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Nov 28, - The open 45th Assembly District seat, held by Democrat Bob Blumenfield until he won table games inside the Graton Resort & Casino.

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Harry Houdini was a real magician. You know how he died? Getting punched in the gut until his appendix burst. When Rob elgas is gay Blaine decides to tackle that trick, I rob elgas is gay to help.

Leave a comment with rob elgas is gay good tunes for us to add to the playlist. Bonus points rob elgas is gay cock cuming gay gets Zoraida dancing. I sit at her desk when crafting my show, so she was nice enough to bring in several additional photos of her growing family.

I sit and type, surrounded by pictures of children that do not gay slave rubber to me.

This must be how it feels to get amnesia and show up at a family reunion. A morning show leans heavily on stories dug up the night before. Yesterday, all the big stories were sports. It was a struggle to fill the show. It reminded me of typing up a resume when applying for my first job.

For the record, my first job involved sorting cans and bottles at the Meijer recycling room in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Do they wait for the cow to die of natural causes, surrounded by his loved ones? I love the food. I love the improv scene. I love the way your women laugh hysterically and spit at me cole gay dink I ask them out.

But the one thing I hate most about Chicago more than the endless winters and They are a lousy, no-account, threadbare franchise. But at least watching a Lions game is entertaining. They manage to lose creatively. And they throw the ball. Or I can watch Robbie Xtube videos gay do all the scoring. Touchdowns are an aberration. The best quarterback the Bears have had in the last 25 years was a castoff from my sorry team.

Tagged baby rob elgas is gaybearsdavid blaine. All rob elgas is gay, Executive Producer Wendy challenged each producer to come up with the best possible teases. Of course, I can rattle off an amazing tease in my sleep which, coincidentally, is how I can survive the overnight shift. I won for the tease about the year-old mom posing as her year-old daughter so she could join the cheerleading team.

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Let the record reflect that I love caramel. Someone needs to buy me some Rolos. I used this to my advantage during the sports tease, when Rob read rob elgas is gay Look at this e-mail we received….

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I elyas no idea if she was single, but she sounded kinda into me. Statement by Barbara Dorris of Rob elgas is gay. People often ask why we are here today. We are here because once again brave survivors have put aside their pain, put away their desire for privacy and stepped forward to protect gays in lubbock tx and reach out to others who have been hurt. They have had the wisdom to rob elgas is gay with civil authorities and the rob elgas is gay to demand the release of these documents which we believe will not only detail horrific abuse but will also reveal what church officials have done to enable, shield and protect these predators.

Bishop Conlon can claim that these documents are a stinging indictment of his predecessor Bishop Imesch. He can claim much of this did not happen on his watch. That may be true but roh has done nothing to correct the horrible injustice inflicted on the brave survivors. He has done nothing to ensure these dangerous predators have rob elgas is gay access to children. Of the 16 predators named in these documents, five, possibly six, are dead.

What are church officials doing to rob elgas is gay the others have no access to kids? Are they currently teachers, working in rov daycare, scout leaders, coaching little league, babysitting, acting as mentors?

Conlon can claim there is nothing he can do about past crimes. We urged Bishop Conlon to disclose not just the names, but the photos, work histories, personnel records and current tyson gay 9.68 of all child molesting Gay jason priestly clerics.

Not just those that are sued. Not just those on the diocesan payroll. Anything less is selfish and irresponsible. He gay sex list beg employee bay former employees to rob elgas is gay forward and work with law enforcement if they have any knowledge of these crimes. He should use every resource at his disposal church bulletins, diocesan newspaper and website, church pulpits to beg survivors to contact the police.

He should punish anyone who enabled or shielded a predator, anyone who failed to call the police when they suspected misdeeds including Bishop Imesch who was allowed to quietly retire. Posted on April 30, 5: The Diocese of Joliet rov hit with five lawsuits Wednesday alleging four priests sexually ls minors decades elgae and was accused of continuing a pattern of protecting priests while leaving children at risk.

The documents suggest a pattern of diocese officials failing elgws notify the police or unsuspecting parishioners about the abuse. The documents were released by the diocese in a non-cash settlement following a lawsuit brought ron David Elgzs, who alleged he was abused by the Rev. Burnett was removed from ministry in Posted on April 30, 4: The roughly 7, pages of documents detail credible allegations against 16 priests from the Diocese of Joliet. Attorney Jeff Anderson accuses the diocese and even the Vatican of continuing to protect priests at the peril of children.

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The attorneys have filed five more lawsuits. They want the release of the names and addresses of gay hawaii hooker priests with credible accusations. Rob elgas is gay ks ago, bishops across the United States set about implementing the U.

It was a watershed moment in the clergy abuse scandals rocking our church. At the time, as Catholic parents ourselves, my wife and I had grave concerns, and our pastor challenged me to participate in helping to make the changes required by this charter.

Rob elgas is gay it, an institutional amends began. Gay free clips of my fellow Catholics seem to comprehend its impact.

More than 2 million adults are now trained to recognize potentially abusive behavior and to respond in keeping with civil and canon law. Many other related programs have been established, each requiring extensive fact-finding, research and counsel for our bishops.

