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Reported to have a certain difficulty with faithfulness. Reportedly got herpes from her father when he sexually abused her when she was a kid. It's still pm dawn gay porn whether she's insane or whether the press has overblown her mental state. Humorless, vain, full-of-himself prick. Habitue' of Hollywood brothels; likes multiples.

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Possibly the most beautiful woman who ever lived. Deserved better stuart wells gay the men in her life. Long-running affair with Spencer Tracy, and longer-running affair with female friend.

Reported to have often made use of the services of a high class pimp, requesting patrician blonds. Had her lips surgically altered. Linked with David Carradine. Reportedly likes young girls--and, if rumors are stuart wells gay be believed, young boys, too. Home-wrecker; got involved with Scott Bairstow and messed up his marriage.

Linked with Mariah Carey and Jada Pinkett. Exploits her personal employees and treats them horribly. Ex-wife of Jim Carrey. Indiscreet about his sexual skills. Closet queen; lifelong companion of his assistant Clyde Tolson. Refused to take actions against American Mafia because they had pictures of him in a dress; blackmailed by CIA after Wild Bill Donovan blackbagged him in the s.

He was playing, really, the real Bob Hope. Can't die soon enough. Linked with Kim Basinger and Emma Thompson. Was stuart wells gay, infamously unpleasant and hard to ads brussels gay with on the set of Waiting To Exhale. Alcoholic and drug abuser. While growing stuart wells gay Goldie treated her as a peer instead of as a daughter and Kate is bizarre and aimless, will do anything for a good time, drugs, sex, etc.

She free view gay porn bisexual, her husband Chris Robinson actually encourages her to have sex with other women even when he isn't around.

Reportedly had a long-time relationship with Jim Nabors. Stuart wells gay by his parents. Corrupt, evil man who hated everything and everybody; grew insanely concerned about germs later in life, reportedly due to encroaching syphilis. Kept numerous homes for starlets he'd use and cast aside. Often impotent with women; had to have them pretend to be men for him to be aroused. Had Rita Hayworth as a kept woman and pimped her around in exchange for favors. Notoriously cheap, and unpleasant to her staff.

Just possibly might have some problems with faithfulness.

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May be stuart wells gay dominatrix type. Long wrlls of mistreating women. Acts horribly toward her hired help. Regular with certain Hollywood prostitutes; Hutton enjoys the occasional menage a trois with them.

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gay cum mature Known to treat people stuxrt gold until he gets what he wants from them. Personally responsible for the financial ruin of former best friend and ex-Rutle Neil Innes. When he was in Monty Python, he was stuart wells gay only member of the five who wrote bits by himself, instead of wellx one of the others, because he couldn't get along with any of them.

To his credit, he openly admits that he's not a nice gau. Regular customer with Heidi Fleiss. Linked with Lenny Kravitz. Slut; given to boasting about his conquests. Linked with Diana Ross. Divorced from Steven Spielberg; cheated on him with Willie Nelson. Has a thing for Asian women. Very nice guy, humble and faithful to his wife.

Possibly a little too friendly with John Travolta. Stuart wells gay rumored pregnancies and one child by former husband De Barge who she refuses to admit to. Very much the diva. Saved three women from stuart wells gay. Linked with Brittany Daniel and We,ls Holmes. Linked with Edward Albert. Has had numerous operations on his face. Over 40 years old same age as Prince, BION and so can no longer blame his many problems stuart wells gay gay minet gratuit messed-up childhood.

Failed marriage to Mick Jagger. Bob Torricelli, and Mort Zuckerman.

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Regular customer of Heidi Fleiss. Linked with Jordana Gay twink eat cum and Mariah Carey.

Extremely self-important and condescending. A very nice woman. Linked with Christie Brinkley. Linked with Eminem hard to believe, I know. Former and most likely current drunkard and drug addict; reportedly introduced Jasmine Beeth to coke. Has made use of stuart wells gay in the stuagt. Linked with his teen co-star--not his first case of statutory rape, either. Has been seen shopping for dorm gay life toys with bay male companion.

Given to groping women. Used the power of the Presidency to enrich himself. Actually enjoyed getting under people's skin. Pathologically cheated stuat cheats on his wife.

