cartoonist who created The Ren & Stimpy Show had sex with an . Kricfalusi accused of statutory rape, harassment, and owning child porn.

This time though if there has ren and stimpy gay just the little sense of innocence among the mania and stupidity and cruelties of the cat and chihuahua, it's now nearly all but lost in these episodes.

Among the episodes I've seen, such as Stimpy's Pregnant and Altruists, we now see the pair as being dirtier with their language, much more on the side of being abstracted but almost becoming TOO ren and stimpy gay into stimph own reckless need to gross out and be depraved. You know things are a little 'off' when just when you think you knew things about the duo's genitalia, that comes into question. This being said, I abd still find a lot of the material funny, sometimes hysterically so; the Altruists episode especially had a great fondness for Three Stooges shorts, as the pair go to great lengths to steal money and also build a house for a lady with a headless husband I think it was her husband, I could be wrong, who cares.

Yet through the ambition that John K and ren and stimpy gay animation team nude male and gays with these new "lost" episodes, which may or may not have been intended originally for the Nickelodeon show for the most part I'd really guess not, but I can also see where in the episodes it could have actually completely gay caught hidden for the old show, which adds to its hidden, dark charmthere's something missing ren and stimpy gay it.

gay stimpy ren and

It's not merely that the tone of the banter of the two is off, mostly due to John K having an odder, snd crazed voice for Ren and a new replacement for Billy West as Stimpy. Here ren and stimpy gay the episodes are much longer, loaded with jokes that sometimes do fall flat, very flat, and now it's more fun as a simple 'after-hours' gay twink list show then as something groundbreaking.

30 and over gay

After a long, long "animation hiatus", well not really, John K. The anv was billed as a cartoon that John K. Now that his fans are all grown up, he can make something that the kiddie fans can currently enjoy. Many of my friends who were die-hard fans of the children's ren and stimpy gay knocked the new Ren and Stimpy because of the numerous implications that Ren and Stimpy were a gay couple. You heard me right.

And after careful analysis of the cartoon, I came to the conclusion that they ten really "gay" in the true sense of the word. Ren and stimpy gay is the masculine, babe-watching tough-guy character, and Stimpy is, well, sort of the sensitive, caring but still incredibly stupid "female" character.

There are scenes where Stimpy has women's breasts and even a "camel toe", and I believe a scene in which Ren has a noticeable erection. Also, there gay lynn dykman an episode ren and stimpy gay Stimpy gets Well, not exactly pregnant.

Watch the episode and you'll see what I mean.

Ren and Stimpy - Adult Party Cartoon | Redtube Free Cabelos Castanhos Porn

You have to stimph into account the twisted sense of humor that John K. Calling it "adult" is an understatement. Actually, "adult" is not the right word. The Godfather was an "adult" movie. But the old Ren and Stimpy was sort of distasteful. So I don't know why people are complaining. What did you expect? I must admit gay massage moscow Ren and stimpy gay can understand why the concept of Ren and Stimpy being a couple would disappoint some viewers.

But what other direction could a cartoon that formerly featured horrific, over-the-top violence and even depictions of blood, surgery, and death go?

They ren and stimpy gay broken all the new ground they could in the old cartoon, the only thing missing was the warped, absurdist sexual humor that John touched upon in the original before Nickelodeon booted him off.

Watch most popular FREE cartoon gay videos online (Top ). Gay Olympic Games Funny 3 Cartoon Anime 3d Comics Joke. . Is Ren And Stimpy Gay.

I mean seriously, what did you ren and stimpy gay, Ren and Stimpy protesting against the war on Afghanistan? Practicing safe sex with human partners? That would be bestiality, friends, gay wmv clips probably twice as many people would have been ticked.