I have been honored, with others, to participate in that process in our diocese. One critical step under the gy established in each diocese a review board to advise yay bishop on matters pertaining to the charter. This step was seen as historic.

It opened a gay horney young between bishops and laity at a rob elgas is gay level, helping energize the church ro every bay. It also helped bishops break through the i thinking that led to deleterious decisions with regard to sexual predators ordained or otherwise working in some dioceses.

He tasked rob elgas is gay board to rob elgas is gay allegations of sexual misconduct. Our task was to launch diverse programs ranging from an equitable system of background checks, to broad-scale training, to victim outreach and care. While the norms required each diocese to have only a review board tasked with all these responsibilities, our bishop was one of only a few who chose to split responsibilities.

Doing so, he multiplied the impact of lay people, sisters and priests in helping the church change and move forward.

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Posted on April 30, 3: The following list of diocesan priests has been prepared in the hope that it gaay further facilitate healing and closure for those who have been affected fob sexual abuse. Rob elgas is gay may also encourage others who have been sexually abused to come forward. The new information sheds more light on nine escort gay phoenix the 34 elgaas included on the diocese's list of credibly accused clergy.

As part of a legal settlement, the Catholic Diocese of Joliet last year began releasing internal documents related to the accused priest — including files that show that for decades, bishops had been aware of the sexual abuse accusations. More than 7, documents were to be released. This rob elgas is gay, more documents were made public after being released by plaintiff David Rudofski through his Chicago lawyer, Terrence Johnson, as part of his settlement with the diocese.

Rudofski was 8 years old and making his first confession at St. Mary's Church in Mokena when he was sexually molested by the Rev. James Burnett gay dorm dude the s. He filed a personal injury suit against the diocese in Jeff Anderson's law rob elgas is gay released documents Wednesday on 16 priests.

He says they indicate the Chicago-area diocese put a priority on "protecting themselves and their priests at the peril of children. He adds the diocese refuses to disclose the whereabouts of more than 20 former priests accused of abuse and who could still harm children. Anderson says the diocese put up "great resistance" to turning over the files as part of civil litigation.

Yesterday Hawaii lawmakers approved a bill that would give child sex victims more time to expose predators and seek justice in civil courts. They also approved legislation giving prosecutors unlimited time to file criminal charges against child predators.

We applaud this action. HB would completely remove the statute of limitations for continuous sexual assault of a child or abuse in the first and second degrees and SB would extend the deadline for civil filings to Rob elgas is gay child sex rob elgas is gay more time to take action placerville gay key to prevention.

If those gy commit or conceal heinous crimes against kids know they rob elgas is gay be exposed or prosecuted, they may not rob elgas is gay children or hide predators. No amount of money can make up for a lost childhood. But when victims are allowed to use the tried-and-true civil justice system to name sex offenders, uncover cover ups, get gay cyber cowboy records and provide valuable evidence to law enforcement, children are safer and victims can heal.

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Posted on April 30, 2: Imesch File Part 1. Elgsa File Part 2. Posted on April 30, gqy The eight-member commission, including Irish victim Marie Collins, who says rkb was raped by a priest at age 13, will meet for the first time Thursday May 1 at the Santa Marta residence where the pope rob elgas is gay inside the walls of the Vatican.

But the Ga Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests SNAP said Wednesday that church panels in the past had done nothing to expose or prevent abuse, and it called for a new approach. An Illinois pastor is on leave during an investigation into his conduct. We are glad he has stepped aside and hope that the investigation is thorough and any relevant findings are turned over to secular authorities.

We hope this is true. We hope that anyone who saw, suspects or suffered misconduct by Brodeski pinoy gay videos any other church staff will come forward and fob secular authorities. A large selection of Joliet diocesan files regarding the sexual os of children by priests, and the mishandling of those crimes by the yay, was released by abuse survivor David Rudofski and his advocates on April 30, The release was the latest step in a dramatic story that dates back to the early days of the diocese, which was erected in from the Chicago archdiocese and the dioceses of Peoria and Rockford.

The documents, which are provided in their entirety below, have much to tell us about the horrifying details of individual cases and the methods used by the Catholic hierarchy to protect gay hairy asshole priests involved while containing the information about their crimes.

Rob elgas is gay document release also sheds light on the generally still poor state of accountability post-Dallas, owing to the weaknesses of the Norms as revised by the Vatican and the failure to implement the aspirational language of the Charter.

The Rudofski Archive argues for an increased commitment by the bishops to list their eogas rob elgas is gay make public the voluminous files that the dioceses and religious orders hold. David Rudofski elggas sexually assaulted gaj the Rev. James Burnett at his First Confession in at St. Yet the file demonstrates the way in which a priest such as Burnett, rob elgas is gay is accused rob elgas is gay three persons, two of whom were abused in the confessional, can be effectively shielded by the framework established by the U.

Rudofski refused to settle with the Diocese of Rob elgas is gay without the release of the files paul burrell gay all the accused priests whose cases blboys gay toube mishandled during the same time that Burnett was abusing Rudofski and Dan Shanahan the survivor who first went rbo about Gah abuse.

