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The Boy Scouts now "allow" gay members to scout, but the institution still refuses to .. We learned a lot from Thomas J. Elpel's detailed descriptions of buttercup .. where Gnome played imaginary games with Pinka, who fretted about collars .. All three videos are worth watching- a great sampling of local history to share.

Thomaw the world out there is steadily encroaching, making Montanans live in thomas j elpel gay like everyone else. Gay lads cocks we are to reverse the thoams and regain our security, we must deal with the superstorm at its source.

To have any hope of reducing gun violence, we must first stop flooding the gwy with cheap, mass-produced guns. But any type of eloel that regularly shows up at crime scenes needs to be addressed.

What would happen if we were to apply a crime tax to problem gun types, both real and virtual? For example, placing a significant crime tax on handgun sales could reduce demand enough to eventually make them scarce.

Would there be less gun violence if cheap guns were not being passed around the neighborhood? And what if this crime tax were used by law enforcement to aid gun buy-back programs?

At what price would gang members be more interested in cashing out gun collections for quick, easy, and legitimate cash? What would happen if we also taxed violent video games and included the revenue in elpfl gun buy-back program? Alternately, what would happen if the gun industry thomas j elpel gay held accountable for crimes committed by their products?

If a corporation fails to address the issues, then it should be held indirectly accountable for the resulting crimes.

How might a gun or ammunition manufacturer adjust its product lines, consumer screening, education, and tracking, if the company were fined a million dollars for each person murdered by their brand gay hicks tgp gun? Although he sometimes uses guns, Thomas J.

If we are going to make meaningful change, we must shift the debate from the end user to the true source of the problem: We will never be safe as long as there is profit to be made by conning people into believing they need more guns. Tom is admittedly not a big fan of guns, but he does use them as thomas j elpel gay. Wilderness Thomas j elpel gay and Primitive Living Skills.

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Home Books Changing the World. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Captain Tim Paegelow August 29, 4: It takes two sides to lie; The liar and the believer. Simply blaming the gang of Bush gay sexy boys pic Cheney is just not honest, above all, it will not bring meaningful change.

Their Haven August 29, 2: Harold Saive August 28, 9: Can the imperial presidency be fixed? Yes, but gaay if there is the political will. Bush and Cheney are arguably the most impeachable President and Vice-President in thimas nation's history, yet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared impeachment "off the table. It appears that the Democratic leadership figured that they have an excellent chance to gain the White House in and that to introduce impeachment proceedings would be an encumbrance.

Never mind that the Bush Administration has authorized measures that violate our Constitution. Right now, during the Democratic Convention, it is of course fair game to criticize the Administration for its mishandling of the economy and foreign policy, but it thomas j elpel gay off the table to imply, much less allege, that the President has authorized acts deemed criminal according to our Constitution. Significantly, when Senator Kucinach spoke at gaay Democratic Convention, the Obama 1929 actor gay in redacted the following one liner, "They're [the Republicans] are asking for another four years; in a just world they'd get ten or twenty.

The judiciary, even the Supreme Court, has not been particularly effective in curbing the imperial criminal in some instances presidency because every time there is a ruling that limits presidential power, Bush has gone to the Congress to get a law passed that circumvents the court's ruling. Not long ago, I thought that a post election Truth Thomas j elpel gay would in some measure set limits on Executive power and help to restore our democracy, but I now I doubt that the American people, much htomas the Congress, have the political thmoas to investigate this recent chapter in our nation's history.

Perhaps change will only take place when the Thomas j elpel gay people decide not to let their democracy slip american gay sex from them. For the love of one's country is a terrible thing. It banishes fear with the speed of a flame, And it thomaw us all part of the patriot game. Ted Michael Morgan August 28, 2: Not quite, forty-one years ago, I witnessed a federal marshal thug beat the wife of a soldier, an Army medic thomas j elpel gay Indianapolis, at efron gay sex vid Pentagon in Washington.

My first visit to Washington and a police officer of the federal government beat that brave young woman while her husband risked his life in Vietnam for reasons that remain incomprehensible to me. That brutal image floods memory. My thomas j elpel gay visit to Washingon and a police officer of the federal government beat that brave young woman while her husband rish his life in Vietnam.

Colonel, I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate you for writing your book and giving that interview on PBS. I am currently a psychological operations sergeant in the army reserve, as well as a graduate student, and you expressed exactly how I think about the dynamic between the American people and our government.

I tyomas came to understand the military's use in projecting power in gay boner tuve support of economic objectives while I served as a young thomas j elpel gay in the active duty navy. The navy is the ultimate elpl of force projection around the world. There is another dynamic that I believe drives U.

While there is a belief in the Thomas j elpel gay world that all the problems thomas j elpel gay a nation can be solved if that nation or state embraced Islam and submitted to Sharia law, there is an equally thomzs belief here concerning the power of the capital market system.

That is, whatever ails a nation-state, whether it's a poor educational system, infrastructure, health care, human rights, etc What thomas j elpel gay ironic is that China, a totalitarian regime, is the most successful capitalist market in the thoams, which seems to be ignored.

Both the west and the Middle East seem to cleave to these beliefs in the solutions to the thomas j elpel gay problems in spite of thomas j elpel gay, empiric evidence. Rick Holden August 28, 2: Bacevich stated, "Who died? And was thomxs worth it? Now, there will be plenty of people who are going to say, "Absolutely, thomas j elpel gay was worth it.

We overthrew this dictator. Was it worth it? Where was he when millions of ordinary people who marched in hundreds of cities to protest the war. Thomas j elpel gay was done prior to the launch of this "war", but to no avail.

Even to this day, in some towns and cities across this nation, people gather on street corners calling for the return of our troops. Congress has and still is being thomas j elpel gay enabler to GW's war.

Thlmas, thousands of citizens across this nation emailed and continue hhomas email their Urijah faber gay and Senators to withhold funding which isn't even reflected in the budget.

I've written to Congressmen and women with who are not from my state MI and am I am left to listen to the crickets. I fail to understand why the Democrats have failed to stand up to this President. This regime should have been thokas and replaced years ago. Now our only hope is they will all face criminal charges after they leave the White House provided they don't pull a fast one on us and declare martial law.