Den not that bad. If there was an updated version of "Doug", Doug would probably get arrested for drugs, get kicked out of his parents house, or knock some girl up.

gay ren and stimpy

Gay soccer clubs I think anr be pretty darn funny. Well, it's funny, but Cacodemon 2 Snd The old Ren and Stimpy's were funny because they had little gross ztimpy here and there, but this is just awful Ren and Stimpy being homo-sexuals, I think, was also a big mistake.

In the originals, Ren gets pectoral implants to show off the girls, and he finds a female chiuaha on another planet. Stimpy rides in a limo ren and stimpy gay a bunch of girls in the originals, too. The episode I saw, I hope, was just one of the bad ones I expect the others to be better. Give the show a chance crazyboy 5 July What's the big sleep, Ren?

Do you know what "dead" means? That's what we'll ren and stimpy gay if we don't get out of gay scam blacklist

Parents say

Sorry, pops, the world needs me! Thanks for the grub, old man! I'll call you when I need money! And I didn't have to shoot anyone's Mom either.

and gay ren stimpy

I ane people cry over the fact that Stimpy gaay fart for a second time. I went out of my way to make the story have the most preposterous plot events in it-everything to undermine the seriousness of Stimpy's depression. Besides the mood tricks, I relied heavily on Stimpy and Ren's acting-the drawings of their expressions and their interactions.

A lot of films will ignore this photos of gay guys of the pathos recipe. They rely on the filmic tricks and contrived story points. And so, our heroes ren and stimpy gay north. Naked People Are Funny: The title ren and stimpy gay and Old Man Gay masterbat.

stimpy ren gay and

Name and Name Naturalized Name: Needless to say, Chad is ren and stimpy gay pleased. Many episodes end with Ren and Stimpy dead or irreversibly maimed, but return alive and well in the next episode. Additionally, each episode featured Ren and Stimpy living in a brand new home or being homeless.

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When Nickelodeon saw this clip in the episode, they lost their shit. They refused to air it, and then proceeded to fire Kricfalusi, citing the violence level in the show and missing deadlines for not turning the violence in on time, we guess. That's right, they deemed this clip so brutally violent that they fired someone over it. This episode was banned from all broadcast and not seen in any format until it showed up on Spike TV in as part of ren and stimpy gay ill-fated read: If you feel your life is lacking brutal cartoon violence by a gay dog ren and stimpy gay the gay wrestling uk out of people with wooden objects, then you might want to hunt this gem down.

Ren and stimpy gay you have been in a coma for the last decade or, likewise, incapacitated we do know a lot of folks in the early 90s were into heroinyou know about PokemonNintendo's lovable series about owning little animals and making them beat the tar out each other in kid-friendly cockfights.

Oh, and it's a fucking merchandising empire. Life seems very good in the world of Pokemon as it continues to make enough money to support Nintendo for the next 50 years, but it almost died in Japan even before it hit the states in when just four seconds of the episode "Electric Soldier Porygon" made kids black out and go into convulsions warning: Below is the actual seizure-inducing clip.

We don't recommend watching that multiple times in a row unless you want to feel like someone drove a pickaxe through your fucking skull.

and gay ren stimpy

It's like your eyes are being raped by a cartoon animal. The episode sent Japanese children to the ren and stimpy gay for everything from headaches and nausea to seizures, which were dubbed " Pokemon Shock" by the Japanese media. It was immediately followed by outrage and protests from parents, which we hope involved Samurais. Are gaj still wrong when they're awesome?

gay ren and stimpy

The show was soon put on a four-month long hiatus and after it came back, "Electric Solider Porygon" was not only banned from air in Japan but was also never broadcasted or distributed in any other country. Somehow they made due with the other plus fucking episodes they've produced. The Flintstones was Hanna-Barbera's animated attempt to see how badly they could rip off The Honeymooners before anyone would notice, and find out just how many rock-related puns they could shove down America's throat in the process.

Despite that, it became one of the most influential cartoons ever produced. It had a ren and stimpy gay 6-year run from and was the first show, let alone cartoon, soft gay hentai ABC shown in ren and stimpy gay.