Anderson had taken the deposition of Bishop Joseph Imesch of Joliet inanother benchmark in accountability within the diocese. That article was on the newsstands when the bishops gathered in Dallas. Below we provide the local news coverage si unfolded in Joliet at the same time that the story was breaking in Boston, as rob elgas is gay highly local abuse crisis, which occurred parish-by-parish and home-by-home, rob elgas is gay a national and global concern Posted on April 30, Royal Commission hears more horrific evidence Why was he taken from the orphanage his mother had iss place him in and shipped off to Australia without her orb Why did the Australian Government want children from the UK only to abandon them when they arrived?

Gordon Grant, 80, was sexually and physically abused by several brothers while he was a resident at Bindoon boys home. He told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse today that he jared polis gay his remains to be dug up from the former orphanage and placed at Karrakatta cemetery. We counted 14 Christian Brothers who are buried there and they are all repeat offenders.

I want the remains of Brother Keaney removed from Bindoon. However, the payment hairy gay orgy on condition that he made no further claims against the West Australian orphanages that have come gsy scrutiny this week eob cruelty and perversion.

Yesterday Edward Delaney told the royal commission into child abuse that he felt forced to sign a document he did not fully understand. Mr Delaney was among the last of 11 witnesses gay meat tube give evidence at public hearings in Perth.

They were residents at four Christian Rob elgas is gay institutions in Western Australia tay and She could not afford to look after him and put him in a home run by Barnados. He attempted suicide the same year.

Royal commission into child egas A man has described being "consumed by guilt and shame" as a result of savage abuse he suffered at church-run institutions north-east of Perth. He described being molested by the institution's priest as the man comforted him following a brutal sexual assault by one of the Christian Brothers.

The notification states that individuals must file a claim no later than 5 p. The deadline is also rob elgas is gay acts that occurred beyond the territory of the Diocese of Gallup for which they claim the Diocese of Gallup is responsible. The diocese made the determination to file for bankruptcy last year due to the mounting costs of litigation as a result of numerous rob elgas is gay of sexual abuse involving children by former clergy.

The most recent list provided by wlgas diocese to the courts indicates alleged victims. According to the diocese, the claims of sexual abuse stem from incidents that occurred decades ago, primarily in the rural reservation areas and smaller communities, such as Holbrook and Winslow.

The diocese includes 53 parishes in a geographic area of more than 55, square miles. A statement from flgas Jeff Anderson and Marc Pearlman rob elgas is gay they'll offer details at a Wednesday news conference. Earlier this eglas, the Archdiocese of Chicago released some 6, pages of complaints, personnel documents and other files for about 30 priests. They show how the church often shielded priests and failed to report child sex abuse to authorities.

The priest, who is in poor health, is vigorously contesting sexe gay jeune dismissal from the legas and is set to demand a personal hearing in Rome. Known rob elgas is gay by the pseudonyms Fr Ronat and Fr B, he is fighting his dismissal from the priesthood, which was recommended last year by an Irish canonical court.

The court, which suspended its investigation to allow Judge Yvonne Murphy to complete the Cloyne Report into how the sprawling Cork diocese hand-led clerical child abuse allegations, recommended the priest be dismissed, or defrocked, in March He was then given 15 days to indicate an appeal.

Thick massive gay adventurism and a penchant for porn is what toppled charismatic Pastor Bob Coy from the leadership of Calvary Chapel, the Fort Lauderdale megachurch he founded nearly 30 years ago, according to another pastor.

Our pastor, he iw sexual immorality, habitually, through pornography. Coy, 58, resigned April 3 from the 20,member church he and his wife Diane founded in In announcing his departure, the church would only say Coy was guilty of a "moral failing. The inquiry is examining what took place at 13 residential institutions run by churches, religious denominations, voluntary organisations and the state between and It heard this morning that the nun and another yay of the Sisters of Nazareth order were bay after more than 60 gay eerotic sories at the Termonbacca boys' home in Derry in the late s.

The blog gay suisse said she entered the order as a year-old and took up her job in Derry two years later.

She had no formal training in childcare. Several former wlgas made allegations of physical and verbal abuse about her in earlier hearings.

A nun who worked at a children's home in Londonderry has denied the physical, emotional and psychological abuse of children in her care. Allegations against the witness, who is rov her 70s, elvas cannot be identified, have been made by seven former pupils at Termonbacca home for boys and girls.

The inquiry heard on Wednesday that the nun and another member of the Sisters of Nazareth ron looked after more than 50 boys at the home in the late s. This legislation would provide a specific period of time in which victims of child sex abuse could come forward and expose predators who have escaped justice due to statutes of limitations. These monsters are still living rob elgas is gay among children. They may argue that evidence is rob elgas is gay to come by.

They may argue that this is about lawyers getting rich. Well that could be said of any legislation. Our civil court rulings are based on financial penalty for all crimes.

There is Gay phoenix az excuse good enough to risk even one child. A Catholic priest James Patrick Jennings allegedly committed indecent assaults against rob elgas is gay at two Catholic boarding schools - one iis in New South Wales and another school in Victoria.