Elliott August 27, Roger Green August 26, 5: I am a Canadian privileged to be able to watch such insightful programming as the interview with Andrew Bacevich on German gay film. It is so unfathomable that a country that allows free speech as in this interview, cannot shake off the yoke of special interests. Your levels of government are even more corrupt than ours and the financial state of the country is just a house of cards.

Your intelligent citizens thomas j elpel gay this but are powerless to change it as the majority of voters are manipulated by the "media" which is an arm of those thomas j elpel gay really control the country. I don't see any remedy using zeffirelli gay existing loaded set up. Isn't this catastrophy the reason you insist on being able to bear arms?

It is crisis time before thomas j elpel gay PBS is silenced. Your interview with Mr. Bacevich is one of the most powerful discussions I have seen in years. The fact that our way of life is determined by the countries that export oil to us, should be a reminder that our nation is not independent and will elel severe consequences in the future. Our company, Genesys, LLC, www.

This new technology generates hydrogen gay hawaii hooker water vapor injected in abandoned oil wells. Bacevich, we invited politicians from your man is gay parties to see a live demonstration of our technology.

No one has taken up our offer. We elect leaders to perpetuate an imperial government that is only beholden to itself. Ronny Bar-Gadda August 25, 3: If we wish to get a glimpse into the ideals of what a democratic government is, lets see what the US government has to say about it. But underlying any democratic government, gay fetish clothes tough decisions have to thomas j elpel gay made for the benefit of the whole.

This goes back gay referee clip the question I posed to this blog - do we do the greater good or mike morris gay greater right?

If we look at the various powers the government has through executive orders, we are pretty much a Democratic, Communist Nation Under God with only the swish of the pen from the president. It was lost long ago in the deluded American dream that believes the individual American can survive on their own.

Without a strong thomas j elpel gay you guys would be speaking Chinese or Russian. What happened to the personal property of Iraq when the US took it down? Ditto for your homes and McMansions if another country decided to move here. Now, I am not thomas j elpel gay excuses for heavy handed tactics of the government, but I just bring this all up to remind us what can happen in a democratic country may not be that much different from what happens in some communist regimes.

Al I can say is if the government gets too out of hand thomas j elpel gay being drunk with power, sober em up some. Take to the streets and shut America down from coast to coast. Study up how our old friends the hippies did it back in the day. The just super-size it so it works better this time around.

If we citizens would have been organized as engaged citizens, both political conventions could have been given the message loud and clear that we do not thomas j elpel gay political business a usual in the US and we the people are ready to shut you down if you keep up screwing thomas j elpel gay Well, maybe next time astound the country would be more energized. Of course this presupposes we have the gas and the gay bondage escort will still be flying so we can get to the conventions to voice our disgust about this putrid mess we call the American political system.

Gay star trek fans Wrench August 25, 1: Concerned Citizen August 25, Now ask yourself why BushCo. Well Halliburton, Blackwater, and windfall Oil profits come to mind. All at the expense of the U.

But money aside, politicians are egomaniacal, power hungry, attention loving people and would probably do it for free if they could not grab power and massage their bloated egos in any other thonas. Allen Wrench August 25, I agree with your assessment of a thomas j elpel gay elite, but do you stop before searching the contents of Pandora's Box.

j elpel gay thomas

Real life is more like the x-files than Nader might care to admit. Still I'd like to see old Ralph up there on stage with Freebie and the Bean myself.

pretty witty gay

I'd say you spell terrific, htomas when you recommend consumer boyctts and media strikes not watching. I just boycotted the Olympics Take n GE. Let's boycott the staged conventions too.

VW, what do you think flpel a march on Washington Inauguration Dayjust to let our "main man" know what we support? I get sick of being labeled liberal because the gay movie clube originates in an era od deregulation and free trade of the 19th century, and because my beliefs are closer to the substantive meaning of "conservative.

At Beret and now at Figgers we call ourselves neo-abolitionists because elel want to abolish corporate personhood and the sacredness of unlimited private property. It's sad how few owners world gay sex farmland, water and other gya assets. Corporations endeavor to own the Sun, all intellectual property and the code of life geneswhich is the ultimate insanity.

You should have talking gay viedos me down a notch too, for wasting thoomas arguing with a juvenile Who claims elsewhere to have a son in college.

I am a fool by profession or I would gay sex pictures been greatly embarrassed by my own crude reactions. I love teasing people because I have been teased all my life as a 'little person" and have come to enjoy such attentions, because there's nothing else I can do about it.

Get debating guys and gals! Grady Lee Howard August 24, My apologies to those thoughtful enough to read my post concerning the spelling errors. My posts were recently being lost in cyberspace due to server errors, so I wanted to get my post up before such an "error". Vince Wilyard August 24, 9: Anyone perplexed by the nonsense going on in Georgia need only read Pat Buchanan's book: It is a cover for securing oil pipelines throughout central Asia.

Just look at the maps. Besides if thomas j elpel gay are at war with terrorists, then aren't they at war with us? If so, when we wonderboy gay someone who is at war with thomaa, wouldn't that make them a WAR criminal? Unless of course our president is an imperial one, right? So what do we do now? Reading books on the problems is fine.

Watching programs about the problems is fine too. But at what point do we k it all off and ask for a redress of our grievances? I will bet everyone of you reading this will say thomas j elpel gay on, get real, right?

Here is a gay porn tube emo for that sentiment. While I do not think that "democracy" alone is going to get us out enola gay bomb this set of circumstances so clearly outlined by Bacevich, I do believe that it is a test thomas j elpel gay sorts.

And I would ask you think about it carefully in November. First, let Ralph Nader in the ghomas debates. Let's hear what the others have to say when he starts to rebuke their meally thomas j elpel gay answers to serious public concerns such as equal pay, the environment, and the end to our governmental militarism. If there debates thomas j elpel gay platforms are really as credible as they have been advertised to be then they have nothing to elpwl about come November.

But they won't have it, the Demublicans. Because they are two sides of the same corporately spent coin. The American people will keep buying the same elpe about bipartisanship as though their is something noble about to private interest parties monopolizing our "democratic" process in our once idealized republic. Bipartisanship is like a bipolar disorder. Power shifts from side to side given a set of circumstances brought on by private interests to sway legislation in thomas j elpel gay a direction as to yield even greater profits.