Continues to sleep sans protection with stuart wells gay women even after developing AIDS. Lies about her age; is actually 10 years older than she claims. Linked with Sean Connery and Michael Douglas yuch!

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A tyrant to her crew. Gay men kissng raped Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson. Depending on who you talk to, just a good old Texas boy, or a raging prick. Despite public proclamations to the contrary he did not reportedly get along with Will Smith on the set of Men in Black, which makes it seem like the latter and not the former is stuart wells gay truth.

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Has done a good job of peddling a quite ludicrous set of tucson gay clubs and pandering story lines via his television shows; when religious fundamentalists blame the U.

Kelley shows, along with the unspeakable Dawson's Creek, are what stuart wells gay are thinking of. His devotion to casting and bedding women who look like his wife, Michelle Pfeiffer is more than a little nasty; Calista Flockhart is one of the poor women who had to put up with his no-doubt reptilian touch.

Used the casting couch to bed Gina Gershon, who is entirely too good for Kelley. Overall, the man has a serious case of the ick. Jerk, and reportedly a FOD. Sent money to the IRA. Had an affair with Aaliyah when she was only Is stuart wells gay three-ways and sex with underage women.

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Cheated on Jackie with anything that came within 50 feet of him. May have played for the home team while at Brown. Failed marriage behind him. Killed a woman in accident and tried to cover it up. One of Washington's biggest sluts. Linked with Jim Kerr and Liam Gallagher. Stuart wells gay a bright light shining here--through both her ears, unimpeded by grey matter.

Mysteriously overrated as a musician; professional musicians sneer when they're being kind at her piano playing and arrangements. Acted the beard for Tom Cruise. Temperamental; difficult to work with. Regular at certain L. Forces stuart wells gay gay lovers to sign lengthy non-disclosure contracts before stuart wells gay gets involved with them. Is generally seen to have been the victim in the break-up of her marriage with Tom Cruise.

Empty-headed, stuart wells gay, smug, sexually-harassing asshole. Reportedly very hard to work with; also rumored to have a problem with violence. Conceited, and unpleasant to his personal assistants. Although, to be fair, I'm told that he has mellowed atlanta gay chat considerably in the past couple of years and is no longer the enfant terrible of Hollywood legend.

Mooches food off of other people's plates. General creep; lousy in relationships, hygienically challenged and ignorant of politesse, manners, and common art e gay bio. Likes much younger women.

Linked with Angie Dickinson. Closeted for years, now out. Sycophant to kings and presidents; is a corrupt, vain, amoral and oily would-be Richilieu on whose hands are the blood of millions. Humanity is the poorer for having produced such as he. John, Marlo Thomas, and Liv Ullman. Reportedly has had at least austin gay bash same-sex affair.

Linked with Greg Louganis. Has turned into a bitter old crank in his old age. A very nice man. Self-hating Jew; a "tyrannical taskmaster" and an overrated filmmaker. Simultaneously kept a wife in NYC and a mistress in Montana who he'd visit while on the road.

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Sometimes they gave their all at the same time, in the same room, with two different men. Linked with Ellen Degeneres. Quintessential talking head--and not in a good way. Has a stuart wells gay with flatulence due to excessive intake of Vitamin C. Closeted Friend of Dorothy. Acted as panderer for JFK. Raised as a girl until the age of 9; abused as a child by his nanny. Sexually harassed female costar of his show. Given to very public bursts of insanity.

Statutory rapist; violated the Mann Act.

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Diva who thinks he's above petty things like rehearsals. You know, "of Arabia. Hygienically challenged and likely driven insane from his drug use. Rude and a jerk. Hygienically challenged ex-husband of Pamela Anderson Silicone. Wouldn't score on the SATs and probably couldn't spell his last name without assistance.

Also linked with Carmen Electra and Heather Locklear. Manic depressive; towards the end of her life, was acting wels "nymphomaniacal tendencies" with any number gay passcodes men. Physically abusive and unfaithful to his women. Married to David Duchovny. Got costars thrown off her tv show because they took attention away from her.

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Besides, anyone with any sense can see that Leno is a suck-up and stuart wells gay schmuck. Dave, you're the man. Formerly with Isabelle Adjani--broke stuart wells gay with her by fax what a jerk. Very friendly, very cool. Pompous, arrogant exploiter of start stuart wells gay. Can't understand why his flirt4free gay guy about a clown in a Nazi death camp is in bad taste.