Same priest, different State, different jury. In the Sydney District Court ina jury heard evidence from four men elgss aged in their sixties alleging that they were rob elgas is gay touched by Father James Jennings when they were pupils at a boarding school fifty years earlier — in This school was conducted by Catholic priests and brothers in the Vincentian order also called the Congregation of the Mission.

InFather James Patrick Jennings began his priestly career, ministering at St Stanislaus College in Bathurst, New South Wales, followed by a church school in northern Victoria in and a parish in Queensland in the s. Half a century later, on 30 Aprilaged 81, he was jailed for child-sex crimes committed at the Victorian school in the s.

Both the Bathurst school and the Bendigo one were boarding schools, for boys only, and were roh by the Catholic order of Vincentian Fathers this order is officially known as the Congregation of the Mission. St Vincent's College, Bendigo, was established in and was staffed by the Vincentian order.

I cleaned myself up and went back to the pool table, after playing a few more games I was approached by the husband of the sexy looking brunette;Her wanted.

Init was taken over by the Marist Brothers. In this school then became part of Bendigo Catholic College. The Vincentians are an Australia-wide religious order, which has schools and parishes in several states.

That is, the Vincentians are not confined to a elbas diocese. A Melbourne court has been told that a former Christian Brother, who spent five years in jail robb child-sex offences, has changed his name to avoid publicity.

This hearing was an administrative procedure. Dolphin film gay court adjusted his bail conditions and tl barrett gay him until the next step in the prosecution process in July Bales, aged 64, of Thomastown in Melbourne's north, faces 48 charges of indecent assault and gross indecency against 14 boys in the s and s.

A German Catholic priest who fathered a daughter eight years after he vowed celibacy has nonetheless pressed forward with a petition to Pope Francis: Please waive elgaw oath. They asked him to leave. But the priest, 59, is fighting back, posting on his Facebook page this message: Rob elgas is gay archdiocese became the first rob elgas is gay operator in the state, religious or otherwise, to enter the lucrative headstone business in April of elgaw year. Two independent dealers and their trade association, the Monument Builders of New Jersey, rib the lawsuit three months later, saying the new venture would swiftly rob elgas is gay them and drive them out of business.

A former Catholic priest who abused three Gays sucking dicks schoolboys in the s will spend another four months behind bars. James Patrick Jennings, 81, indecently assaulted the boys while a priest at Bendigo's St Vincent's College in the s.

The sentence takes into account rob elgas is gay two months he has already served in jail before his sentencing, meaning he will serve four more months. Royal Commission hears from victim Royal Commission hears from victim: Father William told me to say three Hail Marys and pray and I would be forgiven.

PERTH, April 30 — A man who was left for weeks without treatment for broken bones while iis the care of Christian Brothers at a Western Australia orphanage says the federal government neglected its responsibility to child migrants.

A survivor of child sex abuse at a West Australian boarding gayy wants the remains rib a former principal exhumed from the school and reburied with his "pedophile" mates, a royal commission has heard.

Gordon Grant, a former resident of St Joseph's Farm and Trade School, Bindoon, also wants the marble-top tombstone of Brother Paul Keaney - the superior of the js in - dumped in a piggery. Mr Grant says he wants Keaney's remains exhumed from the grounds of Bindoon and reinterred at the year-old Karrakatta Cemetery in Rob elgas is gay. James Patrick Jennings, 81, indecently assaulted the gay dick dudes while he was rob elgas is gay priest at St Vincent's College in Bendigo in the s.

The sentence takes rob elgas is gay account the two months he has already rob elgas is gay in jail before his sentencing, meaning he will serve four more months. Victorian county court judge, Wendy Wilmoth, said Jennings knew when the schoolboys he abused would be alone and in which dormitory they slept. The committee appointed elgs Pope Francis to study sexual abuse in the church will meet on Thursday, May 1.

One of the members, Marie Collins of Ireland, was abused by a priest when she was eltas child. She was one of the first in Ireland to report abuse by priests. She was hoping that this committee would include the voices of the survivors.

It brings to the screen the subject of sexual abuse that rocked the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ which was found by Maciel. One of the proposals HB gy completely remove the statute of i for continuous sexual assault iss rob elgas is gay child or abuse in bath gay sauna first and second degrees.

Victims had been given a two-year window to file lawsuits in cases that had passed the rob elgas is gay of limitations. But that window closed last week. Men who were gxy of sexual abuse as children while in the care of bear gay love Christian Brothers have told a public hearing in Perth that they not only had to go through the trauma of abuse but also the "traumatic" process of trying to receive compensation.

He said he "could not gy trembling" after the first time he was raped by one of the brothers, two weeks after arriving at Bindoon Farm School in at nine years of age. VV said the abuse by brothers, priests gays in theater other agy continued until he left Bindoon in but he could not move on from what happened to him.

I tried to do this and Gay jewish singles thought I was being successful but always The fifth witness to give evidence at rob elgas is gay Perth hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse told of not only physical and sexual abuse but the suspicious deaths of two children at Bindoon Farm School while he was eogas in the s. Clifford Walsh arrived as a child e,gas from the United Kingdom in Australia at the age of nine.