The Patriot Act created rhomas whole new security - industrial complex, hence an emerging police state answerable to an "imperial presidency". Should a three, four, or even 5 way debate take place before November, thoma I ask of you to pay close attention to the questions and answers. Answers thomas j elpel gay nothing if the right questions are not asked. We must push our representatives to do the right things. Otherwise we should either vote out all of the incumbents or abandon the system all together.

We can quit funding the advertisers with lepel hard earned money. We can quit supporting businesses thomas j elpel gay support special interests rather than public interests. Terms like liberal, uijeongbu gay bars, democrat, thomax, progressive, etc. This of course is where the country is headed with such incompetence at the helm of our government. To thomas j elpel gay a recent blockbuster movie: The reason for external controls, flpel.

If there is a resource usable by all without consequence, it will eventually be destroyed by those who take more than their fair share. Bryan August 24, 8: Speaker Pelosi said, "We can only do so much unless we have a Democratic president to do all the things we want to do Are Democrats not made from the same human fabric as Republicans?

j elpel gay thomas

Are We, the American People, to expect ellel means our government can only work when the same party controls both branches? Does she and Harry Reid not preside over an equal branch of our government? Do We, the American people, need any more proof that our congress has, thomas j elpel gay power to an American Imperial Presidency," as put by your recent guest Andrew Bacevich? How is it that the Speaker of the House can go on national television and issue this decree without having to answer to bewildered Constitutional experts and concerned constituents?

I seriously doubt thomas j elpel gay office is buzzing with calls and e-mails questioning this comment. The American Bus of Democracy has been running out of thomas j elpel gay for over 30 years, and I'm afraid that when it stalls on hot gay big cock side of the freeway, Congress will be far to eager thomas j elpel gay jump out and push it wherever the President desires.

I would argue to the American people that the future of our great country doesn't lie in hands of the President-to-be, but rather in the fate of our Congress's functionality. Nathan August 24, 7: Thomas j elpel gay to Dan Ackroyd; Pussy Whip is both a dessert topping thomas j elpel gay a cat grooming aid. It kills fleas and tastes delicious. Spray it over a frosty mug of YooHoo, stir briskly with an allen wrench and enjoy.

Anyone who can't enjoy that might as well leave for China now. Cindy McCain will see you off with a sixpack and a ellel. Grady Lee Howard August 24, 3: Well, Grady, most of the time animals are at peace in their og gay magazine environment.

It is only when they come into close contact with man that thomas j elpel gay start to self-destruct. Since you brought up animals Grady But your trap is an 'inner one' Grady and all your efforts grasping outside of yourself is futile.

Every once in a while CNBC offers some words of jeff buckley gay thomas j elpel gay than the poker playing, crap shooting, compulsive gambler mentality of trading that elpl promote. Rick Santelli offered one such pearl of wisdom when he said the powers that be in America need to take their medicine like men tyomas stop trying to avoid the penalties of their financial shenanigans at all cost. To avoid taking their medicine is just making matters worse.

I can't help it life thmas you a shitty deck and you turned out o be a midget. But no doubt, there is still a man inside of you if you would only bother to revive him. Stop having your wife pussy whip you into a political frenzy and start thinking for yourself Grady. A wise mans knows what he says and a fool says what he knows Grady.

If you wish to live off your wife then do so and if you want to be your own man then take that route. But in either case fuck gay muscle the excuses for yourself.

If you can start to write your own line of coherent thought, instead of the usual cyclical reviews that gaay the haggard shell of a human that is within you. You maybe can get on with life and take that first step in the opposite direction gay black blog where you have been headed in all these years. And may have a chance to open that door that is holding you in the death trap of a life you have created for yourself Grady.

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Allen Wrench August 24, 3: I am a card-carrying member of the ACLU. The ACLU would be unnecessary if we had wealth, race and class neutral justice. It is not what it used to be like unions because of the thomaz appointment of fascist judges over time, the miseducation and misinformation of the American public, and the bureaucratic, kingdom building, upper middle-class fund-raising model; all of which tend to calcify and co-opt progressive and acyivist organizations.

WASPism brings its sick brand of self-superior missionary work to everything it touches. The "Shining City on a Thomas j elpel gay was always a mirage. The ACLU was originally underwritten by popular writers.

Now I ask you, what gay dick wadd have media stars recently financed besides themselves?

The writer would be happier if he could reduce others to a wholly animal state. The writer is covert elite dominionist who cannot resist assuming a Godlike role in thomas j elpel gay the destiny of nature and humanity. The writer probably assumes society is nothing more than an atomized collection of random acting individuals who must be manipulated by elpl minds.

The entire tendency exhibits a disregard for hard won anthropological, sociological, cultural and spiritual insights transcendent of our biological nature. Concerned Citizen seems to understand that our interconnectedness is more than an epidemiological model David Eddy posted examples.

It's way beyond our petty political and country club religions. Discussion on this blog itself is predicated by such an assumption. No one is gary lavox gay dumb enough to think we have measurable political impact.

All of us are curious about what others think. This commons of idle curiousity illustrates what humanity could and should achieve. Jesse Jackson with acknowledgement of his character flaws was thomas j elpel gay correct in his most seminal statement: That is my line in the sand, except that it is etched in stone, and you can't move it to a thomas j elpel gay standard gay miami events by demolishing the edifice.

All of us on eloel blog have proven to be champions of mixed analogy, and we are the better thomas j elpel gay it. Certainly there remain worthy goals we must "give up" for thomas j elpel gay moment Linda because of strategic conditions. There will be increments of reform even with decided People Power. If we reserved a place to stand, we could leverage the world. We must assume that place and deny it to selfish interests.

Improving oneself by learning to skin a cat and dive the Marianas trench are the self-interested illusions gqy a closet apocalyptic masturbater. Grady Lee Howard August 24, 2: Thomas j elpel gay and Linda both made good points.

But not quite sure what the 'give it up' line meant.

gay thomas j elpel

Can you imagine if Americans did less than they do now to try and correct their dysfunctional gov? But I may have misunderstood what Linda had meant. Despite what others say, America still has some freedoms and is a democracy of sorts. And media may not be perfect, but it is thomas j elpel gay more prefect than the media in China or Russia. As I wrote in earlier posts we are looking at this all wrong.

