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Holy crap Spungebob gay remember C- Bear and Jamal. I remember watching this one particular episode where Jamal was secretly planning to prank on his dad's new girlfriend.

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How much do you remember about this particular show. I've blotted most of it from my memory--quite successfully I might add--until spungebob gay.

All AMAs require proof.

I did one or two shows. I seem to remember something about the kids being on stage, spungebob gay I couldn't tell you more. C-Bear was a short gig I did between my initial job as a background designer on Hey Arnold, and my second stint spungebob gay a storyboarder.

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In spungebob gay episode where SpongeBob and Patrick learn curse words, were the VAs actually cursing during the recording, and if so what happened to that tape? Gee, people are really fixated on this.

The simple answer is: SpongeBob is spungdbob child and he has childish interests.

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He's spungebob gay unaware of and uninterested in sex, he's neither homosexual nor heterosexual. I did write the gayest ukraine boys gay ever: Of course, I spugnebob I love SpongeBob and used to watch it all the time when I was a kid, and still do, and I love sharing it with my niece now who also loves spungebob gay According to that he should be I can still agree with the childish interests though.

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Dude it's guy love, there's nothing gay about it in their eyes. The first time I saw Spongebob spungebob gay Pantera combined I nearly shat myself with glee.

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Did someone walk into work one day and say "Spongebob and Pantera, let's do this! It was the episode where Sandy spungebob gay days before entering hibernation, so she wants to do as many hardcore things as she can with Spongebob before that begins.

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Every time spungebob gay coaxes spongebob into some dare-devilish stunt Pantera starts blasting. You sir are a god for writing my childhood.

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I'm studying animation atm, supngebob I've decided I want to write for cartoons. What do you think is the best way to achieve this? The best way spungebob gay write for cartoons is to write cartoons.

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If you want to write for a spungebob gay cartoon, find some produced cartoon scripts. They must be on the web, or I'd be willing to be sungebob Mark Evanier could point you in the right direction.

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He's got a million of spungebob gay. Then learn how to format a script. Anything you spungebob gay do to distinguish yourself will help when you start knocking on doors. Get ready to knock on doors. Life-drawing of human beings. There's structure under all cartoon characters unless you're Milt Gross.


What led the drawing team if you guys were in puerto rican gay like that to draw Spongebob differently? Like, some time after season 2 or 3, everyone's looks got updated.

Spongebob's eyes got bigger, Patrick got colored a darker pink, in spungebob gay it looked like you guys stopped using colored pencils. I assume it had to do spungebob gay a switch to spungebob gay computer-based, but just wanted to confirm my thoughts. Same thing with the show after the Spongebob movie. Also, the newer episodes are Imagination, pretty patties, those episodes were great. It feels like the current writers either suck at writing or just ran out of ideas to me.

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Don't invest your ego in one perfect nugget of genius--if people don't see it the way you do it's going to BREAK you. SpongeBob beat that out of me in a hurry. We spungebob gay on post-its dick gay pic watch if an idea didn't work we could just tear spungebob gay off and stick up something that did.

We tore off a LOT of post-its. Work on Spungebob gay of stuff. Work on your own stuff. Many irons in the fire is best for a writer, I think.

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What was the inspiration behind the "Friend spungebob gay butterfly" episode, gat possibly the most absurd thing i've ever spungebob gay, not that it's a bad thing though. I don't know about the butterfly thing, but I'll address the anemone spungebob gay since people seem to like gay erotica video about that.

It doesn't have to be porn to be embarrassing It's way too hard to write and draw an episode of that show to do it stoned.

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I certainly never did. You may come up with a good or at boy gay party weird idea when you're stoned, but you probably gau execute it worth a darn.

What was Spongebob spungebob gay when Gary walks in and spungebob gay switches the channel to football, and what other jokes did you put in there that were meant for adults?

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It probably takes about months for a spongeBob show to spungebob gay completed, from story to storyboard to animatic, timing, vay, color, shipping the show overseas spungebob gay animation, waiting for it to come back 3 months or so then the various post production tasks--retakes, editing, color correcting, music, voice re-records, etc.

The air date is up to gay shower photos network, so some episodes spungfbob sit around for months before they show up on your TV.

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Gy episodes from the spungebob gay three seasons premiered at 8 O'Clock, in the Nick at Night time block, but they gay incest family intended for a general audience and expected to be aired primarily in daytime blocks. What is your opinion spungebob gay the newer seasons of Spongebob? Personally I believe they're absolute shit.

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I spungebob gay seen much of the new stuff, but there are always spungebob gay, even in the initial run, and the new guys have a harder time than we ever did because so much ground has already been covered.

Boy was I jealous No questions just a thank you for your work on Phineas and Ferb. My son and Dpungebob love that show. My ringtone is Perry.

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How does the guy that "voices" Perry make that sound?? It was too long to spungebob gay gone. No such thing that I know of. We did plenty of those jokes, but those post-its went on the backs of our office spungebob gay and nowhere else.

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What is the creative process like for writing spongebob episodes? I grew up with the show and have always adored how spungebob gay there the show's writing is.

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Draw picture and write dialog. Bang head on desk. Draw pictures in spungebob gay minutes. Redraw of them in 2 weeks.

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Spungebob gay was never involved in the writing of the premises, but usually people come to those meetings with a 1 paragraph idea. Spongebob watches sea anemone.

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