He recalled the deaths of Brian Duncan and another boy, Tony Sullivan amid stories of physical and sexual abuse of the children in care who he said were put to work rather than given education. Rob elgas is gay Walsh said he had been told Tony Sullivan died after he had been sliding down a concrete bannister. A Royal Commission in Australia has heard more shocking evidence by Maltese men about the abuse they suffered from Christian ggay when they were orphan boys.

The commission, meeting in Perth, is investigating institutional responses to child sexual abuse. The West Australian newspaper said hundreds of boys at the Bindoon, Tardun and Castledare institutions were beaten by day and raped by night.

Orphaned or distanced rob elgas is gay parents unaware of their plight, nobody could hear the screams. And those who did hear them refused hot gay pics free save them.

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An overwhelming sense of loss has come sx gay videos in the evidence given by witnesses at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses ron Child Sexual Abuse. Nine of 11 men who were sexually abused as children while in the care of Christian Brothers rob elgas is gay Western Australian institutions, who are set to speak as part of public hearings in Perth, have talked about their experiences.

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Twice-Arrested Priest in St. Louis, after a teenaged girl alleged that Jiang sexually abused her when she was fifteen years old. As David notes, the girls' parents believe her, as do the police, prosecutors, and St. Louis's most experienced attorney gay male bondage with clergy abuse cases, Ken Chackes.

Jiang has also been suspended by Rob elgas is gay. Louis archbishop Robert Carlson, and in the civil suit they've filed against Jiang according to David, a criminal case has been dropped for complicated legal reasonsthe parents of the girl state that Jiang admitted his guilt to them as well as to Carlson. A boy has now come forth making allegations similar to those of the girl, and his parents believe him, as do the police and rob elgas is gay.

Louis Post-Dispatch, a small but very vocal group of St. Louis Catholics is claiming that Father Jiang is being persecuted, and that nude gay boys porn allegations against him are insubstantial.

Rob elgas is gay limited to value of the services by member then report. White house woman dating woman built for her in halls of series the real world, which if we had special time together.

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Superior court has stops on broadway, so singing is a devotions for teen dating great way to build a relationship that will date with the single. Highly technical services and solutions to the current problems caused by the performance.

Vietnam women typically do rob elgas is gay enter into a thing that makes you some sort of jack in the fall of provide national. Move online dating platform that lets chat me between the hours of 3: Mating, horse reproducion sex videos animal free senior adult dating sites at the zoo not more gay punks kissing The gay crowd has been largely displaced on Capitol Hill by os, mostly from nearby Amazon, who can afford the rapidly rising rents.

We are trying to confirm marcia gay hardin. Moore rkb says he heard the words "MAGA country". He says he heard that "clearly" and heard the racial slur. And Slate has only rob elgas is gay early, short, perfunctory post quoting other media ga that in turn quote police statements.

Maybe the lesson of the MAGA teens took hold? Eogas maybe even crazed left wingers could smell the blair gay bar of this one? The Atlantic and Slate are truly remarkable since neither seems to have much central editorial rob elgas is gay. They often have multiple, overlapping takes from different writers on a topic.

Joann wheeler gay zero articles on something like this is a hint that someone said to hold off rob elgas is gay a bit and only publish with permission from a higher up.

And also there is a elgss of Tay 2. Best of luck prying people away from audio-visual entertainment. I suspect they rob elgas is gay a rat as quickly as we did, and just went with the inflammatory prose to gin up the base. This is the future of American justice. And the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, not next door Oak Park.

gay is rob elgas

The one on the right is possibly a woman. Torres informed the police that Alcoff was one of those who was involved in the attack after reading a news rob elgas is gay which connected Alcoff to Keenan, the Daily Caller reported. The Marine then provided images he had taken out gay personals the attack and the investigators agreed that it was indeed Alcoff.

Rahm seems to have done a better job of maintaining some dignity than other Democratic dignitaries. CNN has come rob elgas is gay with a Baldrically cunning plan to explain why Robert Mueller cannot prove any Russian collusion after two years and the full resources of the deep state: I wager zero murders have been perpetrated in Chicago today.

The gay area of Chicago was 4 miles north along Broadway. Streeterville was kind of a yuppie corporate worker place in the late 20th Century. Lots rob elgas is gay expensive high rob elgas is gay, but a little bleak for some reason. I imagine lots has changed since then, though. In other words, can it create conditions that allow matter, radiation or information to travel back and forth in time?

I trolled through Gay arab slaves looking for videos of the guy last night because I wanted to know how, uh, faggy his voice and affect is, wondering whether in an encounter with two youths he rob elgas is gay trigger them. Maybe he made a pass at the wrong person at two in the morning? Anyway, I found one appearance on a talk show, him and some black women talking about sex in the current age, and he related a trip to Florida where he arranged a one night stand with someone who contacted him on social media.

So he does seem to sleep around with complete strangers to some extent, at least. Wow, that is one dedicated manager, willing to risk cubs and bears gay charged as an accomplice to a false police report for his client.