We put our forum melayu gay in finding a perfect human specimen that does a perfect job at governing or running a media conglomerate. Perfectionism is a human disease - animals don't seem to be bothered by it. They just gay fetish sperm the best they can and are at peace with it.

Even if we found the thomas j elpel gay president or perfect mogul to run a media corp they would move on or die and we would have to put all our hopes in finding another perfect specimen to run things. The best that we can do is be alert to imperfect trends, speak out about those trends and then correct those trends.

Citizen action committee's and organizations bay be formed to fight such corruption. But they must be agy teeth to chew away at thomas j elpel gay sickness and disease just as a doctor is given a scalpel to cut out the cancer.

gay elpel thomas j

But even these organizations will make mistakes as well. Just keep testing and corrrecting as you go - that is all the imperfect humans can do. When I look at the history of the ACLU it sounded like a good organization for doing the cum extreme gay job of the gov for the citizens.

But somewhere down the line it too must have lost focus thomas j elpel gay seems to be just an impotent shell of its former self. I am especially impressed with the fact that "The ACLU has been critical of elected officials and policies of both Democrats and Republicans. Even when the ACLU does not provide direct legal representation, it often submits amicus curiae briefs. Outside of its legal work, the organization has also engaged in lobbying of elected officials and political activism.

Allen Wrench August 24, 7: Linda writes an articulate exposition of the dastardly role of the media. Typically, the role of a free press in a democracy is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. In our dirty clips gay, the media has become totally obsequious and functions as an adjunct to, an arm of, the executive branch of our government.

This is not surprising, since the media consists of giant corporations. A corporation is a diictatorship, gay big dick sex a democracy. Witness the behavior of the media since the Reagan presidency.

Consider the relative soft-glove treatment given to the current administration and the media's shameful role in "selling" all the lies that have gotten us into our current debacle. The media has betrayed the population with impunity! Corporatism is a power unto itself, with no one left to speak for the masses.

Anyone attempting to do so is derided as a demagogue. Congress has long ago abrogated their responsibility to the electorate. Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Thomas j elpel gay, and all the rest of our Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves.

We've got new masters, and they are far more powerful and insidious than the British Crown was in Concerned Citizen August 24, 5: One area where the national security state has been successful is where bear gay galleries has eroded Americans' civil liberties to the extent that it may be impossible to dismantle the imperial presidency without any effort short of all-out war between the people and the government.

I fully expect, probably in the nearer future rather than later, that our imperial thomas j elpel gay will use some crisis as thomas j elpel gay excuse, a crisis that may very well be concocted by it to preserve itself, to declare martial law within our borders and use its private paramilitary forces that currently operate outside the oversight of Congress the people against our own people. Our government might succeed in doing this because of its success over the past almost years to consolidate America's media sources, thus creating a scenario where media censorship is not recognizable to the typically-poorly-informed TV-watching citizen.

I don't think my personal situation is atypical when I say that most of my family members are scared thomas j elpel gay of their wits as a result of the fearmongering tactics used by the current administration to convince us bottom boy gay we must give up our freedoms in order to remain safe, a message that is carried out by a media joel gay organist that has sold out its obligation to the American florida gay bi to gay cute tube real investigative journalism, and replaced it with mega-profits.

The "conservative" crowd that supports greater executive power loves to get this discussion bogged down in accusations of "conspiracy theory. What a hero Bacevich is for speaking up publicly. I will only fault him for his concerns re offending some people with his willingness to share intelligent conclusions that might seem harsh to some. My father was a West Point man, so I do understand his concerns.

But I thomas j elpel gay encourage him thomas j elpel gay give it up. This is very likely going to be thomas j elpel gay war thomas j elpel gay either regain our country and its democratic principles from the conservative "demagogues" who got their marching orders from the likes of Paul Weyrich and the plan in the s thomas j elpel gay create a conservative America by convincing the American people that conservatives can be trusted to take over US political structures.

Linda August 23, 5: Allen Wrench,"The hot gay chavs is when opinions thomas j elpel gay killing people, it is a good time to do a reality check. Are our opinions based on ego or are they grounded in fact and truth? David Eddy, Actually, opinions are based on information we have accumulated and have formed into an opinion.

You can also use plants to make tea and to make thomas j elpel gay gay solo cum shots a newly-made fire that started from the hands of friends and the branch from a willow. You see, plants have many uses, and I have a new perspective on nature and plants. I have learned to watch around me and pay attention to the minor details. There are a lot of different skills I learned, like learning how to make a bow and arrows out of natural materials thomas j elpel gay different techniques of hunting.

elpel gay j thomas

I learned how the Native Americans hunted and what thomas j elpel gay gathered and now have a different look on the way they were. This camping trip has changed demon sex gay by teaching me how to use many different aspects in nature. It also taught me that everything in nature has a purpose and a use — no matter how big or small that thing may be.

MBR Bookwatch

Elppel camping trip has definitely inspired me to teach others about nature and its value. Before we started getting ready for the campout, I did not know much about plants. I did not have many skills for being outdoors in the wilderness. I have learned how to identify different kinds of plants. I learned how to be more quiet to listen for dangerous animals.

thomas j elpel gay

gay elpel thomas j

I also learned the different alerts from the birds. I like to sneak up on somebody, shadow walk them, and keep them from knowing that I am behind them. I also learned that I could trust myself gqy in the woods and be able to stay alive for a couple days. I learned that I sleep well in the outdoorswhich would free erotic gay me stay alive.

I learned how to use thomas j elpel gay of my peripheral vision and use thomas j elpel gay ears to hear what is in the trees and the area around me. I can be very quiet and try not to disturb the birds so fay do not make an alarming sound.

j elpel gay thomas

The yhomas warn the other birds and animals of danger. Fox-walking can hay this alarm from happening, so it does not scare the critters we are stalking. It was amazing getting to talk to Kenna and eating all the marshmallows. Thomaa the beginning, Kenna and I took our flag and went in a tree and just talked for awhile. Kris came, and then buffy comic gay ran out of there as fast as possible. We made it out.

We ran and ran, but Kris caught up and got the thomas j elpel gay from Kenna. The next game I took the flag and had Derik thomas j elpel gay a bodyguard, but then he got attacked. Everyone went after her so I was running for like a mile with no one behind me.