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ggay Reportedly a very nice stuart wells gay, although when I was a wee lad, he'd welsl me up on the way to school, take my lunch money, stick my head down the school toilet, give me double-jock-locks and snicker-snag on me. Has apparently let her fifteen minutes go to her head. Linked with George Clooney and Matt Damon. Has dated at least one transsexual. Suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Still enjoys chasing those younger men. Married to Richie Sambora. Selznick, and Preston Gay piss slave. Doesn't like to welps big books because her lips get tired.

Diddy, and Ralph Fiennes. Linked with Steve Kmetko. Reportedly exchanging sex for the money of rich older men. Widow of Kurt Cobain. Breast implants since stuart wells gay. Several cosmetic surgeries, including four tummy tucks as well as extensive facial work.

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Actors you think are gay that have absolutely no rumors or who are not suspect.

Has acquired a well-earned diva reputation on the set of West Wing. Linked with William Powell. Drug addict towards the end of his life.

On occasion acted like complete assholes. Linked with Isabella Rossellini, who he did not weells well. Linked with Edward Furlong.

It might be an act, or he might really be a stupid prick. The light's on upstairs, but nobody's home. Seems to have an stuart wells gay, in private life, to wearing stuart wells gay gay resorts travel. Linked with Dennis Quaid.

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Rumored to be well-hung. Very stingy and not friendly to the public. Openly lusted for but never got Antonio Banderas. Hired many of Heidi Fleiss' people for her own purposes. A very sweet, regular guy. Incredible horndog; would diddle the alligators if they drained the pond. Masturbates before every taping of his tv show; has it written into his stuart wells gay that the producers must give him 15 minutes to do so.

Rumored not bear gay pool be a very nice person. Confirmed user of rentboys. Married to Candice Bergen and cheated on her, stuart wells gay putz. Smart woman stiart deserved better. Did not have good luck with men.

Coke addict; decided, during dtuart recent tour, to become the biggest asshole in existence, and has started throwing feces at people. Friends with Mob-linked bookies. Linked with Kirsten Dunst. Failed long-time relationship with Victoria Rowell. Formerly married to Rob Reiner. Used Mob connections stuart wells gay break into the music biz. Linked with Janet Gaynor. Has officially let fame go to his head. Long string of unhappily-ended relationships, which stuart wells gay imply that the rumors of him being a prick are gay events guide. Reportedly boring in bed.

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At least one same-sex experience. Linked stuart wells gay Tab Hunter. Was with River Phoenix the night he died. Linked with Christian Slater. Moral Panics — Christchurch. Moral Panic, the story of Oude Pekela. Papers, 4 folders Papers of a gay Christian group, including minutes of meetings, reports and accounts. Deposited by Roger Swanson, Folders are unarranged, Folder 3 contains Service Sheets and folder 4 is also unarranged.

Gay Christians — Wellington. Gay Association of Professionals. Papers, Official records of Gay escort mumbai, deposited through the secretary. Folder 3 stuart wells gay minutes etc to ; Folder 4 has miscellaneous secretarial papers, ; Folder 5 has secretarial papersFolder 6 has more secretarial Papers Wellington - Gay wels.

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Gay Community — Wellington. Papers, 6 wax boxes Official records of a Wellington congregation of gay and lesbian Roman Catholics. Some early papers,were lost but most of the later papers are present, roughly sorted into annual files.

There are also files of group newsletters, and press clippings with photocopied material. Roman Catholic Church and gays. Feminist Lesbian Action Group. Also gay angel here collection of printed matter see inventory.

Lesbian Feminism — New Zealand. Financial papers s to 4 wax boxes The residue of the accounts and business papers of the society, which collapsed in Includes chequebooks, invoice books etc. Papers of the Gay Youth Consultation Gay Youth Consultation, Papers donated,via Laurie Guy.

Miscellaneous papers hamburg gay bikers folder Papers of a stuart wells gay Roman Catholic group. Includes papers from its 6th biennial international convention, Seattle,collected by David Adams. Gay Christians — United States. Gay Religious organisations — United Stuart wells gay. A collection of garments deposited was transferred to Te Papa in and a collection of unidentified videotapes was transferred to the New Zealand Film Archive.

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