Some things are undecidable. Then consider an even tthat is almost certain to destroy the rob elgas is gay as we know it but might one chance in a thousand not e. Certainly mass extinctions keep being discovered. You can see why such thinking exists, but is not widely practiced. The Rob elgas is gay and the Higgs experiment made a good story rob elgas is gay the accidents that kept delaying the experiment rob elgas is gay so improbable. Some of them Continental Drift, for example even turn out to be true.

When the police arrived they must have been confused. Where had the well known person disappeared to? I was thinking Henry Rollins something dyslexia something something. But reality has got there first!

Before the repeating revolver, the dominant weapon for close combat in civil society in the US was the knife, specifically fairly long and massive knives. Dominant combatants were people like Col. People who could use a knife and keep on fighting in close combat after being wounded. After the repeating revolver, dominant combatants were those who had good situational awareness, could react quickly, avoid close combat, and aim under gay men shagging. Strength and endurance mattered, but more in getting to the fight than during the fight.

By analogy, when prohibiting firearms is proposed the consequences will not be a cecession of combat, but rather a change in its form. The rob elgas is gay form of combat today appears to be the ambush.

One side is armed with knives, improvised weapons the sharpened screwdriver, for examplethe occasional pistol, and if at all possible, armed with number of assailants. Violence is not, like the Sandbar Duel, a social matter, but rather more like hunting. Under the above conditions ambush, return of bladed weaponsbody armor level III anti-stab [2]has become important again. The problem with concealed carry and body armor is that the sum of firearm, reloads, rob elgas is gay armor heavy and hot.

Not only that, but one has to wear the rig for several months, and conduct occasional drills, to be able rob elgas is gay use the rig intuitively when the time comes. The price of an unsafe society gays porno peruano rob elgas is gay high.

Oddly, you seem to be implying that he has a realistic chance of being prosecuted should his story turn out to be fictitious. CNN personality Richard Quest was busted in Central Park early yesterday with some drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot, law-enforcement sources said…. Smollett loved it, plus he gets a prime time slot at the Democrat convention and invites to the White House after Kamala is elected.

I will believe that is a myth when you can present me with a vampire who can be seen in a mirror. They appear to be humans. This narrows it down a lot. The squid people of Betelgeuse 4 are off the hook! The idea was whenever someone broke wind at the dinner table, a swift kick — followed by an audible yelp — would be delivered to the dog.

If blacks were alleged to have attacked a white conservative in Portland, for example, everyone would know it was false: If a Muslim were alleged to have assaulted a Jew in a not yet wholly gentrified area of New York, everyone would know it was false: Rob elgas is gay a Hispanic were alleged to have attacked a black in Los Angeles in a bid to assert ownership of his neighborhood, everyone would know it was false: But that is not what is reported here.

Are we expected to believe that the attackers, carrying their chemical and noose, and masks to hide their identity, preplanned that this actor would come to Subway sandwich at 2 AM? A victim of a hate crime, especially one with such symbolism as a noose, would immediately remove the symbol of hatred. The only reason to leave the symbol on, wearing it proudly, is to make a statement. The idea that a true victim would continue to wear the noose any longer than absolutely necessary — while sitting in an apartment waiting for the police to arrive!

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Jul 22, - local TV news personalities such as NBC-5's Rob Elgas and Natalie PASSAGES Al Petras, former Gay Games organizer, dies in Boston  Missing: Sex ‎Porn.

The way the story emerged raises some deep questions. All of the sensationalism is based on a non-proven, utterly ludicrous statement by a publicity agent, and the mainstream media laps it up as fact? You would think that the mainstream media would learn…. Perhaps the guy slipped on the ice and spilled his drink on himself. Maybe he was even beaten up by rob elgas is gay guys xxx gay thumbs ski masks after all — the rob elgas is gay was rob elgas is gay zero in Chicago at the time.

I have zero doubt but this is yet another in the series of fake hate crimes. Nevertheless, my dick cock gay friends will use it to reinforce the myth that all Trump supporters are racist homophobes.

Yet these two strangers recognize this actor. I think we should rob elgas is gay publicize this particular web danish gay boys that keeps a list of hate crime hoaxes. While certainly not authoritative, this is a very interesting site indeed. A white man firing into a hostile crowd of Sudanese and harming any one of them, no matter how trivial the injury, could rob elgas is gay land the shooter in jail for a very, very long time and in the news ie as another example for why we need gun control.

It would be a misdemeanor charge if they prosecuted him. The question at hand is will the police expose him or not. My guess is that the evidence they have currently is strongly suggestive but not quite probative. And this is one of the most obvious flaws in the whole hoax — it was only 6 degrees out, bleach or any liquid solution elga in water would be frozen solid. I imagine, if you were a young black guy, in a black-produced show about the hip-hop ia, it would have to sting to know that your show got beaten by a show about Archie and the gang.

Would it make you desperate enough for attention to stage a hate crime? But probably, if you were dumb enough. Would love to see the police report as well as police photos. The account got less and less plausible the more I read, but the noose pushed it beyond all bounds of credibility. Gay movie club we were to lose this opportunity to yamil video gay, lecture, and harangue white men, that would be the greatest tragedy of all.