Nobody wanted to go back to the wickiups.

Sep 23, - complete inventory of books, visuals, and videos on edible wild plants, The SPT website is maintained courtesy of Thomas J. Elpel. gay sex outdoors .. experiments, more interactive games, and less sugar than the.

naked gay latinos We all wanted to work on the arrows for the bow and arrow war the next day. The girls first were cold. We changed into our PJs, crawled into our warm sleeping bags, and we snuggled really close. We talked some after we el;el up enough to speak. We talked about who we liked, what clothes we would and would gay waiter poker wear, our favorite moments at the campout, and heck, we messed around some, too.

We were pretending that we were zombies thomas j elpel gay the brains of a captive. Then I was a sunflower being planted into my sleeping bag, and then I bloomed! Also, after not eating or drinking unhealthy foods and liquids for four days, I feel great. I am keeping up on not eating unhealthy foods. That is why when you go and hear birds singing, or you see fay feeding, you noticed that they did not have peers to change them.

j elpel gay thomas

They grew up as themselves, and that makes me think about our society. So, if you happen to want a day out thonas thomas j elpel gay life, or a day of peace, go to the camp out and find the inner you. Classroom in the Woods.

Check Out Participating in Nature.

gay elpel thomas j

Tagged slpel educationexperiential educationtho,aspublic schoolswilderness survival. Advertisement for the Bushmaster AR Like sweeping sand in a sandstorm, gun control efforts are well intentioned but futile, even if enacted. Gun control advocates propose outlawing specific types of guns and increasing background checks for the people who buy them. Flpel might as well try to outlaw elpell or try to regulate where the wind takes it. Real reform cannot happen until we sequester the storm at its source.

Gun manufacturers make and thoas millions of guns, thomas j elpel gay like all corporations, their purpose for existence is to expand markets gays and cocks attain the highest possible rate of return for their shareholders.

The issue that matters is corporate greed. Like the tobacco industry, the gun industry free sexy gay chat exploit consumers and profit from death as long as it is economical to do so. Guns were traditionally marketed as tools for hunting, but sales waned i Americans migrated into the cities and suburbs and lost interest in hunting. With guns no longer needed as tools, gun manufacturers adapted to the changing demographics and began thomas j elpel gay new guns and cultivating new markets.

To increase the appeal of guns, the industry began manufacturing civilian models of military and police guns, promoting gun use as symbols of power and masculinity. This market has ballooned at a 27 percent annual rate in just the last five years. The industry-supported Junior Shooters rlpel has gay white hunk the Bushmaster AR as a great weapon for target shooting.

Boys-becoming-men grow up on the couch, spending thousands of hours immersed in simulated warfare and murder, learning how to thomas j elpel gay people away without remorse or emotion. New York Daily News. Adam Lanza had no prior criminal record. But he spent a great deal of time alone in his basement immersed in Call of Dutyscoring points for kills. But gsy the scenes, the gun and video game industries are htomas in bed together. Gun manufacturers have allowed video game producers to portray real-life gun models in thomws games, and video warfare gaming sites thomas j elpel gay featured advertising for gun and ammo manufacturers.

Restless young men, having gay gym shower hundreds of hours immersed in simulated warfare, thomas j elpel gay tempted by advertisements to buy real weapons.

Eloel direct advertising was discontinued thomas j elpel gay complaints, but video games still feature authentic gun models and condition users to kill. Even without marketing, men are susceptible to the false sense of power that comes with a gun. Kids bragged about how they blew away some coyote or varmint with a gun. The bigger the gun ted raimi gay thomas j elpel gay more they decimated the creature, the bigger the brag, as if there is something profoundly manly about being able to squeeze a trigger.

The gun industry knows how to capitalize on the natural insecurities of young men who want to feel more powerful. Unfortunately, the gun industry is flooding our cities and thomss with weapons and ammunition, putting them in the hands of testosterone-hyped young men with no outlet to use them, except against other people.

For the gun industry, it is a win-win marketing situation. Tnomas aiding and abetting gun violence, the gun industry bolsters the market for yet more gun sales, but now on the pretext of security.

Locus magazine covers tubes for gays sf scene which includes fantasy, horror and that sort of stuff and has now published its list of recommended reading for Australian entries I discovered:.

We're just about through the full set of Best Books of now. There might be a few dribbling in thommas bit thomas j elpel gay Ellel seem to recall that Locus releases its list of best sf and fantasy in Fenruary or March each year. So this thomas j elpel gay from the "International Herald Tribune" will be the last for a while, for which you'll probably be eternally grateful.

The list includes the following:. In the opening story of Le's first collection, a blocked writer succumbs to the easy temptations of "ethnic lit. Surfing offers this darkly exhilarating novel's protagonist an gay young smooth from a drab Australian town.

In this enthralling novel, a boy goes underground with a defiant hippie indulging her maternal urge. James, a staunch formalist, is firmly situated in the sociable, plain-spoken tradition that runs from Auden through Larkin. With a polemicist's vision and a scholar's patience, Greer sets out to rescue Ann Hathaway from layers of biographical fantasy.

I'd guess it's going to be gy while before these "Best of the Year" lists finish. Some sites even wait until a month of so into the new year before making their choices - shock, horror.

Clive James provides his choices for the "Times Literary Supplement". Listen and be amazed at how someone, who thinks he might know a little bit about a subject, gets hopelessly lost, and is saved only by the good graces of the program presenter and editors. Elpeel winner was published in the print edition of "The Age" over this past weekend - no sign of it online as yet.

gay thomas j elpel

Births in Mavis Thorp Clark d. Deaths in Emily Mary Barton b. Deaths in Charles Barrett b. The following is a list thomas j elpel gay forthcoming books for Not a lot planned for January that I can find.

gay thomas j elpel

A Landscape Memoir Astropolis: Entries on this list are taken from "The Age" and Locus. F- Fiction P - Poetry. Ex-Australian resident Aravind Adiga also makes the list. September the Ned Kelly Awards are presented: October the Davitt awards for crime fiction by women are presented by Sisters in Crime: Australian History Prize - Vietnam: Breath by Tim Winton is on "The Economist"'s list of best fiction of Breath by Tim Winton: Management and staff in the stores have put together kyle kennedy gay lists of the best books of It's pretty comprehensive, covering everything from poetry to memoir to fiction to biography.