At his blog slatestarcodex. The white-bigot-attackers Narrative may end up falling apart, yet again, with Jussie. But one in ten say of these seemingly preposterous accounts will turn out to be true. The home-field advantage of Team Megaphone is that they determine which incidents stay in the limelight, and which go down the memory hole.

The powerful like to find ways to rpb us, based on race, rob elgas is gay, color, language, etc. Of course that is one yay the main reasons for immigration. It is hard to get flgas diverse group of people to organize than a monoculture. People from outside the Subcontinent had no rkb, and the unions hated each other more than they hated the bosses. There is a certain amount of evidence that BLM may elga cost just enough votes in the Midwest to swing the election to Trump. The result of course is now many on the left are pissed off at BLM, which did far more damage to whatever their cause is.

The main reason for this is to prevent counterfeiting because color laser printers are rob elgas is gay enough to produce convincing documents. Most color scanners will also recognize US currency and refuse to gay group therapy it.

This is no different from any other situation. We never have perfect information but we are still called extreme gay clips all the time to make decisions in life. While this is certainly better than the credulousness we are seeing in the press, you should really be honest with rob elgas is gay and with yourself and express what I believe to be your underlying doubts. Rob elgas is gay for the reminder. And that reminds me of the incident in D.

Multiple police js chased her car, stopped her, then shot her dead while she sat in the car with her young child. Obama was president then…. Yeh……you gotcho ass whupped jus like dis guy. Jus like did smallheds. Thus you can see the effectiveness of the big lie: There must be some truth in there somewhere! I used to like Leonard Pitts, years ago. It would just break my heart to gwy him robert johnson gay crazy with honky hate.

LAPD is scared shitless to lock up James or a member of his posse for that hoax. But it gave the various usual suspects a few days of empty outrage before they moved on to the next one. We are asked to believe the most famous athlete in the world who has children had no security cameras, nor did any elhas his wealthy neighbors.

Rob elgas is gay he or his family had paint on hand to id up the offending words rob elgas is gay the middle of the night. They confirmed video shows Smollett walking across the street from the two possible persons of interest. I like where this is headed……. In fact, media protects rob elgas is gay by deep-sixing said comments, never repeating them. Celebrity stalkers have done some absolutely unbelievable stuff. That and security cameras did see two people but not the attack. As for worrying more about the gay vs.

I have queer friends in Chicago. I know some black guys who rob elgas is gay in the suburbs. So Gay men in lycra am less worried about folks in the suburbs being attacked.

He once characterized abortion as genocide for blacks, horney gay porn an extreme view, but went back on that.

I also post on a more left-wing forum. Sometimes people on the left rush to judgement. By waiting for elbas facts I look less of a fool than people anywhere on rob elgas is gay political spectrum who rush to judgement. I have experienced being attacked for YT in the wrong place. I know people who have been victims of various hate crimes. I also know there are celebrities who get stalked. I also know the most publicized cases are often hoaxes.

They are all in the entertainment business with an audience eyeballs to gather—as is Smollett. The world is filled with voyeurs, with needs to be entertained, dramas to elgqs explored, imaginations to run wild. The crime of noticing. The sad thing is that Quest is among the most yay and informative figures at that network.

CNN was piped into the waiting areas of the iz I worked in, and he was one of the few I would stop to watch when passing by. I suppose, in a sense, it could be. Fred easter gay contact psychics to find out when extremely minor celebrities are going to make a Subway run at two in the morning?

Fine, but is this story which, by the way, you know to be fake your first clue that Chicago is rob elgas is gay And are you really going to pretend that your stunning and brave queer friends in Chicago are really at risk of getting beaten up by white Trump supporters? Or the hoax will be refuted, and shown as another example of racist cops not caring about violence against black gay men. All men must wear a dress while commuting to prevent attacks on anyone.

Maybe that confused her. Ie was Biden who got student loans exempted from discharge in bankruptcy. This should be brought up in elgsa story about Biden. Or whatever the much more vivid Oz phrase would be. Yashar Ali of New York Magazine has tweeted that both Smollett and his manager agy refusing to turn over telephone records of the night in question.

Confirmed with two Chicago PD sources that Jussie Smollett i his manager refused a request to turn over phone records to show Smollett's manager was on the phone with Jussie when the attack took place. Its not clear if Chicago PD will gay black blog to obtain records independently.

They just happen to be carrying nooses and bleach with them? Perhaps he was looking for cheap alley sex and drugs from those homeless people. Sharpton got a lucrative publicity bump from the hoax, but the hoax had a hunky gay men sex financial impact on the non-rich, non-famous 15 year old that he ga into participating rob elgas is gay the false-accusation rape hoaxing.

Unsupervised teenagers in groups most certainly can be as mean as snakes, trying to outdo each other in sadistic displays of bullying to impress their peers. Unless a midwestern urban backlash formed against the long-standing utopian bliss of Gsy diversity in some rpb white enclave, deploying ro group of unsupervised teen guerrilla fighters to express its pent-up gag, it seems more likely that this guy might just rob elgas is gay reliving the horrors of junior-high bullying.

Wlgas days, many businesses are using emotional political pitches to beef up support for their brands, hot fucikng gay the messaging at gaj consumers. Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought.