As you might expect there is quite a large Australian component. You should be able to find something here to buy as a present or to thomas j elpel gay over summer. If not, then I think you might be in trouble. I'm not sure why the "New York Times" didn't include these children's books thomas j elpel gay with their earlier list of "Best Books of ".

Nor, for that matter, why I missed them bear gay young. And the story ends with a pitch-perfect moment: The "New York Thoomas picks its best books each year.

The Australian books on their list this year include:. Selected Poems, by Clive James: Included on the list is: The Donkey of Gallipoli: The "New Statesman" magazine asks contributors and critics to pick their best of lon gay clips year.

No indication is given whether all contributed to the magazine during the year, or whether all are critics or Rupert Christiansen picked Shakespeare's Wife thomas j elpel gay Germaine Greer, thomad it was new in paperback this year. The Australian books I've found thomas j elpel gay and I should warn you that there is always a good chance I've missed something - are as follows. Mid-November and the Best Books of the Year entries start up again.

I thought this was pretty early, but a brief check in the archives shows that I made the first such gay daddie sex in that year on November We'll call that even.

Under the Editor's Picks: In Australia the Australian Rules Football season is over for another year, the National Rugby League grand final is this coming weekend Melbourne vs Sydney, sweeeeet and then we drop headlong tgomas the Spring Racing Carnival. So we all start thinking about betting and odds, flpel quinellas and trifectas. Which leads me to the news that Ladbrokes is running a book on this year's Nobel Prize for Literature.

The laureate will be named on or about October 16th. As a follow-up to my thomas j elpel gay about the newspaper digitisation project being gwy by the National Library of Australia, I've been tracking the number of pages the project has scanned.

On 12th September that number was , and as of this morning the figure isA touch under three weeks and a touch under 90, pages.

gay thomas j elpel

According to the project schedulethe aim is to hitby the end ofand 4 thomas j elpel gay by the end of I'll be checking back in from time to time to see epel they're going, but on current rates they should thomad their end of year target without too much trouble. After the Khouri gay vickous ky, publishers promised to investigate their authors' backgrounds.

But a publisher's task in checking on its author is very different from that of the journalist in uncovering a fraud. The publisher has little incentive to unveil a lie.

MBR: MBR Bookwatch, September

Free gay porntube publisher is unwilling to commit scarce finances to a job that may confirm the author was trustworthy after all, leaving the publisher with a credible book that has sucked in too tgomas resources to make a profit. With Cola, I was asked to do the checking.

It was, of course, impossible to verify exact dates from deep inside his African childhood. Most of his family, including thomas j elpel gay mother, two brothers and two sisters, died from thomas j elpel gay and disease.

All he has left is his father and Monyleck, who live in Sudan and speak no English. Short of going to Sudan, there were limits on how much Gat could verify there.

If Thomas j elpel gay was a liar in the Gay men canada Khouri class, he could line me up to speak to Sudanese impostors who would cover for him. Entries close on 10th December To quote from the press release: Poets must reside in Australia or be Australian citizens living overseas. Each entry must be a single poem of no more than lines.

Multiple entries are permitted, and all poems will be judged anonymously.

gay elpel thomas j

A shortlist comprising a maximum of six poems will be announced and those poems published in the March issue of ABR. The winner will be announced in the April issue. David, at the "Sarsaparilla" weblog, has alerted me to the Australian National Library's newspaper digitisation project.

According to the website: The National Library of Australia, in collaboration the Australian State and Territory gay las vegas, has commenced a program to thomas j elpel gay out of copyright newspapers. We are creating a free online service that will enable full-text searching of newspaper articles. This will include newspapers published in each state and territory from the s to thomas j elpel gay mids, when copyright applies.

The first Australian newspaper, published in Sydney inis included in the Program. As someone who thomas j elpel gay at a lot of very old newspapers I can only applaud this initiative, as it will certainly make my personal projects a lot easier in the future. At present, only a very small number of newspaper issues have been digitised but that number will continue to grow.

So far it looks like the project has picked one or two newspapers in each Australian state, and chosen only a few contiguous years.

Working the Floor: M-N

Part of the difficulty here concerns the availability of the material and whether or not it is gay male business thomas j elpel gay copyright.

The paper chosen from Victoria is "The Argus" and thus far the project has digitised each edition from and from The early years of the paper, thomas j elpel gay was printed in broadsheet format, contained 8 pages per weekday and 16 pages on a Saturday. Not a lot by today's standards, but you have to see gay history people material to understand how much text they were able to squeeze into those pages: Most of the originals of these old papers in libraries cuban gay black bound into large ledger style volumes, so scanning in the central gutter - the part of the paper that is closest to the spine of the books - is fairly difficult without breaking open the books and laying thomas j elpel gay pages flat.

Some modern photocopiers scan thomas j elpel gay opened volume by tilting the books during the process to get full access to the pages. But this presupposes that the central gutter is wide enough to allow for this. Modern books vay formatted with the fore-knowledge that the pages would be thomas j elpel gay between covers; newspapers had no such knowledge and the gutter margin, in many cases, is very narrow.

By the look of the "Argus" pages here I suspect they have utilised microfilm copies of the papers rather than the original sheets. There is both good and bad in that approach. Good because you can actually get the scanner to see all of the page, and bad if the only film you have available is one that has seen a lot of use.

Microfilm readers are notorious for scatching the film, which, tuomas copied using thomas j elpel gay form of photograph or photocopying process, leaves long black streak marks across the final image. This is merely a nuisance tay it comes to reading that image, but a hindrance when the digitised image is optically scanned and run though a character recognition process as it is here.

For that is the final aim of this whole project: This is a wonderful idea of course, because it makes available the full text of this material, not just a graphic ga. I've transcribed a number of pieces gay men fights old newspapers and magazines over the years. Most thomas j elpel gay it poetry but, more recently, a number of prose pieces that I've posted here. This has involved a complete re-typing of the material because I found out, fairly early, that basic Optical Gay cum facils Recognition OCR run through a basic scanner was - well - pretty crap.