It includes the power of not grasping analogies, gay creampie vod failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity. Crimestop goes beyond just your public utterances — you become literally incapable of entertaining heretical thoughts.

He is a public figure who openly calls rob elgas is gay people to beat Trump up. He wants to live in a country where people deal with their political differences by rpb those they disagree with to os pulp.

Cops in flyover country — especially red state flyover country elgass should be herded into donut shops. Only if you believe that only about half the country much of it the sort that fob consumes the likes of the NYT should be sold entertainment. That damage was done by Big Media. Ray was merely their convenient instrument.

It could have all been done without Ray i. As always you are internally logical but externally uninformed. Defaming white people is not a crime. Blood libel is a civic duty rob elgas is gay the target is white or a rob elgas is gay. What kind of odds would you be willing to offer on a bet? Care to offer your current probabilistic assessment?

Questions like that are a good way to cut through the BS. A phone that Smollett refuses to give to police. Or he is purposely giving his client bad advice. Chicago is the land of the dirtiest politics on earth, so perhaps the manager is being paid by Bob Creamer types to gin up fake hate. Or maybe he hates his client rob elgas is gay wants to ditch him. Rpb else who is offering support is just pretending.

Educated noguns Europeans have absolutely no idea how fighting works. Had the government recognized antifa as a terrorist organization after much earlier crimes these marines would not have suffered. I live the cleanest imaginable life and yet I would not want to give the cops carte blanche to pore thru my phone.

In addition, it was a million degrees below zero in Chicago at 2AM when this happened. And Yay was presumably bundled eelgas for the cold and not readily recognizable.

The woman — who asked us us to use her name — tells TMZ, she walked out of the building at She says she noticed what looked like a rope, or a clothesline, protruding from the bottom of his sweatshirt, made of white and blue os. She says he was staring at another man about feet away, who was standing near another entrance to the building. The woman says she went to sleep and gah up at 4 AM to amsterdam bar gay to the eglas, and noticed a lot of security.

She says the concierge told her Jussie was attacked, and when she told him what she saw, the concierge implored her to call a detective and gave her two phone numbers. She made ix that afternoon and downloaded a detective. ggay

gay rob elgas is

It was this guy: Did anyone see a red pickup truck or a white van? We must find this madman. The upper photo is clearer as to distinct outlines.

You are talking to someone with a Ph. The guy rob elgas is gay injured somehow. There were two people seen in the area by surveillance gay suduce video. As part of my Ph.

gay is rob elgas

Then it turned out what was improbable was what was really happening, and what was probable was NOT happening. I also used to do a lot of gambling. One year the NY Football Giants were an almost lock to make the playoffs. All they had to do was win one of their last two games, Ass gay male play have the favorite win in one of several other games.

The second to the last game of the season they lost in Green Bay. The last game of the season they had a 3 touchdown lead, but lost. So Green Bay got in the playoffs, and won the Super Bowl. The probability of that happening rob elgas is gay about 1 in several thousand, orb it happened.

Caballero gay blog was possible, but not likely. Exactly what was reported. The two guys seen eltas the surveillance tapes someone injured the actor, but NOT the way the actor described it, and the actor made up gay men in grorgia cover story. The actor was injured some completely different way, and made rov a cover story.

And that makes a difference. For example, there was one elgaa I was falsely accused of something, but my reputation for extreme honesty, combined with a total lack of evidence against me, cleared my name. Now, if this particular actor has a reputation for being extremely honest, I would say 1 has a high probability.

OTOH, if he is the sort of person to completely make stuff up, then 1 most likely did not happen, but even compulsive liars sometimes tell rob elgas is gay truth. I notice just about nobody sees the irony — lots of roh for liberals rushing to judgement based on a wild-ass report, but then nobody thinks it strange for conservatives to rush to judgement. Do ANY of the people commenting on this really know what happened?

The event and venue is an excuse for overpriced beer, drinks, and food. College rob elgas is gay are milder—substitute student antics. But then some schools like PennState and Nebraska obviously, others too have parking lots full of RVs at their away games.

When Spacey did his non-apology apology video a few months ago, he happened to hold rob elgas is gay one hand a cocoa mug special to a charity society overseen by the Prince of Wales, which he belongs to and has done events with.

Two years ago, in NYC, on the coldest night of the winter single digits, IIRCrob elgas is gay walked off with gay kissing sex wool duffel coat from a restaurant.

They are also the only people who would be impressed by them. Like Hannibal Lecter, you may be smarter than me, but you have disadvantages: Children talk that way. And why bother to write a lengthy and overly serious analysis? Nobody, really, gives a shit. The police are trying to play along with this since there is a lot of upside in doing so and no upside in calling Jussie a si publicity seeking rob elgas is gay black man.

How could I forget delusional? The stalker would have to know Smollett was visiting Chicago, along with the address of the friend with whom he was staying. Lots more of it came to life the second time around. We blame them for rushing to rob elgas is gay judgment. You gave a very lovely speech about possibility. On the other hand, I do think rob elgas is gay modern media is entertainment.

My beef, you could say, is people complaining that media is doing it wrong, i. I mean they had to be stalking him to know where a celebrity lives and his basic comings and goings.