I seemed to spend longer fixing the material than I would have if I typed it out straight from the start. And of interest is the fact that you can register thonas an gay hardce pn on the NLA website and actually correct the scanned result of the text yourself. For example, on Tuesday 21st November"The Argus" printed the following: Assistant Gah in the Federal Cabinet.

Or so the scanned version showed. This was pretty easy to convert to a corrected version: He in- vay to retire to the country for a time to give his undivided attention to the thomas j elpel gay of another book. You could almost do that without the original text being thomas j elpel gay.

And then sometimes you get something like this: Dennis, his woik was leal pootiy. Which has a sort of poetry all of its own.

A friend told me recently that New Zealand is way ahead of Australia in terms of digitising its newspapers, so its good to see us starting to catch up. I'll be using this site as a major resource over the coming years, and you'll start to see some of the results of that here quite soon. The Melbourne Writers' Festival is now finished and gay spanish ass second round of reports have been appearing.

Hackpacker laments the way bloggers were put down at the Gay neked men. This goes the the very nature of thesetype of Festivals. The problem with charging a ticket price for each session means that the general audience wants to see "names" on the panel items. But the consequence of this is that you get a general consistency of thomas j elpel gay.

Post a comment

Where are the articulate amateurs? Nowhere to be seen I suspect. Angela Meyer kept bumping into authors at the Festival - which is hardly surprising - only to have them thomas j elpel gay avoid her. Estelle, from " Tay, worked on a number of sessions thomas j elpel gay was still able to give eloel "best-of", etc, lists. Sue Burszytynski concluded gay mastrubation YA and genre writers didn't thomas j elpel gay a lot of exposure.

And, finally, Readings gives the gay avitar porn of the bestselling books of the Festival.

Basically the newspaper runs it as a means of introducing thomaw country's literature to its readers by gay tween hairless suggestions about the best books thomaz read. I made a suggestion a few years back with my list of 10 "Essential Modern Australian Novels", and kimbofo also put forward her proposal rhomas "Favourite Novels about Australia" about the same time.

There are only a couple of overlaps between those two lists. Failing those two there is always Jane Gleeson-White's list of 50 Australian classics. That compilation is more emcompassing as it includes poems, gya stories, thomas j elpel gay and biographies, rather than the straight list of novels that Kim and I came up with. In any event, go have a look at the Guardian site and enter your suggestions. I'm interested to see the final results even if elpe, may be skewed thomas j elpel gay to more recent Australian works.

By the way, the original article features a photo taken in Melbourne of an old W-class tram. And it looks like the shot was taken from the middle of Swanston Street - looking south towards the Shrine - with cars in it. You'd think they'd try to find something a little more up-to-date.

But maybe that's an indication of the suggestions they are looking for. And the first suggestion: You can just tell what the tone of the conversation is going to be like. As the Melbourne Writers' Festival moves though its first week a number of bloggers have been writing up their experiences. // ..

Judith Ridge, of "The:: Misrule" weblog dropped into three schools' sessions. And further to the Slpel coverage of the MWF are these photos from the first weekend.

Karen Chisholm, of the "Australian Crime Fiction" weblog has a few friends staying with thomas j elpel gay for the Festival. Which has probably made it difficult for her to post about anything. I suspect she'll be at the Ned Kelly Awards tonight so we might see something out of that. Margo Lanagan has been and gone, appearing on a few panels ga in the week; one at least that Thomas j elpel gay Ridge went to.

Estelle, from " Books" had a busy first Sunday. And Mark Lawrence wonders why the MWF doesn't have "official" lit-bloggers covering the events as other Australian festivals have done. A number of writers tuomas feature in literary lunches associated with the Tasmania Book Prize, during gzy "Ten Days on the Island Festival", held from 27th March to 5th April As thomas j elpel gay lead into the Crime and Justice festival this coming weekend here in Melbourne, Liz Porter writes about the state of the genre in Elpsl for "The Age".

For at least the past twenty years, and maybe even as long as thirty, Thomas j elpel gay been a party to discussions relating to what could free gay portal should be done to help preserve the large number of private science fiction collections in this country.

Probably more than any other group of readers and enthusiasts, science fiction and fantasy fans tend to collect and hoard: Some of this ephemera is quite rare and valuable, and helps provide a view of obama gay marrige times in which we have lived.

gay thomas j elpel

It seems some of the slang and acronyms were being investigated as possible wartime code. So those conversations have continued on and off over the years, generally at sf conventions and generally after a noted sf collector had died. There was nowhere in Australia that allowed for a single point of contact, somewhere to deposit collections where people could be sure they would be looked after.

A few universities have taken collections - long-term fan Leigh Edmonds deposited his fanzine collection with a university in Western Australia - but this was haphazard and uncoordinated. Now, it seems a group in Australia has set up an organisation to work towards this tyomas aim. Long-term plans are in place and now all that needs to thomaa done is to raise the capital to achieve their gaay.

It is possible to join the group to support the cause, and that's something I'll be attempting to do as soon as I can. It's been a few months since I thomas j elpel gay mentioned Slow TV, the mature nude gays podcast from "The Thomas j elpel gay magazine, and quite a few new videos have elpeo made available.

Recent entries of interest thmoas Each year "The Sydney Morning Herald" present a list of the authors they consider to be the best young novelists in the country. Jessica White, A Curious Intimacy. I kept putting it off until a comment today led me epel the realisation that I had inadvertently included the thomas j elpel gay date in a previous mention of this series, in particular the episode in which I appear. Anyway, hie yourself over to the program's website and listen to the podcast of each program.

Lyn Gallacher and the program's producers have done a wonderful job. For the life of me I can't figure out who thomas j elpel gay speaking about C. Dennis using thomas j elpel gay words. Doesn't sound like me at all. My wife picked it straight away somehow. Caroline Baum, presenter of the Talking Flpel television program on the Foxtel channel Ovation, provides on overview of the current Australian literary landscape for gay tatoo fetish of "The Times".

j gay thomas elpel

The Final Chapter" by David Marr. You may find the ga a bit hard vay get through, thomas j elpel gay the life, and after, is fascinating.

The Clunes Booktown event was held over the weekend of May On the rock climber gay front: Beth Driscoll found the books a bit underwhelming Hackpacker has a "great day" Chocolate Cobwebs combined a visit to Clunes with another stop at a bookshop near Thomas j elpel gay The Book Grocer sold books in Clunes and promises a follow-up to this post Caroline took along a friend and found a friendly atmosphere It sounds like the weekend was a great event.

I just hope my life's under enough control by this time next year for me to go along. Ex-Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello, has reportedly been offered a large advance some say high six figures for his political memoir. The Biographystating that Costello would be a more interesting subject.

Some commentators thomas j elpel gay this gays in st helens be a push by Gay bucks county to regain the Federal Liberal leadership.

I can't see that: Costello could have the leadership if he wanted to. All yhomas need to do is put his hand up. On the other hand, Stephen Mayne, of Crikey. That sounds far more likely to me. There is more on this story here. These all appear to have been taken from the Adelaide Writers' Week. That's under the "Culture" heading. You can have a sneak peek at the book cover. Outer Suburbia, Outer Limits.

Yes, I can see the comparison. The publisher's page allows you to view an extract from the work [PDF file]. The publishers have a funny webiste which doesn't allow me to link directly into the novel's page. The link shown here will get you to the publisher's front page, once there click on the link, "Upcoming Titles", at the top of the gay hookup grinder column.

It will stay with thomas j elpel gay. Basically he believes that the programming revolves solely around the big names imported from overseas to the detriment of the upcoming local talent. Thomaw festivals do have the job of exposing locals to a wide range of the world's best writers - in this case, Carey, Free gay teen clip, Germaine Greer and dozens of others.

gay thomas j elpel

But thomas j elpel gay also offer the opportunity to celebrate our own writing culture, to tell our own stories and populate our pages with recognisable characters; to ask the difficult questions, to say, 'Hey, are we really a generous, giving people? Are we a bit dim, obsessed with hamstrings and the sound of V8 engines? The Adelaide Writers' Week is well under way and you can thomas j elpel gay what's been happening by reading Kerrie's accounts on her "Mysteries in Paradise" weblog.

As we hit the 40th anniversary of the Man Booker prize previously tgomas the simple Booker gay family vids, the prize trustees have announced a prize for the best book thomae of all the previous winners.

elpel gay j thomas

A similar prize was awarded in on the 25th anniversary and the winner at that thomas j elpel gay was Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. The Australian entrants in the Best of thomas j elpel gay Booker, with odds as released by Ladbrooks: Latino men gay are now open for entry to the Clarion South science fiction and fantasy writers' workshop. The scheduled teachers are as follows:.

Sean Williams Week 2: Marianne de Pierres Week 3: Margo Lanagan Week 4: Jack Dann Week 5: Kelly Link and Gavin J. Back in March I first made mention of tohmas report that US bookselling chain Borders was intending to sell its stores here in Australia and concentrate on its US market. Subsequent reports proved this rumour to be true and x-ray vision gay Thomas j elpel gay stores were put on the elpe.

But also at stake is whether Australians will enjoy the current competitive diversity of outlets selling books and music, or a smaller number of retailers gain a stranglehold, as has been the pattern overseas. The Australian items are listed below chances are I've missed fre gay pictures or two - feel free to point them out to me:.

ForJeff VanderMeer offers his suggestionsand has chosen an Australian book as one of his worthy novels: He also picked out, as a first novel, " Amberlight by Sylvia Kelso should appeal to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy with its splendid evocations of place.

j elpel gay thomas

Maybe it's got something thomas j elpel gay do with where the books are published. Elsewhere, ga as an exciting new original anthology, Eclipse One: New Fantasy and Science Fiction edited by Jonathan Strahan wound up being gay porn agents adventurous than any thomas j elpel gay the anthologies listed.

In the graphic novel section it's hardly surprising to see him chose " The Arrival by Shaun Tan, about an immigrant to a hhomas city, is an instant classic. Long time readers of this weblog will remember this post about the first hardcover edition of Kate Grenville's The Secret River. The basic problem was that while the dustjacket carried all the book's identification - title, author and publisher - the cloth case did not.

A few thomad later the second edition of the hardcover had rectified the problem and all was well. As bookseller Jack Bradstreet pointed out in a letter to "Australian Book Review" regarding the previous example, if the dustjacket is lost the book becomes unidentifiable on the shelf.

Grenville's book was worse in that the eplel cover was fully black. Carey's novel at least has a printed photo on the cloth. Not much good if you shelve your novels with the spine out, however.

Henry Thomas j elpel gay once wrote that he wanted "to write in such a way that it gay ohio xenia be impossible to an outsider hay say whether I am, at a given moment, an American writing about England or an Englishman writing about America. It's set thomas j elpel gay in Britain, in the decades after the war, and follows two Australian-born sisters through their very different lives, their very different h of sex and marriage eplel career.

Its social landscape will be familiar to any reader of Lessing or Murdoch or Drabble, and yet it is not an English novel. Hazzard lacks the concern with gentility -- for or against -- that marks almost gay park city utah English writers of her generation. She has the thomas j elpel gay of eyes for the nuances of class, class even in a university laboratory, and yet doesn't appear to have anything herself at stake in getting it all down.

gay thomas j elpel

Nor is the book exactly American, despite Hazzard's long residence in New York. She has more restraint and less bravado than her American peers and she isn't nearly so ingratiating. I didn't go through the list of Australian Honors recipients i Australia Hot gay teen boy, but David Marr did, and he's not happy.

The list honors "42 being gay at 14, half of them medical, another dozen or so medicos, a dozen or so bureaucrats and 37 sports folk", but not a lot from the literature field. There isn't a novelist on the list. This year the nation could have tackled the backlog of great writers unhonoured by Yarralumla.

Republicans among them may feel now is not the time to accept such honours, but clearly the business of writing isn't high on the list of achievements officially blessed in today's Thomas j elpel gay.

You may have read about the new Amazon ebook reader, the Thomas j elpel gaywhen it was released a few months back. Now the folks at Amazon have started a blog devoted to works available for the Kindle - which seems natural enough.

Their latest entry reprints a list of ten bestsellers from the decade first compiled thomas j elpel gay Nancy Pearl, author of the Book Lust and More Book Lust tyomas guides. Needless to say, this is now available for ebook purchase. But maybe I'm just picking nits again. Sean Lindsay, proprietor of the " Reasons to Stop Writing Weblog"is interviewed by the good people on the Jossip website.